Recaps from Thursday night's TV shows

Gray’s anatomy
"The Me Nobody Knows"
Penelope came face-to-face with Callie for the first time and Callie was nervous around her and tried to start a conversation but Penelope told her she didn't have to, Miranda told Meredith that that Penelope is on her service today and if it’s going to be a problem Richard is willing to take over for her but she refuses and said it’s part of her job and it’s no problem "really liar". April is still trying to get close to Avery and they are working a case together for a kid (Kamal) that has Ollier’s disease, because of their personal situation Avery's trying not to make the situation between them uncomfortable and keep the conversation brief "that. Penelope meet with Meredith for the first time and told her that she does not want them working together to be uncomfortable and Meredith responded that it does not have to be and she was making it uncomfortable right now uncomfortable "she was mean from the start". Dr. Riggs a fellow Doctor that April worked with in Afghanistan brought in Kemal for the surgery on his hands, Avery was seeing his hands for the first time knows exactly what he's working with "this was hard to look at". After seeing Kemal's hand Avery got mad at April for downplayed Kemal situation and hiding his medical records from him, she said she did it because she knew if he had seen the medical record he would not have given Kemal a chance and she needed him to help "she did the right thing". Penelope is still a bit nervous around Meredith and when she was asked her to assess a patient she skipped a step and Meredith told her that they are a trauma center and skipping steps can kill a patient "she's nervous give her a break". Amelia is not as forgiving as Meredith towards Penelope asking her how she could work with her and Meredith told her that she is only doing her job "Amelia is a real judgmental for Drug addict". Avery and April fought over him giving up on Kemal so easily and walking away, but their argument was stopped by Dr. Riggs who told them that they can’t do this right know because it’s not about them it’s about Kemal "you tell them a Riggs". Avery asked April why she brought Kemal to him when she knew he had no chance and she said she had faith, but Avery still think there’s nothing he can do "never say I can't before you try". Riggs told Avery that April is a very determined person, and back in Afghanistan she wouldn't give up on a patient that she thinks she could help and assure him that she would not give up on Kemal and as Avery watched her with Kemal he knew Riggs was telling the truth "he should know this by now". A patient and old friend asked Richard in front of Maggie if he had any children and he responded no which seemed to bother her and she walked out of the room "that must have been hard for her to hear". Penelope has to walk Meredith through the a surgery step-by-step and she missed a step that could have caused the patient to bleed out, after the surgery Meredith reprimanded Penelope about missing a step yet again "take it easy Meredith it's only her first day". Weber confronts Maggie about his earlier statement when you said he had a daughter and explain to her that he is not sure what their situation is so he did not know what else to say, and if he offended her he is sorry and she told him that it was okay "he is right about that". Avery told Kemal that he has to amputate both of his hands, but outside of the operating room Riggs told April that they are going to try and remove the tumor and check for tissue that can be used to build him a new hand  which made her very happy "I guess Riggs speech really got to Avery". Richard speaks to Meredith about hazing Penelope and told her that she is a qualified surgeon and he had checked her credential and Meredith asked him if he knew who she was and check her losses and still decided to hire, later he explained to Meredith that he did not want to hire her, but he was always told that he sheltered her too much and also told her that he did not want to hire her Meredith either "people change". April told Riggs that Avery wants a divorce and he told her that she should have expected that because he asked her not to leave for Afghanistan and she did, and April told him she is not ready to give up on her marriage "you have to fight for what you want". Kemal surgery was successful even though they had their doubts at first it all work out "that's faith". Kemal was very happy to see his new hands, and he has a few more surgery to get done but for now he has to hands "this must have been an awesome feeling". Meredith went into the bathroom and complained to Amelia about Penelope mishaps of the day and Callie overheard and told Meredith she was being a bully and that she went out of her way to make Penelope uncomfortable and nervous "you tell her Callie". Callie told Penelope that she is here for her and that she wished she would have stood up for her at the dinner party and they kiss and made up “I like them together”. Avery and April celebrated the successful surgery she hugged him “this makes me so happy”, but was interrupted by Briggs who she had made plans with earlier to go and celebrates Kemal's successful surgery and she invited Avery he told her another time "one step at a time April". This is an awesome episode, I would rate it 8.9 out of 10

"Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance"
Fitz made a speech after the Congressional hearing against him was dropped and apologize to his family and his kids into the American and most of all to those parents out there who has to answer to uncomfortable questions about what is happening and as their leader he’s truly sorry for that and it had asked the Lord for forgiveness and he is asking the same of the American people and made a promise to work tirelessly to be worthy of their forgiveness “speech of the century”. Abby asks Olivia how she got the judiciary committee to drop impeachment case against on the Fitz and she told her that she does not want to lie so she can’t answer that question and walked over to Fitz and they shared a dance “so cute”. Cyrus told Fitz that Eli Pope is no longer in prison and he walked through the front door, Olivia walked into the room and overheard the conversation and acted surprised and scared and Fitz embraced telling her he will take care of it, Abby look at Olivia and realizes that she was involved somehow “this is not going to end well”. Jake goes to see Olivia at her apartment and is very upset and told her that what he admires about Eli is that he does not pretend to be something he’s not but Olivia preaches about wearing white hats, but she always do the opposite of thing, he told her that he killed Elise and it’s like her killing Elise because she was the one that sets him loose on the world and that she was Eli’s greatest achievements which offended Olivia so she asked him to leave angrily “she really messed up on this one”. The gladiators called Olivia and told her that OPA has a new client Hanna Taylor, when she got to the office Huck confronted her about helping Eli get out of prison and warned her that he will start B13 and Olivia told him that she doesn’t believe that he was not going to do that “why is she pretending like she doesn't know who her father is”. Olivia clients raped her with Frank Holland who was about to receiving the presidential Medal of Freedom on live television. After hearing her client’s side of the story, Olivia went to see the president tell him that he just gave the Medal of Freedom to a rapist. Abby goes to see Elizabeth who told her that Sally Langston has invited her on her show to speak about her time in the president’s office, and told her if she does not get her job back in the president inner circle she will become a fan of the liberty report “woo” and Abby told her that Cyrus would never agree to it and walked away. Abby told Cyrus about that Elizabeth is threatening to go on Sally Langston show so Cyrus called David Rosen to handle the situation and make sure it does not get out of control “Cyrus is back”. David tries to talk Elizabeth out of going on the Sally Langston show, but she is out for revenge against Cyrus and will stop at nothing to get her job back, David went to see Cyrus and told him that he had to let her go because he can’t arrest her for something she might say on a TV show.  Olivia confirmed Frank about the rape charge that a former student Hannah is bringing against him, he told her that she plagiarized the paper in a class and he had to fail her and that why she is making those false accusations “I don’t believe that”. Olivia confronted Hannah about not telling her about the paper she plagiarized and ask her why she shouldn’t think that she sleep with him to give her a passing grade, and she convinces Olivia that she didn’t so Olivia had the gladiators go on a mission to find other female students that he may have a molested over the years and they found a few woman who had the same story “I knew he was lying”. Huck found that evidence that Frank was using his wife prescription pill to drug the girl and confront him in front of his wife only to realized that his wife already knows  and supports is actions100% “what kind of who thinks that’s it OK to be raped”. Cyrus interrupts Liv and Fitz conversation to tell him that Elizabeth is about to go on Sally show and that he needs to do something when Cyrus left the room Olivia told him to let her go on to show “ok boss lady”. Elizabeth when on Sally’s show and painted Fitz as a good man, which shocked Cyrus “that’s a first” and he went to congratulate Fitz on handling her only to find out the he offered her a job as Susan Chief of Staff “there was steam coming out of Cyrus’s ears”. Elizabeth went to see David and they had an argument that somehow led to him telling her that he likes her and them having sex, while Susan who had a crush on Davis comes to see him but his secretary told her that he was in a meeting and left the wine cooler telling the secretary ensure that he gets it “she’s about to be so heartbroken”. Olivia gathered all of Frank’s victims and brought them to his publicized lecture which gave him no opportunity to deny it his involvement. Cyrus confronts Olivia about not telling him that Elizabeth was hired by Fitz, and after a long conversation about her relationship with Fitz, Cyrus told Olivia that Fitz is no longer president and that she was “he may be right”. This was an amazing episode, I would rate it nine out of 10.

