Reign "The Hound and the Hare" Recap

The episode starts with Mary and Don Carlos walking and discussing his visit to meet her in person. Don Carlos tells her of his time at the English court, and the rumor of the Elizabeth being a man, Mary tries not to entertain the conversation, but it was noticeable to Don Carlos that she was amused “I love that she was smiling.” Don Carlos told Mary that he could feel the French nobles staring, Mary told him that he cannot blame them because they hardly seen her mourn Francis’s death as he was their king “she mourned, and we mourned with her.” Don Carlos told her that from what he have seen so far he knows that she loved Francis, but she her country can’t afford her to mourn right now and she needed a country like Spain in his corner especially now that France has withdrawn their troops. After telling Mary about his boring visit in Austria he suggested that they play a game called the hound and the hare “hound chasing the hare into the wood, and when they are caught, they steal a kiss.” Don Carlos told Mary that the game help to reveal a person willingness, player determination, and sense of adventure and fun, but Mary told him that was not her type of game “she is so sweet.” Mary met with Catherine and commended her on campaigning; Catherine told her that she was not there yet, but she was close and thanks her for her sacrifice and support “I love their new relationship.” Catherine told her that she would always have an ally in France once she becomes Regent, but doesn’t think she is going to need it if she weds Don Carlos. Mary told Catherine that Don Carlos was kind, amusing and trifle eccentric.

Catherine looks at her and saw that she was sad and told her that he was not Francis, but she should not feel guilty because Francis knew that getting a new alliance would be her first task as soon, and he died and reminded her that he insisted on it. Their conversation was interrupted by a messenger who gave her a note from her brother James telling her that Elizabeth has withdrawn her troops, and Catherine rejoice for a moment of peace in Scotland and hope that it lasted. Mary told her that the peace won’t last because there were still troops massed on England’s side of the border, as a deliberate lingering threat after all she have given to gain peace. Catherine encourages Mary to strengthen herself with a marriage with Spain “poor Mary she is not ready to love another.” The Privy Council gathers and Catherine join them to ask on Charles behalf when they were planning to vote on her confirmation as Regent. Narcisse spoke on behalf of the Council and told Catherine that they are still debating, and they would vote when the Council was ready, to which Catherine replies France needed a leader now. Catherine explains that they have soldiers returning from the war in Scotland and they needed to be paid and reported and that the Prince of Spain and his delegations are watching to see if France has lost their direction after the death of King Francis “RIP Francis.” Narcisse told Catherine that there were several motions on the timing of the vote, Catherine sarcastically ask if they can’t even vote on when to take a vote. Catherine smiled and told them that she supported their process in the complex time and reminded them that with her as Regent they were not only getting a woman that stood at the side of the last two great kings but a woman. She told them with a woman there are female frailties that make an excellent scapegoat whenever chance turn events against them. Narcisse agreed to stay that Catherine has ample experience and call for a vote to make a decision on her Regency “he seemed sincere.” The Council vote to have the vote the next day at noon and Catherine thanked them and told them if they had any questions that she would be at their disposal. Catherine meets Narcisse, who followed her out to negotiate the terms for his Council vote because he is very popular with the nobles and they assume that he despise her which makes his vote worth two times everyone else.  Catherine mentions that they both like their last encounter and refer to it as an affair, but Narcisse does like that word “he fought so hard to have Lola, and he is already cheating on her, it such a shame.” Catherine told Narcisse that for his vote she will give him the position of her Lord Chancellor the second highest position in France, but Narcisse question her motive, and she suggested that he was scared of working closely with her “Catherine is a mess.” Christoph join Catherine after overhearing her conversation with Narcisse and ask her if her affair with him is about pleasure, and it was with him or she needed something from him “Christoph means business.” Catherine told him of her plans telling him that to make Narcisse thinks he has the power she needs to make him think he has power over her “I don’t trust Christoph.” Christoph took off her jacket and started to kiss her neck which impress Catherine, and she told him that no one can know of their affair especial now “she need to have a little more self-control especially now.” Mary meet Gideon Blackburn England’s newest ambassador and immediately questions England’s notion of peace in spite of all their thoughtlessness and replacing the ambassador without notifying her “I like feisty Mary.”

