#Reign Queen Mary Has A Rocky Road a Head of Her “Here’s what took Place So For.”

Mary and Catherine's luck has not run out just yet Don Carlos survived the humiliating incident and came away brain-damaged “I thought he was a goner for sure.” Fadrique de Toledo investigates the accident, but with Don Carlos unable to talk Mary and Catherine was not connected to the incident. Meanwhile, Narcisse continues to instigate the possibility of Catherine’s poisoning the late King Francis. However, with the help of her least expected ally Bash, Catherine was able to exhume Francis's intact corpse, proving the blackened liver that was presented was a fake. Although motives unknown Cardinal Morel is guilty of trying to frame Catherine at the urging of a secret party; upon his failure, the cardinal is killed. Mary received the news with the arrival of Lord Cunningham that famine has taken over her Scotland and that Elizabeth has taken Lola's family hostage and wanted Lola to travel to her court in exchange for their freedom.  Lola discovers the truth of how Narcisse manipulated her into marrying him making it much easier to leave him and goes to Elizabeth's court to save her family. Finally Catherine's advice, Mary gets engaged to the child-like Don Carlos, who is smitten with Mary and have sent grain to Scotland at her urging. However, this was short-lived as in the episode "Wedlock" Don Carlos secretly regains his memory and decide to take advantage of Mary with his upcoming wedding to her by asking for the crown matrimonial of Scotland. Mary was hesitant at first but after talking with her inner circle she decided to accept Don Carlos’s offer, but when she went to tell him she notice that he moved his hand that was supposed to dead when the dog approached him “saved by the dog.” Mary thought it was all in her head because of her guilt, but she was still smart enough to go to the person that despise Don Carlos the most Gideon to ask for his help. Gideon took pleasure in the assignment and returned with news of Don Carlos plans to assassinate Mary after the wedding and become King of Scotland. Mary was disappointed by this news, but decide to take a page out of her late mother Marie de Guise playbook and tricks Don Carlos into confessing his intentions to all, which worked and she was able to cancel the wedding and keep her crown. Mary, who is getting a little fond of Gideon, learns that he is being blackmailed by Elizabeth, who is holding Gideon's daughter hostage. Catherine continues her affair with Christophe and has him elevated to a member of the King's Guard. Claude and Leith to their relationship to the next level by having sex, but their relationship seem to be short lived afterward Narcisse announces that Claude will be married off to a wealthy Duke to recover the French crown's debts “Narcisse is such a prick.” Delphine has decided to leave Bash again telling him that she fears that the murderer's killing instinct is inside her, and she wants to get it under control.  Sadly the murderer kills again. Meanwhile, back in England Elizabeth is pregnant with Robert's child, so she pressures Robert to divorce Amy and marry her. When Amy learns of this, she goes crazy and killed herself to frames Robert and ensure that can’t marry Elizabeth.