The Heroes Join forces Arrow "Legends of Yesterday" Recap Part 2

The Heroes Join forces
Arrow "Legends of Yesterday" Recap
The episode starts in with Kendra’s first memory of ancient Egypt with the original Kendra “Priestess Shiera” and Carter “Prince Khufu” conversing over a feast prepared for the king. Shiera seems displeased in the present to the king, but they later meet up they kissed as if nothing happen while Savage looked on angrily and jealously “that was cool and different.” The team head to a farm house and Caitlin ask why, and Oliver told her that they need a secure location, and they bickered about their base of operation. Oliver told them that Savage only made him and Barry live because he felt Kendra emerge as Hawkgirl and went after her. Oliver told the team that Savage can sense Kendra and Carter’s present, and they don’t need to make it easier for him by staying in City limits. Diggle joke asking telling Laurel that he bets she wish she stayed at her mom house, and she told him no “ok course not and miss all the action.” Oliver is ready as Barry and Cisco walk in as they were discussing finding a way to take away Savage’s new power “the staff of Horus.” While Oliver puts everyone to work, he headed out but was stopped by Felicity who notices his strange behave and he told her that it was something he needs to look into before he says anything. Kendra is ready to have the talk with Cisco, and it scares him so he told her to let the talk after they talk down Savage. Carter interrupted with a metal box and told Cisco it was private, so he walked away, and Cartel told Kendra to open it and explain it content “her suite that they have over their 206 lives.” Kendra told Carter that she doesn’t think she is ready for this, and he told her that she says the same thing in every life, and explain that as she emerges everything would come back to her “skills, languages, and pieces of her prior lives.” Carter speaks to her in another language, and she was able to understand, and it scares, and he told her that he will help her through it, and she told him that the last time he tried to help her he threw her off a building. Carter explains that it work because anger, fear and adrenalin is what bring out the warrior in her, he explains that priestess is a warrior priest “I think that what he said." Oliver goes to see his ex-girlfriend Samantha and the boy “William.” Samantha tells Oliver that William was not his son, and made up a lie that she met his father two months after she had a miscarriage “that’s lie is so weak.” Oliver pretended to believe and luckily as she was walking away William’s cap fell, and Oliver was able to pull a strand of hair which he later gave Barry to test. As Oliver heads back to his car he received a call from Malcolm telling him that he “Malcolm” have mad arrange a meeting between Savage, The Flash and Arrow for the to negotiate. Malcolm explains to Oliver that it was the only way out of the situation and Savage will decimate the City to get what he wants, and if his child were there, he would understand “if Malcolm only knew.” The Flash arrives at the meeting at the warehouse with Malcolm and The Arrow and immediately ask The Arrow to tell him that they are not negotiating with a terrorist of 4000 years old bad guys “The Flash can be so funny sometimes.” The Arrow explain that they just need use this as a fact-finding mission, in hopes that Savage will slip up and give them something they can use against him. Malcolm laughed at the idea telling The Arrow that Thea told him that he was a little humorous lately “he being normal, not humorous.” The Flash as Malcolm how he knew so much about Savage and he told him that he knows nothing which afraid of Savage “Malcolm admitting he's afraid that’s new.” Savage interrupted telling them that not the only reason they should be afraid of him assuring them “Savage sure knows how to make an entrance.”  Savage welcome them to the meeting, and The Arrow asked him what he wanted and he told them, what all living thing want “not to die.” The Flash told him that he never thought that dying was a problem for him, and he explain that only happen when he take the life of Priestess Shiera “Kendra” and Prince Khufu “Carter.” Savage told them that then three of them have being lock in a vicious cycle played out over thousands of years and it none of their concern. The Arrow told him that they have made their concern and fired an arrow that connect to his chest, and he removed like it was nothing “that’s not scary at all.” Savage told The Arrow that he taught Robin of Loxley how to use a bow, and he taught him how not to feel pain and that he was the enemy that they can’t defeat “we’ll see about that.” Savage goes on to tell them that the only way of this is to give him what’s his, giving them 24 hours to turn over Priestess Shiera “Kendra” and Prince Khufu “Carter.” Savage told them if they didn’t he would lay waste to the Cities killing everyone they know and love “vicious creature isn’t he.” The Flash teasingly asked him if he rehearsed in the mirror before he came to see them, Savage giggle and ask them why they would risk their life and their family’s life over two strangers “because that’s what heroes do.” Savage tell them that he have killed Kendra and Carter 206 times and ask them what hubris make then think they can stop him, but The Flash told him that not hubris but hope “The flash is on fire tonight.”  