#IntotheBadlands Season 1 Recap & A Video Of My Favorite Scenes @IntotheBadlands

Sunny, M.K, The Widow, and Tilda are back this Sunday, here is a recap from season 1 and video of some of the best moments from season 1.

Episode 1 "The Fort."

Head Clipper Regent Sunny a highly-skilled fighter and the deadliest of all the Clipper, works for Baron Quinn “leader of the Clippers.” The episode starts with Sunny battling the Nomads and rescues a mysterious boy named M.K., who harbors a dark secret about his past. Sunny brings M.K. back to The Fort to train him to become a Clipper, but for now, he is a Colt “a Clipper-in-training.” Things quickly escalated with another trainee, and while they were fighting he draws M.K. blood making him lose control of himself, his eyes turn black, and something takes over his body, and he knocks him through the wall. This asset makes M.K. valuable to the opposing Baron The Widow “she is a badass with her set of a female assassin.” M.K. has a pendant “give to him by his mother who M.K. is searching for,” with the same image as the one on Sunny’s childhood compass of a place called Azra, which M.K. told him was home. To seek out the truth about his past, Sunny wants to know more of this city beyond the Badlands and must find a way out, especially now that his lover Veil “a doctor and Sonny’s lover” is illegally pregnant with his child.

 Episode 2 "Fist Like a Bullet."

After being let go by Sunny after he was arrested for trespassing in Ryder’s “Quinn's only son and presumed heir” room, wonders into The Widow's territory. M.K. meets her daughter Tilda “teenage assassin,” who he follows for refuge in her The Widows mansion. He is now in the belly of the beast since she wants to use his dark power to overthrow the other barons. The Widow suspects M.K was the boy she was looking for as asking Tilda to cut him, but she fakes it and cut herself wiping the blood on his face creating a bond between them. Meanwhile, Quinn's long-time doctor diagnosed his headache as a tumor and told him doesn't have long to live. Feeling vulnerable and wanting to keep the news a secret, he orders Sunny to "clip" the doctor and his wife “Veil's parents.” However, Sunny refuses, and Quinn used Sunny’s sword to murder them himself, and gives him a second chance after he refused to carry out his order. Later Ryder was tricked by one of The Widow’s assassins posing as a prostitute and led them into a trap where he and Sunny were attacked by The Widow's nomads. M.K. saves Sunny's life and agrees to show him the way out of the Badlands; Sunny agree with under one condition; he will bring M.K. back to The Fort for training so he can be strong enough to smuggle Veil and his unborn child out of the badlands.

 Episode 3 "White Stork Spreads Wings."

Quinn seeks retribution against The Widow for almost killing Ryder and pays the price with losing many Clippers in his surprise attack on The Widow’s Mansion. M.K. breaks away from the Colts to steal the book about Azra in The Widow's study, where Tilda sees him while she tries to lead her sister out of the mansion. Sunny begins to train M.K., but he must first learn discipline, so Sunny to him to his trainer “Waldo” a wheelchair-bound former Clipper and M.K underestimated Waldo during their fight and got a butt whipping. Ryder's life slowly fades, Jade “Quinn's new wife-to-be/Ryder’s lover,” desperately seeks help from Veil. The veil was reluctant at first, but when and was able to treat him successfully. Quinn thanks Veil for her service and let her know that he knows about her and Sunny's relationship. For Quinn to form an alliance with Jacob “the one baron who doesn't hate him as much,” Sunny must reunite with Zephyr “Sunny’s ex,” Jacobee's Regent to arrange a meeting. M.K. went behind Sunny’s back and brought the book to Veil to be translated, but it's in a language she doesn't recognize. Quinn pays a visit to Veil’s shop and M.K. hides, Quinn wants Veil to save him from his deadly illness because of her success with Ryder “Sunny does not love this plan.”

 Episode 4 "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons."

