The Heroes Join forces The Flash "Legends of Today" Recap Part 1

The Heroes Join forces
The Flash "Legends of Today" Recap
The episode started with Barry run on a treadmill trying to increase his speed, but as Harrison and Caitlin look on, Harrison told her that he was not doing well “let’s see him try running one time is speed.”  Barry came in the rooms into the room observation room and asked if he was getting any faster and Harrison told him to know, and he ask them to fix “like it is that easy.” Barry explained the speed he was going he it felt like he was standing practically still next to Zoom; Harrison tells him that he was because Zoom is three times faster that he is currently. Caitlin asks Harrison why Zoom was faster, and he explain that it could be any number of reasons physiology, strength, attitudes diet, and more “Zoom scared me.” Barry told them to figure it out and left to see Patty. Meanwhile, a ship just captured and brought in the immortal villain Vandal Savage, who end up killing them all after her thanks them for bringing him closer to his target location “Is the first impression is very memorable.” Barry, Patty, and Joe go over the photo of the crime scene Savage left, and Barry explains in details that there was only one killer base on the blood splatter “sometimes I forget that Barry has a brilliant mind.” As Patty was leaving the room, she told Barry she will call him later, and Joe found it amusing that they were acting cute by not trying to be affectionate with each other around him. Patty however quickly explains that it was not the case she is only trying to be professional “all that I am still team #Iris.” Kendra prepared a surprise dinner for Cisco at CC Jitters “her job” which impressed Cisco, but their date was interrupted by the arrival of the immortal Vandal Savage “the date was going so well.” After Savage had come in the shop, he told Cisco, who immediately send a distress signal to The Flash that he was there for Kendra. Cisco told him that it wasn’t going to happen, and as Savage was about to throw his knife at him The Flash knock him to ground, but he turn around and quick threw the knife at Cisco’s heart. The Flash speeds over and was able to stop it inches away from him, and Cisco in relieves thank The Flash by calling him Barry “that was inevitable.” The team gathers back at Star Labs, and Barry told that the fragment from the knife at the crime scene matched the knife thrown at Cisco. Barry further elaborated that it was ancient and suggested that they take Kendra out of town and seek help from team Arrow “crossover.” Cisco is hesitant about seeking team Arrows help, but Barry explains to him that Savage does seem like a Meta Human but seem more mystical “Barry is so smart.” Cisco ask Barry if wanting to work with team Arrow had anything to do with Zoom, and he told him not that he is only trying to protect Kendra. Cisco also asks him why he thinks that team Arrow has the time, and he sarcastically answered what they could be busy doing “that was funny.” Meanwhile back in Star City Arrow, Speedy and Diggle tries to stop Darkh from stealing a chemical bomb. Darkh told them that they brought arrows to a gun fight, but Arrow uses a magnetic arrow to seize the ghost guns away. Darkh stopped what he was doing and gave the ghost order to kill team Arrow “Darkh is so bossy.” As team Arrow fought the ghosts and defeated them, Darkh came up behind Arrow to suck his life out, but The Flash snatched him away leaving Darkh in amazement “that was too close for comfort.” After The Flash secured the Arrow Diggle puke and told The Flash that he will never get use his speed “this was indeed funny.” Thea meets The Flash for the first time, and was star struck because she had no idea that they knew who he was, but held it together “this was so cool.” The Arrow thanked him and told him that he doesn’t think he came there to save then, and The Flash told them about protecting a friend. Barry liked team Arrow new digs and made a comment about is no sleeves gear and Oliver told him that he spend five years on an island near the North China Sea, so he doesn’t get cold “he got cold after he went off that cliff in S4.” Felicity gave Barry a hurry then slap about not tell her that Zoom broke his back and then hugged him again. Barry looked over at Oliver and asked if that’s what it is like dating her and he told him that he got more bruises from her that death strokes “I was laughing my head off.” Kendra thought that team Arrow Diggs was cool, but Cisco quickly interrupted tell them he was mourning the death of engineering