Savage told the he came to the meeting out of curiosity and order them to bring Kendra and Carter to Jergin’s industrial in 24 hours or he will see that their bodies are dead and buried under their love one’s body. AS he walked away, The Arrow told Malcolm and The Flash that they were not giving up Kendra and Carter and Malcolm to him that it was not his decision to make “why is Malcolm even there.” The Arrow told Malcolm that it was a cycle that played out for the last 4000 years, and The Flash added that Savage may be immortal, but he’s not a god “that right Flash.” However Malcolm thinks that he may be the next best thing to a god and warns Oliver that if his stubbornness gets Thea Killed, he will come to him in a way that he would beg for the likes of Savage “Malcolm playing dad.”  Oliver arrive back the farmhouse and tell the team what Savage said, and Carter told them that he have killed 2 million people to get to them in 1887, but Kendra doesn't believe that his life is worth the life of thousand. Carter when after Kendra while Cisco goes to continue to work on the device that will help them take the staff and runs into Barry, who told him that he ghosted. Cisco begs him, Barry, not to say it, but he did tell Cisco that he think he’s going to time travel. Cisco told him that he first rule of timing travel is that they don’t talk about time travel because by having the conversation they are screwing history, and Barry told him that he knows the consequences and the last time he Vibe. Cisco and Barry bout confused and stress out the situation and try to figure it out but couldn’t make sense of it with everything happening “they totally confuses each other.” Carter caught up to Kendra, who asks him if they ever killed themselves in past life to deny Savage the opportunity to do so and Carter told her that he now knows why he was always the one making the decisions.  Kendra expresses her concern about the team’s wiliness to risk their life to protect them, and he told her that he does think it is insane but noble and that what makes them heroes. Kendra told Carter that she will not let anyone die because of her and Carter tell her she does have, and that she need to become that warrior that he knows her to be “ I can see the chemistry.” Carter tries to get Kendra to fight, but she refused and Cater sarcastically told her that he will tell Savage to come back when she ready to fight, Kendra attempted to fight him but was unsuccessful until she got angry and her wing came out “that was so cool.” Felicity came out and interrupted they loved battle and told them that Laurel, Thea, and Diggle was back with some information that they found “why is Felicity closing her eyes.” Diggle asks for Oliver and Barry; Felicity told him that Oliver is back in secret keeping mode and Barry she doesn’t know, and Cisco and Caitlin were in the shed working on the anti-staff glove lett and ask them what they have “she sounded frustrated.” Laurel handed he a VCR tape “I have not seen one of those in a while.” Laurel and told her that the video came from a conspiracy theory group that was interested in Savage and Diggle added that Pentagon had followed Savage back in 1986. Felicity got the tape play, and it was a message from a professor in1975 telling them that Savage will be the death of the world, but there was a way to kill base on his research that found that any object associated with this calamity should be able to undo it effects and kill Savage. Kendra suggested that the object that the professor was referring was the staff of Horus and told them it was a hunch she thinks the staff belongs to him “that was a horrible lie.”  The result is back for the hair sample Oliver gave to Barry giving him the impression that it has something to do with Damon Darkh “Oliver Queen you are the father.” As Oliver leave, he told Barry to get rid of the result, but Felicity walked in and saw Barry hiding the paper and demanded he shows it to her, and he did “oh boy it’s a boy.” Oliver goes to Samantha’s house and tells her that he knows that he is William father and ask her why she kept him away from him “Oliver looked so hurt.” Samantha told him that Moira had paid her to tell him that the baby had died and to leave City and never return. Oliver was in disbelieve that his mother would do such a thing, so she showed him the uncashed check “wow even in the grave Moira is causing trouble.” Samantha told Oliver she did need Moira to give her a check for her to know that she didn’t want her around her son and told Oliver that he was a bad role model back then “who to say that having a kid wouldn’t change him she has no right.” Oliver explains that he have changed, and she told him that she know about his accomplishment and the death of Moira and Tommy “she kept track,” and asked him if he feels his life is less crazy “it not to be honest.” Samantha asks Oliver if he does think it was best that his life is kept away from William’s, Oliver explains that he knows that he might be selfish, but he believe that he should have an opportunity to know his son and young boy needs knows his father. Samantha told him that William was happy and well adjust and she doesn’t want him to get suck into Oliver orbit, which means that William can’t know that he is his father, and he can’t tell anyone about William. Oliver told Samantha that he was someone special in his life and beg her not to let him keep this secret from her, but she told him he should if he want a relationship with her son “I think she meant their son.”  