How to get away with murder
"I Want You to Die"
The episode started with Michaela running behind Connor, telling him to wait while Laurel and Wes who was holding a gun hides behind a wall and told her he was going to stop them “what is happening”. Annalise and the Keating five works the on the Hapstall case by trying to pull up information on their long last cousin Philip who Oliver tracked and found, but what the team does not know is that he saw Conner and Oliver’s face when they hacked into is computer “element of surprise gone”. Nate has been served with papers for killing his wife, and Annalise went over to meet him and Eve who advised Annalise to stay clear of Nate’s case. After leaving the court, Annalise ran into Emily and she told her that she is messing with the wrong bitch and she asked Annalise if that was a threat and she reply telling her that she will see “there is a thin line between threats and promise”. Annalise walked in on Frank and Laurel making out and asked Frank if he had followed up on the case, and Frank ask Oliver to help him hack into Philip’s computer and Oliver told him that he has been looking into Philip and he has proof that he was in town on the nights of the murders “nice job Oliver”. Connor does not like Oliver working for Frank, but he refuses to leave and called Conner a buzzkill, Oliver created a fake website to catch Philip so he could meet him and get a DNA sample, however, this is not a good plan because Philip had already seen his face so he is putting is life at risk “how do you not see the webcam light on”. Frank had Conner attempt to go on a blind date with Philp but was pull away after Annalise told Frank to call it off, but they don’t know is that Phillip is at Oliver’s apartment “omg”. Annalise meets with Eve who told her that she is happy that Nate killed his wife because she gets to see her again, then the two joked about her throwing the case and them running off and start their own practice and a new life “Annalise has too much baggage”. Eve goes up again Emily in court for me Nate case and Emily called the nurse that took care of Nate’s wife in the hospital and badgered her with questions which lead to an outburst and when it was time to across the witness Eve decided not to ask any question “what is she doing”. Wes report back to Annalise and told her that Nate lost the case and they will be testing Nia’s blood and expressed that he things Eve threw the case on purpose “she wouldn’t”. Annalise went to see Eve and ask her if she threw he case and she told her that she didn’t and explained that she didn’t cross the witness to keep her side on their side and told her not to worry she and Nate know the plan, the two had dinner and drinks “I like Eve on the show”. Nia Lahey blood came back clean and they won the case, Annalise went to see Eve and celebrated her win and fantasies about them having an apartment in Paris “they are too cute”. Eva asks Annalise if Wes is the one she is trying to protect and she refused to and told her that she is not sleeping with him and he is the one “the one meaning her son”. Annalise won the case she was working that to Laurel observations, however she did not feel appreciated and confronts Annalise asking her if she is treating her bad because she is sleeping with Frank and replied that she does not care who she sleeps with and told her that not speaking to her is a big compliment because that means she does not have to worry about her and she needs to go back to the office and stop the needy “compliment wrapped in hot sauce”. Asher is still trying to get Bonnie to forgive him for his past indiscretion and when she refuses to forgive him, he told her that he know why she was so upset and immediately Bonnie know Annalise had told him about her past “Asher can’t keep a secret to save his life”. Bonnie confronts Annalise about telling Asher her deepest darkest secrets telling Annalise that she did it to hurt her and Annalise told her she did it to protect her from going to prison, Bonnie told her that she wants her to die and that she wish it was her that was dead in the house that night and not Sam “that was cold”. This was a revealing episode, I would rate it nine out of 10.

The vampire diaries
"Live Through This"
Three years in the future Bonnie is speaking to a woman who asked her if she wanted to tell her something and she told her that she finds herself looking back in the past and that she made a mistake which caused her to lose someone that she loved and all she could do now is try to find a way to live with it, after the meeting she went back to her apartment where she saw Enzo and they started kissing “shocker”. Jo is home and Alaric is sitting by her side she has been sleeping for 12 hours, Bonnie took Alaric his class papers to be graded and he offered her a job as his teacher’s assistant and she said no because she has to figure out the Phoenix stone that she used the bring two people back to life in one day “that’s something she needs to look into”. Jo is awake and she’s starving, Caroline and Stefan lay in bed and was rudely interrupted by Damon “talk about bad timing”. Damon told Stefan that he was there to celebrate everything that’s going well from Elena being safe to Jo being alive and him cozy with Caroline in the small bed “he is so bored”. Damon told Stefan that they were going to interrogate a tall beautiful heretic with a terrible attitude and Caroline jealously said Valerie and Damon realized that he was missing something and Caroline told him that Stephan and Valerie are old flames from way back, Damon put two and two together made fun off