#TheFlash How will Team Flash handle the return of the Reverse Flash? Recap From last Weeks Episode

Dr. Wells struggles to try to find ways to increase Barry's speed after making a deal with Zoom to keep daughter alive until he does. Cisco presents a new idea to slow Zoom down and tells the team about a new metahuman; he named "Turtle.” Turtle has the opposite power to the flash he can stop the kinetic energy around him which allow him to slow everything down. After the Flash fails to stop the Turtle at a diamond unveiling at the precinct, the team sets a trap at a local art exhibit. Barry invites Patty to the exhibit intending to tell her his secret, but the Turtle suspected it was a trap and slow time down using Patty as bait almost killing her in the process and gave himself the opportunity to escape.

The Turtle later kidnaps Patty, to punish the Flash after he saw the effort he made to save her. The team tracks down the Turtle, and the Flash can generate enough speed to move through the strong waves the Turtle creates to knock him unconscious and save Patty. After Patty near death experience, she tells Barry that she is leaving Central City breaking his heart “I am fine with it, I'm team Iris.”

Dr. Wells kills the Turtle while extracting a portion of his brain and at this time his motives are unclear on whether he want to make the Flash faster or Zoom slower only time will tell. Meanwhile, Joe struggles to develop a relationship with Wally, who has been street racing in an attempt to earn enough money to pay for his mother's medical bills.