She told Oliver that those were her conditions, telling him that he already ask the world of her and that was the least he could do in return. Oliver arrives back to the house and his greeted by Felicity, who told him that everyone was waiting for him and he told her he was sorry, but he had to take care of something. Felicity ask him if he was off the secret keeping wagon and he told her that it wasn’t that, and she ask him it tell what it was and he lied “why would you lie.” Oliver told her that he think Darkh was working with someone in Central City, so he asks Barry to run down a lead, and she pulled out the DNA result and asked if that was his lead “Olicity first big fight is hard to watch.” Felicity told him that Barry didn’t know what he was giving her, but she has run enough test on his blood to recognize his DNA sequence anywhere and asked if he run a paternity test. Oliver was in astonished by her have it and try to explain, but she told him that she could see her another lie, and he tells her that it is more complicated that she think. Felicity argues that he was the only person on earth who considers the truth is complicated and made it clear that she was not mad that he have a child but that he chooses to lie to her about it. Oliver was calm and sadly told her that hos whole world just exploded, and he thinks that he is entitled to a minute to process that by himself “this was so hard to watch.” As sincere as he was Felicity did not accept it telling him that somehow he found his way to CCPD and track down Barry, telling him that he didn’t keep to himself or tell her and ask him when he was planning on telling her “this is making me sad.” Oliver with tears in his eyes told her that he didn’t know, and Felicity told him that if he Loved and trusted her telling wouldn’t be such a burden but a relief and told Oliver that he doesn’t trust her. Felicity asks him how can she be with someone that doesn’t trust her and walk away, and Barry, who stood watching her walk away ask Oliver if they were Ok and he said yes  “no he’s not, I wasn’t ok.” Oliver told him he was fine, and Barry told him he seem out of it, but he ignore Barry and ask if everyone was inside and he told him yes.  Oliver when inside and reminded everyone that Savages timeline was upon them, and ask about the glovelett, and tell them Kendra will be their ace in whole because Savage does know that she have accessed her full abilities. He suggested that she attack with the element of surprise while he fires and Barry speed and take away the staff, Diggle ask where he want them and Oliver told him that it would be just him Barry, Kendra and Cater going on the mission “he is not thinking clearly.” Thea attempt to tell him something but he stopped her and told her that they weren’t risking any more life than they need to “Let the battle begins.”  Barry told Kendra and Carter to suit up, and they met Savage at the site, Savage was impressed that they came in there suits. The Arrow told him that they were only handing Hawkman and Hawkgirl over because two life is not worth two cities. Savage told them that they were smarter that he gave them credit far, Savage address Hawkman and Hawkgirl teasing them about their outfits “he called them ridiculous.” Savage told The Arrow and Flash that they did need to be there for the action because the calling has a tendency to be unsightly “whatever that means.”  Savage told them that their new friends betrayed them, and Hawkman told him just to do what he is going to do “he is hot and brave.” Savage addresses Hawkgirl as his love, and she told him that she would never be his love, and he told her that he knows which always make killing her so much easier. As he walks towards her with his knife The Arrow attacked him, and they started fighting and The Flash went after the staff and was struck to the grown with its magic by Savage. Hawkman opens his wing and to Hawkgirl to do the same but when she tried hers didn’t open. The Arrow and Flash are down and as Hawkman  was about to attack Savage throw two knives in his chest killing him, leave Hawkgirl to attack and ran into savage’s knife and dying “ that was a quick battle.” Savage, such the soul of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and The Arrow, shot at him, and it bounce of Savage's skin and The Flash, grabbed the Staff and pointed it at Savage, but the glovelett didn’t work, and the magic was too much for them to handle. The Arrow told the Flash that he needed to run as the staff’s magic sucks the life out of them, The Arrow told him that he was fast enough to escape and knock him away. Savage grab the staff from The Arrow  “who was checking to see that The Flash was okay “and knock it to the ground, and The Flash watches as The Arrow is decimated and started to run. As everything and everyone behind him got destroyed The Flash speeds and time traveled back into the day they first met Savage at the meeting Malcolm set up “that was immensely crazy to watch.”  As he got to meeting again, The Arrow thanked him for coming as The Flash stands in astonishment “writing that I was out of breath.” The exact same thing happens as the first meeting, but when The Arrow Turn and Look at the Flush he looks confused and he asks him if he was ok. When they got back to the house, Oliver told him that they need to brief the team and come up with a plan of attack and Barry told him that it wasn’t going to work “he knows for sure." Barry was hesitant to tell Oliver that he time travel but told him that it would make sense and try to explain. Oliver told Barry that he was right that it didn’t make sense, but they can use it to their advantage and come up with a new plan, but Barry explains that they can’t because whenever he messes with time thing does go well. Oliver told him that base on what happen thing can’t get any worst and explain in their line of duty they don’t get second chances and that they need to take advantage of it “he is right as always.”  