#Supergirl S1 Mid-season Recap “What You Missed so Far This Season.”

Kara Zor-El, Kara Danvers, Supergirl she has many names, and she has flown her way on to Monday nights on CBS. The series started out with the introduction of the main characters, Kara Danvers, who has lived a normal life for twelve years after being saved by her cousin Kal-El or Superman.  She works as an assistant at Cat Grant's media company or CatCo Worldwide Media for owner Cat Grant. Alex Danvers, Kara’s human adaptive sister that work for the same organization that her father Jeremiah Danvers worked for called the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO). The DEO capture Supergirl because they felt threaten by her but later recruited her as a part of their team. Winslow "Winn" Schott Kara’s closest friend and coworker and stylist who has an enormous crush on her, but she only have eyes for James Olsen “no objections I am rooting for team Jamara.” James Olsen is a former Daily Planet photographer who moved to National City to become the new art director for CatCo Worldwide Media and best friend of Superman “Kara’s cousin.” Cat Grant she is Kara’s, Winn and James boss and also the person who name Kara Supergirl after her first heroic act of saving the plane Alex was on from crashing after it was sabotage. Hank Henshaw, J'onn J'onzz an alien that took the place of the human Hank Henshaw and the head of the DEO and Alex boss. Other characters worth mentioning Astra In-Ze Kara's biological aunt and her mother Alura's twin sister. Astra recruited prisoners from Fort Rozz to help with her plan to rule Earth and targets Kara for revenge against Alura, who was the judge who sentenced her to imprisonment at Fort Rozz. Maxwell Lord Supergirl own Lex Luthor and a tech mogul who is fascinated by Supergirl. Lord assumes that Supergirl has a secret identity and is determined to learn who she is at any cost and became her enemy in the process. Finally Lucy Lane the younger sister of Lois Lane and James' ex-fiancée who came to National City to rekindle their relationship, she and James later moved in together “I am not happy about that.” 

Villains that we met so far this season Vartox, Hellgrammite, Aunt Astra and her husband Non, Reactron, Livewire, Red Tornado and Jemm.

Notable memories:
After being shot with kryptonite Astra and her team created a kryptonite-shielding devices to protect them from the substance.

Alex got abducted by which made Supergirl very mad because she think she could have prevented it. 

After her fight with Red Tornado Kara was left powerless and had to use just human bravery to save the day.

Cat reveals to Kara that she has a son that she has not seen in 24 years and that she knows that she was Supergirl.

Hank explains to Alex what happened to her father, after revealing himself to be a benevolent alien refugee, J'onn J'onzz and the last of his kind. 

Alex had dinner with Lord, and he seem to be attracted to her, but we know that will not work because he is after Supergirl and we know how close they are.

Lucy is jealous of Supergirl and James relationship, and she reflects it each time she has an encounter with her. 

Superman save Supergirl after she got injured while fighting Reactron, he was called by James who used his Superman alert watch. 

Supergirl can push out a car's  engine and stop them with her hands.

Kara suspects that Winn has feelings for her, and is doing her best to ignore it while James hide his feeling for Kara. I think that it’s because of his relationship/friendship with Superman, but I don’t know how long he can hide them "then again he has Lucy to occupy his time." 

Kara has conflicted feeling when Astra explains why Alura sentenced her, but Kara refuses to believe her story until she discovers the truth that her mother was trying to keep her from finding out.