Stefan asking him if she meant V-card Valerie, Wham Bam thank you ma’am broke his heart Valerie and he didn’t reply “Damon is a hot mess”. Julian is expected to come to town and Enzo is not very happy about it, he called Valerie to tell her that Lily is a right behind her to find Julian “jealous Enzo”. Damon and Stefan ambushed Valerie on her way out of town to find Julian, she did not see Stefan at first and he walked up behind her and told her to stop killing his brother and tell him what’s going on, Valerie, Stefan and Damon hits the road after she told them about Julian and what he’s capable off “I can’t wait to meet this Julian”. Back on campus Caroline and Bonnie have friend time where Bonnie told her that she is having mental problems and even Mrs. Scotto is feeling sorry for her and Caroline told her that her boyfriend has gone to meet his ex-first love for the first time she doesn't know how to feel about “bad idea”. On the road trip Damon’s try to make trouble by asking Stefan how he and Valerie Metz which he already knew but has always he was trying to make a point “stop it Damon” he told Valerie that Stefan wrote 10 pages and is very on how the sun will never shine again our food would never taste the same and Stephan told him that she was only a spy for Lily and it all was a game “that’s not true”. Jo seems to have lost all her memory from her past and doesn’t even a member what her name is or who Alaric is, but Alaric told her not to worry about the details for now because her memory will slowly come back “and you know this how” allergic cuts his hand while opening the wine bottle and Joe told him that she will wrap it for him “I guess a little of Jo is still inside their”. Bonnie visits the Salvatore mansion where she encountered Enzo who is babysitting Oscar, Enzo refuses to let Bonnie speak with Oscar and tried to push her to the door but was interrupted by a scream from the maid that Oscar was sucking dry “he must be super hungry”. Bonnie tries to ask Oscar about the Phoenix stone, but he seems to have no memory of anything and is only interested in sucking blood when Bonnie took out the stone to show Oscar he started to act really scared “maybe it does something to him”. Stefan and Damon found the place where Julian’s dead body is supposed to be held, when Damon opened the door and he turned on the light they found a casket emporium, Valerie told Damon that Lily is trying to find Julian’s body to reconnect with his soul by using the Phoenix stone and explained to them that they did not bring Oscar back to life but jammed one of the souls from the infinity stolen into his body “oh shit”. Damon called Bonnie to tell her that the Phoenix stone is packed with all powerful vampire souls that she should call Alaric and tell him that they made a tiny mistake and that’s not his wife, Damon told Bonnie to cut her conversation short with Oscar and on her way home to call Alaric and tell him that it’s not really Joe “he’s not going to care”. Bonnie told Damon not to put that responsibility on her and Damon told her that he is trying to do right by Elena and don’t want to be the one to break Alaric’s heart, Bonnie agrees to do it but told Damon he owes her one “more like 1 million”. At the Salvatore mansion Enzo is trying to stop Bonnie from even with the Phoenix stone because he knows that Lily has been looking for it, but they were both stop by the soul that took over Oscar’s body and does not want to go back into the stone, the soul also realizes that he now has magic so Bonnie told Enzo to run and he pick up the stone and did so “this is just crazy”. The soul that was inside Jo wanted to know what was happening to her and Alaric told her that her brother who had a long time vendetta against him stabbed him, and she told him that she remembered been stabbed in the heart and then held them at gunpoint telling him to stay away and she left the apartment “just be happy you are alive”. Back at the emporium they found Julian’s casket and when Valerie tries to burn it Nora and Marybeth stopped her, they told Lily that she was trying to kill the love for life “Lily looked pissed” Valerie Begged Lily not to bring him back but she said he made her better and Valerie told her sons that weren't true that he actually made her worse, Damon attacked her and Beau protected her using this magic to throw everyone to the ground “wow”. After Stefan went to find Valerie and removed the wooden pieces that was stuck in her skin she told him the truth that she was going to come back and Julian caught her as she was about to leave and he was desperate to get Lily to you and he thought she would be a distraction because she was pregnant and he did what he had to do to ensure that Lily would go to Europe “he’s going to be trouble”. Enzo gave Lily the Phoenix stone, and Bonnie called Alaric and told him that the person he’s with is not Jo and when he went over to speak to her he realizes that that was not his wife but decided to help her anyway “I hope she’s a badass vampire that’s on our team”. Stefan cancels his date with Caroline told her that he is still in Mystic Falls and things got complicated “never use the word complicated when you’re on your ex”. Valerie told Stefan that she became a vampire by killing herself because she was so depressed after Julian took baby from her, Stefan very angry and wants to kill Julian for what he did to Valerie and what he took from him “what does this mean for Steroline” and finally Damon plot his revenge against Lily for taking Elena from him “I love me some angry Damon”. This was an amazing episode I would rate it 9.1 out of 10.