Oliver tells him to start with what went wrong, and Barry told him that it was him because his head was not in the game and he was not himself. Oliver wanted to know why he was not himself and Barry explain that he about the DNA test and his fight with Felicity that made the seemed over and told him that he was someone’s father “Maury has nothing on Barry.” Barry tells Oliver that the tech don’t work, and Kendra couldn’t get her wings to open and that everyone dies, but Oliver told him not this time because they were going to do thing differently.  The next mooring Oliver checked on Cisco’s progress on the glove and suggested that he double and triple check it because he is worried that they were not going to work base on a gut feeling “gut feeling right.” Oliver ask Cisco to speak with Kendra and Cisco mockingly told Oliver that he shoot arrows and give love time so he must be Cupid or some “she already exist.” Oliver explained to Cisco that whatever Carter is doing is not working, and they need her at reliable and full strength. Cisco told him that Carter is a jerk and destiny says that they should be together that he his Kendra’s soul mate so he doesn’t think that there is anything that he can say to her. Oliver told him that he need to do something to reach, and Cisco explains that Egyptian reincarnation is not in his wheelhouse. Oliver explains that what Kendra was going through is about accepting who she is, and he was the best personal to help her because he was clearly in love with her. Cisco joked that he didn’t think they were at the L bomb stage yet, and he got the Oliver stare so he told him that he would talk to her “that was funny.” Cisco interrupts Kendra and Carter conversation telling he-man “Carter” that he needed to talk to Kendra, and he walk away touching Cisco on the shoulder. Cisco told Kendra that they need to talk , and she ask him if he didn’t say that he wanted to talk about this after and Cisco explain that this was not personal talk but how to get her wing to open talk. Kendra told Cisco that Carter told her that rage is the key to rediscovering herself, and Cisco told her that he was not surprised, but he think Carter has it twisted. Cisco continues by telling her that instead of focusing on the warrior, she should focus on the priestess, the nurturer and the good hearted person that’s inside her. Kendra asks him how he knew she was good 4000 years ago and he told her that he knows her and being good does change, he tells her that she is resisting Cater because she was afraid to remember who she was and that is someone else who loves him. Kendra told Cisco that ever since she emerged she have being remembered her first life in Egypt, and she have being telling Carter that she doesn’t remember because she doesn't want to accept that she is a reincarnated warrior priestess. Cisco listen and was baffled and told her it was a lot but it was also amazing, he tells her that he's being through this and explained that what she was going through was a gift and a miracle that most people don’t get to experience. Kendra told him that it feels like a nightmare and Cisco told her how she felt was a choice and that she could choose the other things that reminded her who she is and who she was and told her to close her eyes and let herself remember “Cisco is a good therapist.” Cisco told her to close and her and let herself remember, Kendra started to remember life as Priestess Shiera waking up next to Prince Khufu in bed as he asks her to stay a little longer. Priestess Shiera expresses to him that he had the stuff to do and as she was leaving Savage walks into her bed chamber and tells Prince Khufu that he was surprised to see him there. Savage tells Prince Khufu that he know that the clergy is forbidden lay with royalty, and Prince Khufu told him to get out. Savage dismiss his connotation and tell them the penalty for such a transgression is death, and Prince Khufu walks toward him  “all sexy” and tells him again to get out, but Savage refused to leave, and Prince Khufu punches at him, and he knock him to the ground with his staff. As Priestess Shiera was about to run to Prince Khufu side, Savage blocks her and starts to tell Prince Khufu that he was not afraid of his father and mutters about the sky rocks coming to destroy the royal place. Savage reached over to Priestess Shiera and gentle touches her face and told him that he shall know Shiera he has known her and Khufu attacked Savage and was tossed to the floor, and Shiera grabs a knife and stabs him in the back to get him off, Khufu. Savage pulled the knife from him and stabbed Khufu in the stomach and Shiera run to his side, and Savage stabs her in the back, and they both lay next to each other on the ground. Savage chants “his hate will be everlasting his emergy will never die and will follow them from one life to the next continually” to the falling sky rocks. Shiera whispers to Horus they needed his protection and to drown them in his wing and Khufu used his last breath to tell her that he would wait for eternity, and she should come back to him. Shiera looks over at the staff of Horus as the eagle eyes turn blue and the knife blade glows she slowly closes her eyes as their royal place crumbles “epic scene.” Kendra opened her eye in amazement and told Cisco that she think she knows how to defeat Savage; Cisco and Kendra go back into the house, and Cisco told Oliver that he was right about the glovette not working. Kendra