Gideon asked his transcriber Jeffery if he had everything Mary said, and she asked what he was doing and he told her that Jeffery was following orders, and so was he. Mary asks him about his orders, and he explain that he won’t botch the job as his predecessor Nicholas did and made her tear up a treaty signed without witnesses and told her that will be no more such oversight. Gideon told Mary that she was beautiful, and he can’t decide between her and Elizabeth “I can choose, Mary all day.” Mary adamantly told him that Elizabeth was keeping her troops on Scotland’s border to threatening an invasion, and she will regret it, and every rival of England would want Scotland as an Ally and they would have made two enemies instead of one, and they could quote her if they wanted. Gideon immediately put it together that she have intentions of marrying Don Carlos and made a plan to blackmail him if he does leave Mary and France at once. Don Carlos received the blackmail letter as he was about to join Mary for tea and told her that he had to go back to Spain to address some important matters, and he won’t be returning. Mary was disappointed and asked if their courtship was over and tell him that she thought that it was going well. He told her that he can sense that she was still not over Francis, and as soon as his stuff arrived from Austria he will be leaving for Spain and told her goodbye “Mary’s heart is not ready to love another.” Bash woke up next to Delphine and looked sad, and she asked him what was wrong, telling him that he seemed so far away lately, and he told her that he was frustrated with not catching the serial killer.

Bash told her that he can’t even find the killer's last victim, and Delphine told him that he can’t blame the murders for the distance between them and proposed that it was Francis. She told him that she felt it in him, and Bash asks her not to use her ability to get in his thoughts because they are his feeling “all I could focus on was Bash’s naked body.” Delphine explain that it was not like that, but Bash told her that he lost his friend, brother and King all at once and he doesn’t need to be told how it feel. One of Bash’s guard report that they found another body near the village missing a heart and him and Delphine went to check on the body and concluded that the body was there for weeks. Delphine starts to tell him that the night they discover the killers barns were he keep the victims heart, and then got one of her sensations and told Bash that she felt hate and his bloodlust. Delphine told Bash that she can’t tell where he is but where he was and will be, she told him the killer had a plan for the night “she’s good.” Back at the French court Mary, Catherine, and their ladies gather to collect Francis’s vital organs to be consecrated, and entombment and Catherine provided a vessel that she want them to keep in as a part of the tradition. Mary thanks the father and is embraced by her ladies Lola and Greer who offer their services to assist in any way they can and Mary told them there was nothing and thanked them for being there with her “I love Lola and Greer they are so loyal.” Narcisse told is wife Lola the good news about being considered to be the next Lord Chancellor raving he had earned the position, but Lola doesn’t like it because he would be by Catherine’s side. Lola reminded him that he had to recommend that they stayed as far away from Catherine, Narcisse told her that Catherine was fine, and she is being handled “whatever that means.”

Lola also reminded him that it’s his betrayal that sent Catherine into exile and then prison and ask him if he can trust her especially when she is Regent “Lola is smart when she’s ready.” Narcisse explains that Catherine would be too worried about France’s problem to be worried about petty vendetta “Catherine always have time for vendetta,” and that he had a fair amount of influence on the Council to help keep her under control “Narcisse is so confident.” Lola expresses to him that she is not only concern with her political motive and reminded him that they were lover “poor Lola.” Narcisse quickly spins the conversation asking Lola if it was him that she doesn’t trust, telling her that he made a vow to her and asked her if she think that he was not able to keep it “Narcisse is such a pig, poor Lola.” Lola answered him telling him that she have seen the way he conducts business and that she have to observe that they treat honor differently “told you she was smart.” Narcisse asks her if she would let him turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity because he is not worthy of if “he is guilt tripping her.” Lola quickly responded that she didn’t imply that and explain that they have a lot, and they are safe, secure and have each other “a man like Narcisse can never have enough.” Don Carlos luggage’s arrived at the castle as Mary and Catherine were walking through, Mary told her about her situation with him and Catherine told her that she was not trying to which Mary replies that she can’t just make men fall in love with her “Elizabeth thinks so.” Mary tells Catherine about the game she refuses to play, and she encourages her to play along to show Don Carlos that she was willing to try and get over Francis, giving him a chance to make her smile and warm her heart “Catherine knows how to use a man to get what she wants.” Mary took Catherine advice and told her that they were something about his luggage and that he wouldn’t leave without them and told the guard to put them in the cellar and to ensure Don Carlos doesn’t know of its arrival until she gives the order “Catherine is rubbing off on Mary.” Bash and Delphine are in the town, and she tells him that the killer as walked through the town. Bash asks her if she could sense the next victim and she told him that it was going to be a female and brought him to a spot across from Greer tavern leaving bash to think that Greer may be his next victim. Bash goes to warn Greer of the danger she and her ladies may be in and suggested that they close up for the night and maybe longer, but Greer ask if closing would help and suggested that he would just find another victim or just come back another night. One of Greer’s lady suggested fight back, but Bash told them that killing was the killer compulsion, his passion and that he was very good at it so fighting back is too dangerous. However Greer does thing running is the answer and suggested that work together and stop him forever, and Delphine agrees telling Bash that he may never get a better chance. Don Carlos is looking for his luggage’s and asks his guy to track it down, Mary approach at the same time telling him that she thought he would be gone, and he told her that he should be, but his luggage’s seem to be impossible to locate. He told Mary that he could leave a valet behind, but he prefers to have these luggage’s at hand, and Mary suggested that they take advantage of the time and play that game he had suggested early. He told her that he shouldn’t delay his depart and questions her change of heart, and she told him that it was important to him, so she was willing to give it a try. Don Carlos explain to Mary that in his version of the game, she would be chasing him “she was the hound, and he was the hare.” Mary didn’t look pleased, and he asked her if the notion upsets her and she told him no and asked why it was so important to him and he told her when she catches him she will find out. Back at Greer’s tavern they prepare to catch the killer; Bash told them the plan, explaining that they should carry on as they would on a normal night, and his guard will be close. Greer added that by staying, they were putting their lives in danger telling them is anyone wish to leave that they should do immediately and told them that they were doing a brave thing; Bash told everyone to get ready. In the woods, the Ladies are getting ready to chase their men to steal a kiss as Don Carlos give them the rules of the game. Catherine is wearing a mink line booth which surprises Mary and she told her that if she was going to run she was going to look good doing it “Catherine never cease to amaze me.” Gideon is surprised to see Don Carlos still there after his attempt to blackmail him and tells Jeffery that the pride to married a queen seem to be worth the exposure. The men and ladies or off and Catherine find herself by the river were Christoph was waiting, and she runs to him telling him that the race was for nobles and asked if anyone saw him and he said no and started to kiss her “he is as brave as a bull.”  

