Recaps from Friday night TV shows

Hawaii 50
"Na Kama Hele" "Day Trippers"
The episode starts with Steve fighting in the woods, and then showed a flashback of what happened six hours prior to this incident, he was seen talking with Grover who is telling him not to be so adventurous on his first dates with Lynn who was introduced to him by Ellie that he needs to have a strategy “grow for is so funny.”  This is Steve first dates since Catherine left, Steve took a boat out to the island and on his way there he tries to get to know Lynn who told him that he’s real gutsy because most guy would just go for coffee or drink and he told her go big or go home “that’s the Steve’s way.” Lynn ask Steve to let her drive boat and a gently pushed him out the way and told him that she had done it before because her dad was a commercial fisherman, she was going really fast which scared Steve “that’s the first, when they got to the island she told Steve that the last time she was there was with her grandfather when she was 15 years old “I like her she’s hot.” Steve and Lynn went snorkeling and he was impressed because he has not seen a lot of the species of fishes that was under the water when they came up she brought him a field and then they took selfies “they are already so cute together.” On the island Steve and Lynn found a plane but before they could open it they were being shot at and they ran Lynn is very scared and Steve tries to calm her down by teaching her a four second combat breathing, they found a way back to their boat but when they got there it was on fire “holy shit.” Steve and Lynn try to figure out a new way off the island and Lynn told Steve she has another shortcut wish he joked and told her that the last shortcuts she showed him did not go so well “they are so cute together,” after climbing the waterfalls and making it to the top one off the gunman started to fire at them Steve was able to fight the guy off by
throw him off the cliff but not before he knocked Lynn to the ground cracking her head open, but it’s not over just yet because he has a partner on the island “I wish them luck.” They found a plane where they found a log showing that’s the plane was escorting a prisoner Dennis Logan a criminal thought to be dead trying to smuggle things off the island, Lynn’s bleeding is getting worse and Steve looked at it and told her he needs to clean its but coconut water and told her that they used to use it’s in world war two when they run out off and IV solutions when they run out of gluten “a real Boy Scout.” Steve distracted the bad men while Lynn steals the boat, but Dennis figured it out and went after Lynn and is holding her hostage while Steve holds his partner hostage “a case of two can play that game.” Dennis went back to find his boats with Lynn as his hostage when he got there his partner was tied up and Steve came up behind him and they were able to apprehend them and brought them back to the island and turned them over to the US marshals, Lynn told Steve that she thought the date went well and he said he did too and invited her out on another date but just for coffee this time “the first date she will never forget.” Meanwhile, Grover, Chin and Kono are at the football game where Grover told Chin about the girl Steve is going on a date with and her level of hotness which made Kono very uncomfortable “as I said she’s really hot.” While watching the game Chin notice that the player Jesse was not playing the way he normally does and he saw some suspicious looking men and he left Kono to keep an eye on them while Grover and Chin go to find out if Jesse was okay, but he’s afraid to talk because they told him that they would kill him “this is a tough situation.” Jesse told Grover and Chin that they have his father and they told him if he did not troll the game they would kill him and that he needs to get back in the game and chin told him that he will talk to his coach and help them get back in the game but he needs the plane best and he will take care of his father “that the investigation begin.” Grover went to sit between the two bad guys and try to have a conversation with them and try to escort them out the building quietly, they took the men back to back to HQ and questioned them about Jesse’s father, but they refused to talk so Kono use the information she knew about him to get him to talk but he still refused to talk and laugh in their faces “oh no he didn’t.” Chin and Grover questioned Diaz and he refuses to answer which made the Chin become physical “bad cop” while Grover tried a subtler approach by offering him a bet “good cop.” Jesse has 14 minutes left in his game and DEA provided the information about the kidnappers to Grover and Chin, his name is Oliver Zelenko a drug dealer from California whose house is being foreclosed on, they were about 30 miles away but was able to get there just in time to save Jesse’s father, Jesse and his team won the game and he was able to celebrate “point team 5.0.” This was an amazing episode I would rate its 9 out of 10.

