Grimm Returns Tonight at 9 pm Read The Mid-Season Recap

A Secret Society takes Trubel, Juliette, and Kelly’s head from Nick’s house. Nick, publicly confronting Special Agent Chavez, who he linked to taking the bodies and head from his house. Chavez received a mysterious call to meet at a warehouse while she was kidnaped by Nick and team Grimm. Nick and Chavez went to the warehouse to meet the mysterious caller and got attacked by a group of Wesen and Chavez got killed. In her last moments, Chavez gives Nick Trubel's Dark Horse chess piece and then he received another call from Chavez’s phone and it was a man looking for Chavez. The man was later revealed to be Meisner, a guy who works for the Resistance. Nick return to the hospital to visit Adalind and their newly born son. Adalind names the child Kelly, after Nick's mother. Nick takes Adalind and their baby Kelly back to his family home. Captain Renard assigns Hank's a new partner, as Nick is on leave after the losses and the birth of his son. Hank new partner doesn’t know about Wesen, which complicated Hank's new case, which involves a Wesen killer. Things get complicated when the killer Wesen runs away due to the U.S. Marshal's interference. As they pursue him, it becomes clear that he is somehow related to the mysterious Secret Society. Rosalee's got kidnaped by a group of dangerous orphaned Wesen children who decided she's their maternal mother figure after gave them medicine after they tried to rob the shop. Nick and Hank found a clue in records of a two-year-old missing person's case that linked to where the orphan kids might have taken Rosalee. After Monroe and the team found Rosalee the kid was taken to the precinct and later taken to a group home that turned out be operated by a Wesen, who seem to part of an organization. Nick decides to move out of his home to a safer location after coming home to find FBI agent in his house. Captain Renard is informed of the King's accident and that his daughter is safe with the Resistance. Home life brings Nick and Adalind closer together, and Captain Renard is asked to support an old friend, Andrew Dixon, who's running for Mayor. Trubel, show up outside Nick new secret house weak and beaten up and collapses in Nick's arms. Nick brings a wounded Trubel to the hospital. While looking for Trubel ID, Nick finds three false IDs and a fingerprint-locked phone similar to Chavez’s in Trubel's jacket. Trubel gives the nurse the name "Lauren Cole", the identity she is assuming, Nick also found an expensive weapon-rigged bike. Meisner convinces Adalind to tell Nick to trust him but after speaking with Adalind Nick is still hesitant to trust him. Meisner, who went to the hospital to save Trubel, runs into Nick where they save Trubel from a group of Wesen chanting "Occultatum Libera." Andrew Dixon keeps trying to get Captain Renard to support him for mayor, with the promise of becoming the Chief of Police. Trubel tells Nick about the resistance group Hadrian's Wall (Agent Chavez's group) and her work for them, fighting an underground war against the Wesen Uprising (Black Claws) organization. Nick, Hank, and Wu are called to a vandalism case with a victim killed and another kidnapped, Xavier, where they find another claw mark. They suspect the victims to be Wesen, which Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud confirm. Monroe also explains that many rebellions along history were instigated by Wesen. Xavier returns, claiming he escaped and pointed them to a woman named Billy. Nick and Hank come clean to Renard about Chavez's death and her last message “They're coming to Portland, its war.” Nick threatens Billy as a Grimm, and she leads Nick, Hank, Renard and Monroe into a trap her gang set for them. Meanwhile, Rosalee drives Xavier home, and he finally confesses to her that he lied and that Billy is leading them to an ambush. Rosalee warns Monroe, but it's too late, and they get cornered into a room. When they get out, someone has killed all the attackers, and the person resembles the late Juliette. And Renard conceded and publicly endorses Andrew Dixon for mayor.