and how to hurt he was that they mess up the wiring “Cisco sure have a way with words.” Kendra tries to break the ice by say hi, and Felicity introduces herself and Cisco told them that she was his beautiful friend that he kisses occasional “Cisco always crack me up.” After they all stared at him hopelessly Thea herself and the rest of the team “I am writing this and cracking up.” Barry speeds draw the face of Savage and show it to the teams; Felicity jokes that he was hot and that she would run it through facial recognition software “I saw Oliver smirk when she said that.” Felicity found a photo of him from 1975 and they quickly realized that he was not aging. Oliver tries to get some information from Kendra, but she seem to have no idea of what is going on and Oliver got a little irritated and was calm down by Felicity, who suggested that they when home. At Olicity’s house, Cisco begs Thea to let him change her name to something cooler that speedy by seeing refused the offer “he ask her if she knew his body of work SMH.” Thea told him that if he gets a haircut she will consider and Cisco told her that she was jealous because his hair conditioner game was on point “only Cisco.”  Barry and Felicity discuss her new job at Palmer tech, and his strange new double world, his new relationship with Patty. Barry apologizes to Oliver for bringing his drama there, and Oliver told him that it was Ok, and it shows his maturity that he would know because his not “self-burn ouch.” Barry commended Oliver on the changes in his team and his life, and he explained that he was happy now that he have everything that he ever wanted “Oh that so sweet.” Cisco pulls Barry to the side and tells him about the Vibe he got the first time he kissed Kendra and told Barry that he didn’t tell him because he did think it was related, but now he does. Savage burst through the window of the apartment to take Kendra and tell the teams that he was going to kill them all. Barry speeds over to get Oliver’s arrow, and they battled and got a few arrows in and Thea finest him by shooting him the throat and he fell off the balcony “I am with Thea on this one.” Oliver snap at Thea at first but when he a Barry when to look he was not splashed on the ground as they thought he would be “its magic.” Oliver told the team that Lance would call then if he finds something on Savage and Barry told them he knows where they can get some information “Vibe.” Cisco tells Kendra that he has power and the first time he kissed her he saw her like a bird of some sort “Hawkgirl.” Malcolm Merlyn “Ra's Al Ghul” dramatically appear telling them that there is a lot that they didn’t see coming “what hell sis they come from.” Malcolm told the team that who they were looking for is the immortal Vandal Savage and that they were nothing they could do to stop him, Barry, however, told Kendra not to listen to him “it never a pleasure to see Malcolm Merlyn.” Kendra feeling overwhelmed decides to get some air to processes everything and Cisco went with her to encourage her, but before he could end the conversation Carter Hall “Hawkman” scooped her up. Cisco yell for her and immediately contacted the team, and they went out looking for her, but Hawkman took her to a roof to tell her that he was there to protect her. As Hawkman was talking Kendra started to have small flashes of them kissing, but he flew away to fight The Arrow “great fight scene always nice to see the Arrow challenged.” The Flash arrived just in time to be taken up in the air and let go, but the Arrow shot an arrow into the wall provide a rope for The Flash to hold on to get back to the ground. They worked together to expose Hawkman’s wings and was able to knock him out with an electric fist from the Flash “that was the end of that fight.”  They have Hawkman chained to a wall, and he explain that he was the only one that can protect Kendra because they have being lovers for 4000 years “Cisco this is not good news for you buddy.” Carter explains to them that Savage hunts them down in every like and kills them, and he has done so 206 times, explaining that his life force is tethered to theirs and every time he kills then he gets more powerful “206*powerful= very scary.” An emotional Cisco does like his chances with her considering his 206-0 record and Barry suggested that they find him and get rid of him “if it was only that easy.” Carter explains to them that they can’t kill him, and Malcolm joined them and agreed to tell that that it may be harder that they think “Barry wants to know if Malcolm only knows how to sneak into a room.” Malcolm told them that his source advises him that Savage has left the city trying to locate the Staff of Horus “what’s that you ask.” It is an ancient and powerful weapon that if Savage gets his evil hands on it’s going to be harder for them to stop him “this just get better by the scene.” Oliver asks Felicity to do some research to find the Staff as Carter tells them that they are running out of time, and Kendra needs to merge “merging sounds fun.” The team freed Carter, and they went up to the roof where he told Kendra that he need to just off the building to activate her wings “that doesn’t sound safe to me.”  