Recaps from Sunday nights TV shows

Once Upon a Time
The episode starts with Merlin and a friend walking in the desert Five hundred years ago when they came upon a diamond in crested cup “the Holy Grail” which turned his friend to dust when he touched, but gave Merlin magic and eternal youth “I want one of those.” After discovering that he has magical power he decided to use it to help other which is when he meet the love of life Nimue but was unable to spend the rest of his life with her with him being an immortal wizard so he decided to change that by turning the grail into a sword, which can be used to cut away his magic, putting him and his love on equal footing “well if that isn’t love”. Just as Merlin forge Excalibur, Vortigan a man from Nimue village who killed off her family and destroyer of the village shows up and grabs from her from behind and she attempts to get free but was critically stabbed “oh no.”  A sad Merlin confronts Vortigan and Nimue sneak up behind Vortigan and rips his heart out with using the magic she obtained by secretly sipping from the grail, against Merlin’s earlier wishes “that was unexpected.” Merlin was shocked by her actions and immediately releases that she have drunk from the grail and strongly advise her not to use her magic to kill, but a very angry and vengeful Nimue neglected Merlin’s warning and proceeded to crush the Vortigan heart, thus turning her into the very first Dark One “surprise.” Five hundred or so years later Merlin tells the team that he need to take Emma on a journey but they were hesitant at first especially Hook but decided to let her go, before she left Hook gave her a ring and told her that it kept him safe all these years and it will keep her safe, Emma took the ring and told Hook that the Dark One can’t hurt her to which he replied, but it can hurt Emma “they are so sweet together.” Before they started their journey Merlin told Emma that there are two possible outcomes one she Emma fends off the Darkness or two she gives in to the darkness and kills him “I like option one.” Merlin brings Emma to the site of that fateful encounter where his life changed, so that she can summon the original Dark One, who is the keeper of the ember that can fuse Excalibur and the dagger back together, but before summoning the original Dark One Merlin reveal to Emma that it was a woman “Nimue.” Nimue immediately tries to bond with Emma urging her to destroy Merlin, telling her that they have no choice but to destroy their only threat and Emma was listening to her babbling until she took it one step too far by suggesting that without Darkness, Emma is nothing “bad idea on her part.” Emma replied with a triumphant roar I am not nothing and I was never nothing and the power you have, I don’t need then grabbed the ember away from Nimue, who then disappears “you show her who's boss Emma.” Merlin and Emma were heading back to Camelot when he mysteriously vanishes mid-conversation “what just happened.” While all this was happening the team tries to get inside Arthur castle to steal Excalibur but couldn’t figure out a way without being seen and Zelena decided help Regina, Robin, Hook and the Charming’s to sneak in “I wouldn’t trust her.” As Regina, Robin, Hook and Charming sneaks in the castle Snow was left behind to guard Zelena who is crying so Snow let her guards down and went to comfort her and kicked her in the tummy sending her to the floor “told you not to trust her.” The team arrives at the Round Table and Regina starts to freeze Arthur's throat but was interrupted by Zelena who appeared with a bound and gagged Snow and demand Regina to free Arthur  and she this with the intention of throwing a fireball but was stopped by Robin who reminded her about the baby “that bitch. ” Zelena later help Arthur spelled Merlin to Excalibur turning the large part of the Excalibur sword into a bigger version of the Dark One’s dagger which controls the mighty wizard Merlin “this is not good.” Arthur summons Merlin away from Emma and commands him to get rid of the team which he did then tried is best to convince Arthur that his prophecy is still in the course of playing out and that by vanquishing the Darkness with a restored Excalibur he would be remembered as a great king but Arthur ignores him because he just wants glory and fast “patients is a virtue buddy.” Back in Storybrooke, Emma retrieves the ember she took from Nimue and uses it to reunite broken Excalibur and the dagger in the present of Rumple, Nimue, and every other Dark One “oh boy”. After the sword was forged, Emma recalled Merlin’s warning from years ago as child in the movie theater to leave the sword alone which she considers doing for a brief second, but succumbed by the other Dark One’s advising her to seize the power and Emma does reach for the restored Excalibur hand held it in her hand “OMG what now.” This was an exciting episode I would rate it 9.3 out of 10. 