Catherine told him that he test his limits and ask him what he gained from being her lover and asked what he wanted, and he tells her that he wanted her under the trees with half the nobles a step away and no walls between them “he is fiery isn’t he.” The chase continues, and Mary seems to be having fun and spot Don Carlos and attempt to cross the river to get to him and slip twisting her ankle and grab a stick and calls out for help. Meanwhile, Catherine and Christoph is still engage by the tree and Narcisse sees them and hides in the trees and observed then angrily walked away “why is he mad and he’s married.” Mary is trying to find her way back and hear rumbling and when for her knife and Gideon walk up telling her that hound are meant to tag they hares not stab them, and she replied that hares are supposed to run from hound and not stand around foolishly grokking. Gideon picks her up to carry her back to the castle that was displeasing to them both “I think he loved doing it.” Gideon stopped to take a breather and told Mary she was light as a feather and she thanked him for carrying her and tells him that she could walk, and he told her to give him a minute “I see he wasn’t working out while he was imprisoned.” Gideon proceeds to tell Mary that he know that he was the last person she would trust and tells her that though she may think Don Carlos is the solution to her problem, he will only bring her more and Mary told him that she wasn’t taking marital advice from one of her enemies. Gideon told her that Don Carlos harbors a dark secret telling her it was why Anna of Austria expelled him from her court for that reason and Mary questions his concern for her well-being suggesting that Elizabeth wants to stop her from marrying Spain “she would indeed love that.” However Gideon told her that he was just trying to save her life, Mary gave in and ask about the rumors and he told her that it was a sexual object that she frowned upon, telling her that she should be scared. Jeffrey and two other guards arrived, and Gideon instructed them to take the injured Mary back to the castle safety “he sounds genuine.” At Greer tavern, she sits with Leith because she was feeling a little scared and they used the time to catch up on each other’s life since they haven’t talked in a while “I loved them together.” Greer saw a broach that on his cloak and he tried to lie about it but she told him that she recognized it from Claude, and he told her about their relationship. He tried to explain but she told him that he didn’t have to and that since they broke up she have wanted him to find someone special no matter they station, Leith tells her that thing where not simple and she told him that love was complicated. Leith asks her if she was happy and she tells him that she likes running her tavern, her girls and her independent and life is full of surprises and what is made of them is up them “Greer is always so composed.” Narcisse visit Catherine bedroom and she asked him if he was there to accept his offer or to tell her how much he loves his wife, but he told her that has her Lord Chancellor he must advise her against taking such a big risk with the servant boy. Catherine pretended that she didn’t know what he was talking about, and he told her that he saw them in wood at the game. Catherine then uses sexual connotations to taunt him telling him that he was trapped in a marriage with such a dull girl, and he comes across such act of passion, telling him to take her like her servant boy does. He approaches her bed and tell her that he will give her his vote, but she must get rid of her servant boy and Catherine told him to take her not negotiate and the two started kissing “poor Lola.” They continue to wait at the tavern, but the killer didn’t show up, Delphine questions her sensation about the killer striking and Bash agrees and tell Leith to dismiss the others. Everyone leaves and Leith left his cloak and Greer when after him and was attacked and screamed, and Bash was nearby and runs to her rescue leaving Delphine alone. Bash was able to get the man away from Greer and realized that he was not the killer, but a drunken man who was probably trying to rob her and remember that he left Delphine alone and runs to her rescue “Bash Reign’s superhero.”  Delphine was grab by the killed but had one of her sensation, and he ran away, and Bash went in and held her and she attacked him and he hugged her telling her that it was him, and she calmed down “I was confused by the scene.” Meanwhile, Greer is seen checking her enlarge stomach in the mirror looking concern “Greer is pregnant.” (In the comments tell me who you think the father of the baby is.)

