What you missed this Tuesday night on CBS


On NCIS Gibbs is still in shock after is tragic shooting by a kid he had high hopes for, DiNozzo is longing for Gibbs attention , Abby Sciuto sprained her fingers dancing in her new shoes , Ducky was Abby's personal types and  McGee hated been called buddy by a blast from Gibbs past. it was a good episode nothing special I would rate it 6.5/10. I must say the show is not the same without Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) I really miss the intense moments between her and DiNozzo.

On NCIS NEW ORLEANS LaSalle is still injured from Pride shooting him in the season premier and he has a banker lady friend.  Brody is still search for answers from the anonymous  pics that was sent to her. Sebastian got an anonymous screen message. will Sebastian follow the yellow brick road? or better what in on the yellow brick road, Percy try to open up about her pass to LaSalle to make him feel better and Pride had no dramatic this episode. The plot was good I would rate it at 7.5/10, needs more special moments from the original cast and miss that kid  Loretta adopted bring him back.

on CBS newest show LIMITLESS Brian Finch is learning slowly what he got himself into,  FBI agent Rebecca Harris is fight to keep in employed, by the way do you think she is working for the senator?.FBI agent Spellman Boyle is warming up to Finch .  Very exciting episode I believe it will be a successful season, I would give them the highest rating of the night 8.7/10.

Tell me which episode won the night ?