explains to them that she know because she got her memory back from the first time that they were killed back in Egypt, and Carter told her that he was have never being able to remember their first death. Kendra told them on the sky rock/ meteor, and it destroyed the royal place, and Felicity explains that during the middle kingdom Egypt experience a high level of meteoritic activity. They couldn’t figure out how that helped, and Kendra explained that it must have been what the professor message was about, she told the meteors had a glow about them, and Savage staff has two gemstones with the same glow. Barry added that the gemstones may be made up of the same meteorite that, and Felicity agreed and said saying the Egyptian would use meteorite in their craftsmanship. Caitlin continues to explain how the meteorite glow when in proximity to each other. Cisco made an Indiana Jones reference that was the only thing Thea understood, and they explain that two pieces of the same meteorite like an nth metal that was the key to counteracting the staff. Oliver told them it wasn’t the craziest thing he had heard for the day while staring at Barry. Felicity told them where to find them were to find it and before she could finish her sentence Barry got it and returned with the meteor “I want that speed they need to manufacture it and sell it in a bottle.” Cisco took the Stone said his piece and repeated the original plan except him telling this team suiting up “a team that fights together wins together.” The Flash came in and told The Arrow that everyone was in position, and they discuss their fare for the unknown. The Arrow ask The Flash what could happen there that is worse than what already did, and The Flash replied if he knew he wouldn’t be so worried “we all were worried.”  The battle began the same way and as Savage approach Hawkgirl telling her that pardon is such sweet sorrows The Arrow shots of Hawkman cuff, and he attacked Savage but was tossed to the ground. The Arrow yells out to Hawkgirl who emerges and fly toward Savage knocking him to the floor and the rest of the teams comes in, and they battled. The Flash took Savage’s staff and pointed it at him, and The Arrow joins him and they held it on him until the light turn him to dust and the staff disappeared “we won yes we won.” The team took the victory but still have a strange feeling about it “I am with the Black Canary and The Arrow on this one.” Kendra, Cisco, Carter, Oliver, and Barry gather to give Kendra and Carter a proper send-off. Oliver asks them what they were going to do, and Kendra told him that Carter told her in their past lives they help people and after what they just did for them they are going to give it a try “Legend of Tomorrow anyone.” Carter told Kendra that in their prior incarnation they use to live in St. Roch and she liked it there, Kendra asks for a minute with Cisco. Kendra tries to apologize to Cisco, but he stops her telling that it a classic story boy meet a girl, boy gets the girl, girl gets wings and flies way with her reincarnated soulmate and Cisco told her that she does even seem to like him. Kendra explains it was a complicated relationship like most 4000 years old relationship are. She told him that a week ago she was a barista and didn’t have a plan for what she was going to do with her life, and now she wants to find out “Cisco will get the girl one of these days.” Cisco told her that he made her something to remember him by and told her that he made it out of the Nth Metal that Barry got from the Meteorite and implanted a GPS chip inside so she can use if she is ever in trouble and she kissed him goodbye “poor Cisco.”  Barry and Oliver have a heart to heart about whether or not he was going to tell Felicity about his son and Oliver told him that it was none of his business. Barry agrees and explains that when he messes with time it messes back, and they have already changed how things happen with Savage and he is worried about temporal backlash. Oliver asked him if he think time line care what he tells his girlfriend and Barry to ask what he was going to tell her and Oliver told him that he was right about the rules to keep changing and that the lives that they live make them feel powerless. Oliver tells Barry that he can’t help but wonder if William life will be better off if it was kept separate from his “yes but still tell Felicity.” Barry told Oliver base on his experience growing up without getting to know his father he thinks that William is for him to be a part of his life and Oliver thanks him. Barry reaches in to hug Oliver, and he told him that he wasn’t a hugger and Barry to tell him that he could take it, so he best just hug him “that was such a cute moment.”  Oliver goes back to Samantha’s house where the same conversation was the same, except this time he agrees to her condition, and she allowed him to go up to William room as a friend of his mother. Oliver goes upstairs and introduce himself to William where they play with his Flash and Captain Cold Action figures and tell him that he would like come by and visit him from time to time. City Oliver and Felicity arrive back in the loft where she tries to ask what happened in Central City, telling him that they are a team and that she can’t be a good team player is she does know what’s happening “I honest believe that he should tell her secrets always come out.” The episode ended with Merlyn approaches Vandal Savage ashes and scoops some up into a cup, reciting the same phrase Savage said when he first killed Kendra and Carter. This episode was epic I would rate it 10 out of 10.