Kendra and the team hesitated at first, but eventually she stood, and the ledge and Carter pushed her and Barry speeds and catch her and bring her back to the roof “that was a close call.” Barry and Cisco panics after her wings didn’t emerge and refused to let her try again, but Oliver pulls Barry aside and suggests that based on current events he should make her jump. Barry was active terrified, and Oliver asked him what was wrong. Barry explains that the rules keep changing, and he never thought that he would have superpowers and feel more powerless in his entire life. Oliver told him that he understands, but he have already helped Kendra by keeping her alive, and now they need to help her get her wing, and she could give him a ride back to Central City “bad joke.”  As soon as Oliver said Central City it gave him an Idea, and he asked Felicity to check Central City because Kendra had said that she was drawn there “quick thinking.” Oliver explains that he think that Kendra is drawn to things that can destroy her just and she is drawn to Carter “Carter that an insult.” Oliver and Barry head to Central City and left the order for Felicity to call in team Arrow to keep watch just in case Savage show up there. Before Barry left, he told Kendra that he lost his power, and he had to forget everything he around him and focus on who he was and she should do the same “great advice, Barry.” He told her to believe in herself, and her true self will emerge. Felicity is concerned and Barry told her that they will be fine and tells Oliver to kiss her and as they head out “#Olicity moment,” they kissed, and she told them to be careful. Kendra and Cisco are on the roof, and she told him that she was thinking of all the moment in her life that she felt different, and now she knows why.  Cisco explains that he knows what she was going through and that he could help, and she told him that she doesn’t think he knows. Kendra explains that there is a whole other life inside her, hundreds of life in her that she need to know about, and she needs to do by herself. Kendra told him that she has to embrace her destiny and believe and climb to the ledge and jump. As her wings came in The Flash and Arrow was fighting Savage and when he strike his powered seemed to diminish at the same time, and he paused. Savage, however, couldn’t resist and blast up the church and The Flash grab Oliver and was able to escape the explosion. Oliver calls Diggle and tells them to meet them in the Central City Felicity use Palmer jet to get there. Finally, the episode ended with Oliver and Barry at CC Jitter were he bounce into a little kid and felt some connection and when he look over he saw his ex who was supposed to be pregnant with his baby and him that she has a miscarriage. Oliver look in amazement as he saw them together “Is Oliver, a dad.” Back in Star Lab Harrison and Caitlin works on  a drug they think will make The Flash temperately runs faster called Jay in to test it but he refuses, and Harrison left telling Catlin that he is going to do whatever it takes “that sounds like trouble.” Patty found some about the knife fragments and called Joe to update him couldn’t reach him and left a voice message. As Patty was about to enter her car, she saw Harrison and flowed him back to Star Labs were she stop him not knowing what was going on “secret cause things to happen.” Caitlin heard the shot and came out and yell at Patty, who is now panicked and ready to call an ambulance and Caitlin told her not to. Caitlin asks her if Joe didn’t tell her and before she could answer Caitlin told her to call Joe. Joe came in and told Patty to leave, and Caitlin told Joe that he need to contact Jay, who later arrived and took the serum and was able to remove the bullet before it killed Harrison. A few hours later what he serum was out of his system he told them that is they were smart they would keep it away from Barry “I think that Barry’s decision.” This episode was excellent I would rate it 9.8 out of 10.