The Original
“The Axeman's Letter"
The episode starts in 1002 A.D. where Klaus was in love with Aurora and she was innocent and pure and made him feel like the man he wishes he was and she made him forgot what he was “this is not sound like the Klaus I know”. Klaus and Elijah discuss how their sires once the end one of their lines and as they entered the compound they found a lady lying in blood with a note attached to her reading roses are red violets are blue come find me before I find you “cool poetry” Klaus told Elijah to let them find her and as he walked away, Elijah asked him why he was so eager and that the last time he spoke to her was 1000 years ago and forbidden him to speak her name in his presence “he was really hurt by her”. Klaus and Elijah look for Aurora and Elijah told him that she will leave a mark like she always does, Klaus saw a perfume bottle in the market that reminded him of her and read the name of the shop from the bottom of the bottle and went there to see her where he was greeted by Aurora “hello my sweet love”. Davina asked Jackson and Hayley to come over because she needed them to be her bodyguard at her first Kado “witches Christmas” and explained that as Regent and she represented the city, and the coven pays tributes to her in return she throws a party and she needs them to respect her cause it is the first public events since the witches were killed in the ninth ward “thanks to Hayley” she’s told them that she was afraid that it might not go well because of the threat was made on her life “just keep your eyes peeled”. Aurora claimed that she is in town to protect her sire line and she’s looking for Rebecca, Elijah visited Tristan to find out if he knew where Aurora was but Tristan assured him that she’s not in town because if she was he would be the first person she came to see and Elijah told him that he would be surprised “he sure would be”. Divina is complaining about the gifts that they are giving her at the kado and Haley told her that she needs to show them who she truly is because if she keeps pretending to be someone she’s is not then they will treat her like someone she’s not “she’s still young”. Elijah went to see Marcel to discuss who Tristan working with, he asks him to find out what Tristan is hiding but Marcel hesitant because he doesn’t want to blow his cover and told him that he will have his people trail Tristan to see what is up to “I don’t think that’s going to be easy”. Camille and Vincent’s trailing Lucian who was aware that they were following him and took Camille from the parade into an alley where he told her he has been dying to get some time alone with her and told her what she want to do with her and she told him if he hurts her she knows someone who wouldn’t be happy about it, to which he replied that she knows nothing about him but she will learn Camille walked around the corner where she saw a man lying in a pool of blood and she held him in her arms “what is Lucian up to”. Camille is now the police main suspect and is later arrested for the murder because her fingerprint was only one located on the victim’s body, the detective also got a search warrant to take all her family heirlooms and secrets “she was framed by Lucian”. Klaus is still with Aurora who is rehashing their love story and epic times they spent together after she tricked Rebecca into feeding her vampire blood and she jumping out a window “this chick is crazy” Aurora asked Klaus to tell her that he has not been thinking about her over the past thousand years and that he didn’t miss her because she remembers every second and the two starts to kiss “what’s his Klaus really up to”. Klaus told Aurora that their story could have been the greatest love story ever told, but she turned her back on and it was shown that close asked her to flee with them and she refused and told him that there nested unlike and that she does not love him “she broke his heart”. Aurora told Klaus that she was not the cause of their breaking up but that she was compelled by Elijah who she had just told that he killed their mother and blame it on their father and that if he told tell them the truth they wouldn’t flee with him “oh boy”. Jackson brought forth the young man who had threatened Davina’s life and he told her that he did not want to kill her that he only wants her to tell her deepest darkest secrets, Davina told him that his mother was a what who attacked her first and try to turn the coven against her, and told him that she has seen how they did things the old way and it won’t work anymore so he could join her our goal be free “okay Davina” and he refused and walked away. Marcel reported to Elijah that his guy followed Tristan into a building that was bought by Lucian and it seems to be the passage of a somewhere and that they have been working together all along “this is not good news”. Aurora confesses to close that she was the one who poisoned that which the cause she did not like what she saw in her vision was the clan Mikaelson destroyed, and she planned to change the future he saw and Klaus asked her if that’s why she is trying to turn him against Elijah and she told him the Prophet said one friend, one foe, and one family member and ask him if he ever considered which family member it would be “she’s here to start trouble”. Klaus went back to the compound where he and Elijah fought over the secrets and Elijah told him that he’s been carrying him for centuries but if it’s a fight he wants it’s on “I told her she was here to start trouble”. Divina tells Hayley for her advice and told her that she asked the ancestors to remove her curse and they did so Hayley no longer has to worry about changing back into a wolf “free at last”. This was an entertaining episode, I would rate it 9 out of 10.