Blood and Oil
"Fight or Flight"
Wick went to see Billy at his house to ensure that what they have done would stay a secret, Billy assured him that he won’t ever say anything and Garry can’t be alive to say anything and told him that there is no way that Garry’s accident is going to come back on them “I don’t like wick and Billy together.” Two joggers were running in the woods and found an injured Garry’s body and check for pulse to see if he was alive, he was so they called the police, he was brought to the hospital where Cody saw him for the first time since their altercation, she got nervous and told the nurse that he was the one who attacked her “three days later and Garry is alive but how.” Cody called Billy to tell him about Garry but he was otherwise occupied in Texas after his conversation with Clifton and Emma who told him about the an offer from Annie Briggs and he agreed to meet with Annie and she flew him and Emma out to Houston, but Billy lied to Cody by telling her that Hap has him running around and because he sounded busy Cody told him that they will talk when he gets home “that was a stupid lie.” Upon arrival in Houston Emma and Billy was cordially invited to a fundraising gala in honor of Annie, they both were on prepared for the invitation, but Annie provided them the amenities they would need to attend “rich people.” At the gala Billy met Annie Briggs for the first time and she immediately expressed her none interests in going up against hap which was disappointing to Emma and Billy who flew all the way there, but after talking to Emma, Billy had an idea and confronts Annie about her being afraid of Hap and still being in love with him “that was ballsy.” Billy got hope after a disappointing trip only to have Cody told him that Garry is in the hospital and questioned his involvement with he resented and left to call Wick who told him that he was on life support and the hospital don’t think he going to wake up anytime soon “he woke up before the episode end.”  The next morning Billy paid Hap a visit to thank for everything and declined his job offer and introduce him to his new business partner Annie, who told him that they are coming after him and Hap gave Billy a piece of advice “let the war begins.” The FBI is building a case against Hap but need an inside man and called Wick down to the police station to enlist his cooperation in arresting Hap for the theft of classified documents that they think feel into in lap, Wick assured them that his father would never put his company in that potion and that to stuff their offer were the sun don’t shine “you figure that out.” The FBI agent replied to Wick’s rejection by telling him that their conversation needs to stay between them or he would help Tip any unsolved case and gave him a card in case he changes his mind “with all his skeletons he can’t afford.” Wick when back to Jules apartment where he was confronted by her about the attack and the rig on his father and expressed her disappointment and broke off their relationship, before Wick left he asked Jules what she would do with information she have found and she him that she wasn’t sure “isn’t to pot calling the kettle black.” Wick later head back to Jules apartment after Carla subtlety nudged him in that direction and when he got to her apartment saw his father there with Jules and they were killing “hurtful.” Wick later confronted Jules about her relationship with Hap and she tried to explain but it didn’t help so an angry Wick decided to take revenge on his father by working with the FBI and later told Billy that it was not a good time to be working for Briggs oil and to trust him on that “what are you doing Wick.” Hap in a family meeting telling Lacey and AJ that he and Carla got word from the gas commissioner that they are being investigated by the government who think that they’ve got their hands on a USGS report illegally, Wick worked into the meeting and Lacey updates him on what was going on and reacted like it was the first he is hearing of it “he’s good.” Hap later disburses the group into teams to ensure that the Feds would not be able to find anything or anyone to use against them and assured Carla that she need not to worry because it is not his first rodeo with the government “but will it be his last.” As Hap and Wick were ready to leave Jules called him and told him that she needed to talk so he made up an excuse and told Wick to go on ahead because he has to meet with his lawyer, but what did not is that Carla had put a tracking device on his phone and was able to identify the number that called him a Jules “woo he has some explaining to do.” After leaving Jules Hap met with Tip who told him that the Feds met with Wick earlier but he turned that down, and Hap told him that Wick is a family man at the end of the day “he’s in for a rude awakening.” When Hap got home he was questioned by Carla and lied to her telling her that he is just stress out with everything going on “she is not buying what he’s selling.” Ada found proof of Kess gambling deaths and confronts him but he didn’t want to talk about it so she told Cody who walked up as he was walking away that he has a gambling problem and that why they left Haiti in the first place, Cody later saw Kess dealing drug from the food truck and confronts him and suggest that he move back to Haiti with Ada or she would tell her about is side job “Cody the badass.” Kess and Ada later went to see Cody to tell her that they are going back home to their family who is very excited to see them and promised her that they will pay her and Billy back the startup money for the food truck “sure .“ This was a good episode I would rate it 8.7 out of 10.