Blue bloods
"The Bullitt Mustang"
It's Erin 40th birthday and the episode started with her speaking with her daughter Nikki who told her that she looks really good for her age “she really do” while on the phone her doorbell rang and it was her coworker and friend who told her that the District Attorney's office is going after officers who have fixed traffic tickets and she felt undermined because she got no heads up “that was disrespectful.” The district attorney asks Erin to be the face of the prosecution against the NYPD to test her loyalty, Erin was hesitant at first because she knows what that means for her family but for the sake of her job she decided to do it “oh boy.” When Erin addresses reporters, she denies the ticket fixing police scandal which angered frank, which lead to Frank yelling at her in his office because he cannot understand how she got roped into this case against the cops “all her family members are cops.” Erin asks Frank to listen to her for once and emphasizes while she respects the NYPD, misdeeds must be prosecuted which made Frank even more irritated and words get heated between them “I don’t like to see them fight.” After going back and forth with Erin realizes that she’s not going to win this battle “Yep stop wasting your breath,” Frank gives her a birthday hug and kiss “only in the Reagan family” but forgets to give her his gift before she storms out of his office. The DA office throws Erin a surprise birthday party which she refused to go but was forced and had to act surprise “worse surprise face ever”. Eddie is being invited to central booking by ADAs office for official misconduct and tampering public record to be more specific ticket fix in, and she called Jamie for help and try to use his last name but it didn’t help and Jamie told her to go with him and he will be right behind her “this is so not cool”. Later Eddie confesses to Jamie that she has been moving an elderly neighbor's car for her and was late a couple of times, resulting in the vehicle being ticketed and knowing that she can’t afford the $90 tickets she fixed it and Jamie told her he would have done the same thing “you know he would have he has a big heart.” Frank received the news about his officers being taken down to central booking for official misconduct and tampering public record requests that his officers be released immediately, Frank sent Sid down to central booking to tell the officers that were arrested not see anything “this is going to be good.” Frank interrupted a police union meeting where cops were being encouraged to drag their heels about testifying for the D.A. in court cases, but Frank told them he's  was as angry as they were and warned them against a "blue flu". Frank later told Erin he needs a compromise from the D.A.'s office on the officers' punishments because Erin had called out the cops, she had made a choice that affected the family business and reminded her that family always comes first “I love the Reagan family.” Danny and Baez worked on the case where a famous car from a classic flip is stolen, by it owner to receive the insurance money, he's was later arrested for insurance fraud after being caught trying to sell it. Danny told him that the car he has
is not the real 1968 Ford Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the movie "Bullitt" and it was just a fake his father bought years ago and his mother is the only person that know the true location of the car “that was so funny.” At the Reagan Sunday dinner, everyone is busting Erin chaps and Frank told the story about her 17th birthday and how she and her friends got stopped for speeding with a beer open in the car and how her mother asked the officer to call him and he fix it “okay she gets it.” The episode ended with all the Reagan men going to see the genuine "Bullitt" car in a storage area, where they excitedly get their picture taken. This was a good episode I would rate it 8.5 out of 10.

"The Price"
 Francis and Mary try to spend as much time as they can together, after a gondola ride Mary tries to incentivize Francis to take his herbal medication by offering him a kiss and she is very happy to see him looking like him old self again “me too”. Mary received word from her mother of the dire situation in Scotland and turns to Francis for help to which he was more and happy to provide “he would do anything for Mary”. Francis is willing to send troops to secure Scotland’s supply route no matter what it takes because eventually it would be beneficial to France “I like Francis this bossy”. After Catherine’s news about the troop Mary and Francis to in place a plan that can help to protect Scotland’s supply route and it worked “quick thinking Mary”. Francis is feeling better and tries to spend time with Charles to help him understand the different obstacle and decision he will have to face and make, Charles is doubting himself and Francis told him that being a king is a performance “good brotherly advice”. Francis is collapse while he was out with Charles and was taken back to the castle where he tries to spend his final moments with Mary and they imagine a future where they have a happy family and then he died in her arm “this scene killed me”. Delphine was brought to the castle to use her powers to resurrect Francis and explain to them that this sacrifice will
costs someone their life and Mary told her that she does not care just bring him back to life and then she died “Francis is alive thank God Almighty Francis is alive”. Lola comes face-to-face with Catherine who was one of Narcisse lover for the first time and confronts her about the rats that was put in her bathtub, to which Catherine is ignorant of because she really didn’t do it “this is a first” Narcisse overheard Lola confronting Catherine and tries to end the conversation between the ladies as quickly as he could “secrets and never good” I tried to keep her focus on leaving for their honeymoon “what has Lola gotten herself into”. Lola and Narcisse are on their honeymoon and goes for breakfast, where a lady came up to them accusing Narcisse off stealing her father’s property which made Lola uncomfortable and decide to leave early, but he explained to her that he’s doing it for her and that he didn’t technically steal the property and she calms down and told him that he needs to pay full price for the property and he asked her if that would make her happy and she replied she wasn’t sure “someone is going to change someone”. Catherine fights to become the region to Charles and will stop at nothing to get her last vote even if it means using our own daughter Claude as bait, but things did not go as planned because of her past indiscretion “this lady has more enemies than friends”. Catherine asked Francis why he took her out of the dungeon if he is not going to seek her counsel and told him that the ship he sent to protect Scotland supply route was sink by England and thousands are dead. Bash goes to see Greer and congratulate her on owning a tavern and also to warn her about the murders that are happening as they pertain to women “I am so optimistic about #grebash”. Greer thanks bash for his concern and pointed him over to Charles who was sitting in the bar having a drink with a fellow not so becoming, as Bash escorts Charles from the tavern he felt a burning sensation on his chest and when he looked down he saw a scar “a scar and still sexy”. Charles ask bash why this scar was there any explained to him that he is somehow connected to Delphine and is now able to feel her pain and healing power scares people and they react so he needs to find it before it’s too late “talk about the connection”. Bash found Delphine and is asked by Charles to bring her to the castle to bring Francis back to life, Bass refuses as first because he knows the consequences but Charles uses his credentials to command him to bring her “Charles may be tougher than we think”. Back in England Elizabeth is faced with the pressure of getting wed and she is currently meeting suitors, she has accepted a request from Don Carlos Prince of Spain who later visited England to meet with her, Don presented himself to Elizabeth and asked her if she would ever consider marrying Catholic Prince to which she replied she see no difference because there is one Christian God and the rest is bickering clerics jogging for advantage “Elizabeth sure has a way with words”. Elizabeth’s asked Don what does Spain have to offer her country and he said all of the silver and gold of the new world and Elizabeth questioned Don on why he is choosing her and he replied that he wants to be king and he’s tired of waiting around for his father to die “that’s just cold” after which Elizabeth told him she would consider his offer and he can stay in the kingdom until she makes a decision “he’s too arrogant she what my”. Robert is concerned that Elizabeth may have to marry and suggested that she married him, but he’s already married and she needs a proper suitor, she later meets with Don who told her about rumors that she’s a man and insists on her proven her womanhood to him “this dude is a real dick”. This was a phenomenal episode I would rate it 9.5 out of 10.

"Clear and Wesen Danger"
“Cherish those who seek to truth but beware of those who find it”
The episode started with a
wesen attacking and killing his boss at the investment group where he worked after his boss figured out that he was embezzling money from the company “that was a wicked death”. Nick spends time at the hospital with Adalind and Kelly, and was visited by Rosalee and the team who he told Chavez was killed at their meeting and the people they were supposed to meet was dead when they got there and show them a pendant that Trubel used to wear which brought them to the conclusion that Chavez knows where she was taken “of course she took her”. Nick and the team return to the scene where Chavez was killed while Rosalee stayed back to be with Kelly and Adalind “such a good friend”. When Nick and the team arrived at the scene the place was wiped clean and bodies were gone just like it was when Juliet and Trubel were taken from his house “this cleanup crew is the best”. Nick handed Chavez cell phone to Wu and told the team that it rang after Chavez died and he picked up and told the man that she was dead and he told him to keep the phone, Wu told Nick that he will check out the last number that was called “teamwork”. The team went back outside where Nick saw a van on the night Chavez died and notice that wall was painted over to hide a symbol and Monroe suggested they leave before they get painted over “smart man” as they drove away there was a man watching them “who is he”. Nick went back to the hospital to check on Adalind who had just woke up from a bad dream and asked for Kelly and Rosalee told her he was in the nursery, Nick thanked Rosalee and told her Monroe was waiting and she could go “team grimm is so supportive”. Nick makes changes to keep Adalind and Kelly safe, with the help of Monroe and Rosalee who prepare the house for their arrival and discuss with Monroe about the child of their own someday “I love monlee moments”. When nick got to his house Rosalee suggested to him that he find a new place to live because there was too much baggage surrounding the house, Nick later considered Rosalee suggestion after he came home to meet two FBI agent in is house looking for Chavez and later told Adalind that he is going to sell the house and buy a new one where she and Kelly can be safe “great idea”. Hank and his new partner Pogue and they investigated the murder at an investment group and speak to the Wemlinger who is also the killer and the secretary Betty, but Wemlinger put on a performance of a lifetime to prove his innocent, but Hank and Wu were not buying it “he was really convincing”. Hank knew the Wemlinger was wesen and the murderer and insisted that he be brought in, but his new partner who is clueless about wesen can understand why “he will learn”. Hank called Nick down to the station to watch the interrogation and to see if Wemlinger would vogue and he did, but Pogue did not appreciate Hank calling Nick down to the station for help “what’s the big deal”. Two Marshall came to transport Wemlinger and was warned by Nick that he was dangerous, they laughed and didn’t take Nick seriously and was later killed in a gas station restroom “who is laughing now”. Nick, Hank and Wu tracked Wemlinger to Betty’s house where he went down they fire escape and was followed by Nick, Hank and Wu, they fought with him and Wu shot and killed him “about time he was crazy”. Nick and Hank went back up the apartment to find Betty wiping the hard drive, then jumped to her death but not before leaving a message which translate free what’s hidden “I can’t wait to see what is coming”. This was an extraordinary episode I would rate it 9.5 out of 10.