Sunny continues to train M.K and has to figure out how to get M.K. to control his power, so he takes him away from The Fort, and he knocked out Sunny with a single punch after the got cut. Jade prepares for her wedding, and taking Lydia's “Quinn's first wife and Ryder’s mother” recommendation, to end her relationship with Ryder, who felt broken and betrayed after so he went and made an outside deal to kill, Quinn. Meanwhile, Sunny finds out Veil has been helping M.K. translate the Azra book and treating Quinn for his tumor. Later, Baron Jacobee accepts Quinn request for a parlay to help him defeat The Widow after she beheads one of his Clippers. They meet in the City of the Dead at Cross Bend where The Widow using her inside information to attack causing a fight between the barons. M.K. spied a disguised Tilda and went after her Tilda cuts him, unleashing his darkness that thanks to their bond he was able to stop and Sunny witness the incident. Ryder is enlisted by Zephyr, who secretly works for The Widow to join their cause to start a war. With all the craziness going down Sunny ask Waldo for his help to get out of the badlands, and he gave Sunny a toy soldier that give him an audience with the River King “importer of goods and cogs.” Sunny ask him for passage out of the Badlands for him a company, but he has a price, and that was M.K.’s head on a stick.

 Episode 5 "Snake Creeps Down."

Sunny is concern about M.K after witnessing him stopping himself after the darkness took over and he had a bad dream and woke up. Sunny puts the broken compass in the Arza book's cutout, and it gave him a direction. After the attack on the poppy fields, Quinn returns to find it abandoned, and when the address his men and suffers a migraine and puts Jade in charge to train Clippers how to harvest. To look for "the boy at the Fort," The Widow takes in Quinn's cogs to check them, promising them freedom in return for loyalty. Ryder, who is out for vengeance, pays Waldo a visit about the pendant that everyone seems so interested in and he tells Ryder to take M.K.'s pendant to his grandfather Penrith “ a preacher, who told him Arza is just a made-up story.” Veil asks Quinn if he killed her parents and he told her that Sunny's blade has what ended their lives, not his. When Sunny brings Petri and his Colt, Bale, to track The Widow and her Butterflies. Tilda was sent by The Widow to check the traps and saw M.K. and warned him that every time he gets cut, his life force gets weaker, and gets captured. A fight ensues between The Widow, who was there to rescue Tilda and Sunny, while Bale, who was desperate to make his first kill, fights Tilda, but meets a deadly end when M.K. cuts himself to save her.

Episode 6   "Hand of Five Poisons."

The season finale left us in a wondering state of mind. Sunny tries to comply with the River King by giving Bale's head as M.K 's head in order to secure a passage out of the badlands. Quinn exiles Lydia after she was frame by Jade, who made it look like Lydia poisoned him. Sunny failed to finish off The Widow making Quinn suspicious and put Sunny in a prison. Veil gets kidnapped by Tilda, to help treat The Widow's wounds. Veil reluctantly treated her, and as she leaves, she tells Tilda that The Widow does not truly love her. Veil offer Tilda a way out by telling her that she left two bottles of poison in addition to the tincture, and that it is Tilda's choice whether she kills The Widow or not. Tilda confronts The Widow who insists she's trying to save M.K. and explains she was once special like him. M.K agrees to join Quinn’s ranks in return for sparing Tilda and Sunny life. Waldo frees Sunny and confesses that he was the true traitor, and suggest that Sunny leaves the Badlands while he have a chance. Sunny is willing to leave the Badlands but not without M.K and goes to look for him. At the Dollhouse, Quinn is ambushed by Jacobee, Zypher, and Ryder. Quinn triggers M.K.'s abilities, and M.K. quickly defeats all of his opponents. Sunny arrives, kills Quinn, and attempts to subdue M.K. At that moment, the three monks arrive and easily defeat M.K. and Sunny, revealing they have the same abilities as M.K. M.K. is taken by the Monks and Sunny is captured by the River King, who knows Sunny tried to cheat him, and intends to sell him to the highest bidder.

Here are some of my favorite scenes this season.