Miranda told the already pressured recruits that they’ve got an exam that determines whether or not they’ll continue at Quantico “I hate taking tests.” Earlier that day Brandon struggled during the physical test and seems to have had troubles in other areas but he is not the only one having a tough week because some of the other recruits have their own troubles “drama.” First Shelby meets Caleb’s dad after she storms into their hookup room and curse him for not showing up at their boiler room regular booty appointment “embarrassing.” Caleb whose father continues to show his disappointment in him and tries to pay him to drop out of the academy “he’s the worst father ever.” Ryan who has to deal with the repercussion from his big revealing about spying on Alex and already being an FBI agent “at least it’s out there now”. Simon who is still stuck in the closet after being locked in their by the twins and he is still bitter about the revelation and Miranda tries to fix the situation by offering Simon to remove his probation in exchange for his silence but he was too upset to accept her offer “this is a lot he needs more time.” With all this happening no one is prepared for a written test but has no choice, when they turned over the paper to begin taking the tests they realize that the sheet was blank “okay then.” The recruits are now confused by what is happening until Alex suggested they use what they have learned about evidence, surveillance to figure out what the test is, the first thing they realized was that Brandon didn’t get an exam sheets “mystery.” The recruits questioned Brandon about why he did not tell them he didn’t receive an exam, he explained that he figured that this was a sign that he’d been cut from the program and embarrassedly leave the room, right after he leaves, the room goes into lockdown and Elias finds a suspicious looking timer under Brandon’s chair “set up anyone.” Alex tries to keep everyone calm by telling them that this is a part of the test and they need to try to remember what they were thoughts, but members of the class did not share her theories “in the other ideas.” Brendan being the main suspect the group they decided to interrogate Nathalie who is closest to Brandon, she revealed that Brandon has been acting squirrelly and skipping his meds, after disclosing that Brandon went out by himself the night before the team searches surveillance and found a bomb in the lectern “holy moly.” After fighting the bum in the room, Elias was the first to panic by saying that he does not belong there and volunteered Simon to disarm the device because of his IDF training “you can do it, Simon.” Simon reluctantly agrees and tries to disarm the bomb, but when he accidentally trips a secondary trigger and even though he was able to unlock the door, the timer on the bomb still speeded up “one problem down one to go.” As soon as a door was opened Elias and a bunch of others runs out leaving Simon, Alex, Shelby, Ryan, Natalie, Nimah and Caleb to stick around and try to stop the bomb “I’m not sure if that’s brave or stupid.” After the bomb was disarmed in the group left they ran into Brandon and realized his freak out was all a part of the test, Natalie was not at him, but he explained that when the director gives you a job to do you do it no question asked “that’s true.” Ryan went back to the room to find Alex waiting for him and asked her why she keeps coming around when she told him to stay away from her, Alex was irritated by his response and told him which made him tell her about the oft-referenced Chicago event in which Liam messed up and he took the blame, which puts him in a tight spot leaving him no choice but to accept Alex as a case when Liam asked “he really had no choice.” Alex being affected by Ryan’s story she walked into Liam’s office, showing him the bugs she planted and agreeing to ignore everything she knows if he’ll give Ryan his badge back “no wonder he’s framing her for the bombing.” Liam later offered to reinstate Ryan to Special Agent, but he told him that he would need to consider his proposal “I’m not sure why! Alex.” Shelby thinks Caleb has taken off because of his father doubts in him, but she saw him and he told her that he’s been re-accepted as an NAT “that’s good news for Shelby.” Simon finds Elias packing his bags because he feels guilty about bailing on the exercise and decided to leave Quantico but before he left he told Simon that he was the one who saved everyone, while he runs from a firecracker and then shared a kiss “at least he met one of his goals.” In present-day Alex is desperate to find the twins to see which one was of them is on the on Grand Central security footage days before the explosion. Alex and Simon finally track down Raina, but she was able to help because she hasn’t heard from Nimah in days. Raina explains that they were tasked to infiltrate a terrorist group in Queens and that the group has plans to blow up a landmark but probably wasn’t behind the Grand Central attack. Nathalie knows that Ryan is in contact with Alex and tells Liam, she later saw Shelby and Ryan leaving and put a tracking device on his phone and later attack Raina apartment “omg they found them.” Alex and Ryan escape out the back, but all the commotion draw the attention of the terrorist group which was holed up across the street and a firefight begins “this is getting crazy.” One of the terrorists shoots Ryan in the side, but Alex refuses to leave him injured and try to run with him, but was caught by Nathalie who went against everything she knows  and let Alex and Ryan go “not that the shocker of the night.” This was an awesome episode I would rate it 9 out of 10.