Mary goes down to the Cellar to check out what Don Carlos had hidden in his Luggage and has she was about to open the crate he showed up asking why she didn’t try to find him in the woods. Mary explains that she hurt her ankle, and Don Carlos figure out that she was the one who hid his luggage and told her that he thought he enjoyed playing games but sees that he have found his match. Mary told him that her country needs a new alliance quickly, and she was not playing games and explain that she was looking for answers she was entitled. Don Carlos told her that he couldn’t have agreed more and offer to show her, he open the crate, but Mary didn’t know what it was, and he told her some people to call it a sex horse “he is a freak.” Don Carlos explain that it was a device that helps fulfill his desires, he explains that the device was for him and his partner needs only to whip him “I was cracking up at Mary’s facial expression.” He told Mary that it may seem odd to her, but to him pain equal pleasure telling her that he needs a woman like her who he hopes is willing to give him what he need “freak alert.”  Don Carlos told Mary the fact that she was still standing gives him hope that she could be the woman for him; Mary asked him if it were dangerous ad tells him that there were already rumors of his particular desire, and it was only a matter of time before the Vatican or his father finds out. Don Carlos doesn’t seem concern and telling her that he will be called deviant and unfit to rule and lose everything, Mary asks him if he needed all of it and he told her yes. He explains to her the marriage he wants was her giving him pain as a gift, and he will only give her kindness, and one day he will be King of Spain and have unmatched might and wealth, and they will rule their two countries together. He asks Mary to try once from him, them and her country, but Mary refuses, telling him that she wants something else, and he was disappointed “he need a Catherine for a wife.”

Delphine packs her bag to leave, telling Bash she feels a connection to the serial killer and his urges flowed into her, and it cause him to lose those urges for a moment. She explains to him that at the moment, she wanted him dead the only person that she truly cared for and Bash express his feeling for her and begs her to stay. He told that he was just scared because every time he opens up himself he got hurt, telling her that they have come too far to turn back now “I like Delphine but not with bash.” Catherine arrive for the vote of the Privy Council, and Narcisse calls the vote to order and she received the votes, but Cardinal interrupts claiming to have evidence that Francis was secretly poisoned and suggested that Catherine is responsible “she is wicked, but she loves her children.” Catherine looks to Narcisse for help, and instead he seize the opportunity and humbly agrees to offer himself as regent while Catherine sorts these accusations out. Narcisse called for a quick vote and was voted in “Catherine has been bitten by a snake (Narcisse).” Catherine tells Mary about the appalling accusation telling her to forget the regency and that she was finished, but Mary tries to convince her not to give up reminding her that queens are not easily undone. Catherine encourages her to Marry Don Carlos to get the help of Spain because she won’t be able to help her if she is not in power. Mary told her of Don Carlos particular desire, and she agree to help and Mary goes to him and tells him that she was willing to try. As he gets ready for his spanking Mary suggested blindfolds and he agreed, he as Mary to talk dirty to him and then spank him, she attempt trying to talk dirty, and Catherine beat him. Mary got nervous of how hard Catherine was spanking him and tried to stop her, and Don Carlos realized that she was not the only one in the room and pull off his blindfolds only to see Catherine. He was irritated and try to set himself to lose and drop and crack his skull, Mary suggested that they go back and help him, but Catherine told her he was dead.  Mary and Catherine panics as they think about the wrath of Spain coming down on them and when Catherine turn around he was gone, they heard a scream and ran out only to find him dragging in the hall but hides before anyone could see them “January can’t come soon enough.” This episode was excellent I would rate it 9.3 out of 10.