#Reign Season 3 Mid-season Recap All you missed this season

"Three Queens, Two Tigers"
How many Queens does it take to run a country? One but in tonight’s premiere of Reign there was three (3). Mary, Queen of Scots the most feared queen and current wife of the ailing King Francis II of France. The former Queen Catherine de' Medici the scorned and deceptive queen who only care about her best interest at the end of the day  and Queen Elizabeth I of England Catherine new coconspirator who is threatened by Mary. Catherine started the episode with a lot of power because she had the ears of Elizabeth but thanks to Narcisse by the end of the episode Mary and Francis were able to trick Elizabeth and capture Catherine before she could deceive them. Narcisse is still after Lola’s hand in marriage, but Francis won’t allow it because he does trust Narcisse to raise his son to be an honest man after he dies. Francis advices Lola to stay away from Narcisse Lola tried to seduce Narcisse, who said “you don’t have to seduce a man who already wants you” line of the night. Francis brother Charles has also returned to the French court, but I don’t think he can be trusted after all he his Catherine and Henry’s son, if you know what I mean. Greer has been welcomed back to the French court and is already trick into having a one night stand in an effort to be courted after her last epic failure of a marriage. I am said that this happened to her but glad because I am #team Leith. Bash is still looking for that crazy woman who healed him last season and killed someone even though she keep saying she is innocent.  

"Betrothed" Francis illness is getting worst, so he and Mary decided to gather the family to tell them about it and try to make arrangement for when he is gone “poor Francis.” Mary is trying to stay strong in spite of her inability to produce France an Air to the throne “poor Mary” and Francis Solution is for her to married his kid brother Charles which she has no feelings for “because he is a child”.  Catherine is still in prison for committing treason again her country “what’s new”. Charles is overwhelmed with the responsibility that will be placed on him after Francis demise and requested to see his mother Catherine “the devil spawn” to discuss what he should do and as always Catherine used the innocents of Charles as an opportunity to carry out her bidding “evil doing.” Lola is worried about marring Narcisse at the expense of losing Francis friendship “her baby daddy”, that was until Mary told her of Francis is dying and that she will have to need to secure her future “Whatever is best my Queen.” Narcisse and Lola's relationship heat up thanks to a strategic plan that Narcisse put together to scared Lola into needing his protection “two can play that game”, however, he does not know that Lola has secrets of her own. Queen Elizabeth is facing the backlash from harboring Catherine de' Medici in the kingdom and ask her oldest friend to take the blame only to have her killed “wicked much.” Elizabeth and her board need to create a strategy to infiltrate the French court by whatever need necessary. 

"Extreme Measures”
King Francis has been locked away in his room as his illness gets worse, but he has to face Antoine of Navarre but collapse on the stairs while on his way to meet him and had to be rushed back to his room by the guards “OMG moment”.  News of Francis illness spreads to various parties, including Antoine of Navarre and Nicholas ambassador of England who is there to offer Antoine a deal on behalf of England. Antoine has come to Francis to ask for passage for his brother Prince of Condé, but Mary refuses to grant his request unless he signed away his claim to the French throne “go Mary.” Francis and Mary attended a dance hosted as a meeting between him Antoine but as Francis shared a dance with Mary Antoine received a note from Nicholas, who offer a deal but was followed by Bash who advises Mary of their meeting “go Bash.” Mary releases Catherine from prison to help block Nicholas's attempts to interfere, and she was successful which gave Antoine no choice but to sign away his claim to France “point France”. After several attempt from Francis to protect Scotland Mary realizes that her alliance with Scotland is too damaging to France, so she decides not to marry Charles after Francis dies, but sets her sights on Don Carlos of Spain and make Catherine be Regent after Francis's death “bad idea bad idea.” Lola and Narcisse's relationship heat up, and he asked her to marry him, and she said yes but not right away because their relationship is still a secret “or so she thinks.” Lola and Francis meet to spend time with their son, and Francis told Lola that he knew about her time with Narcisse and begged her not to marry him after he dies and she said she will consider his request. Thank Charles accidentally causing his friend Constance to overdose on opium and asking his Sister Claude and Narcisse's help “that was close.” After Francis had learned of Narcisse's goodness toward Charles, he gave him his blessing to wed Lola immediately, and they did “again bad idea bad idea.” Leith lets it slip to Claude that he's afraid of developing feelings for her after she catches him with one of her ladies. Greer has her ladies with her at court and continues to use them for Mary’s bidding “go Greer”. Bash still hunting for Delphine and heard of another attacked but it was a member of the village which made him concern because of her premonition “I need more Bash scene.” 

"The Price"
Francis and Mary try to spend as much time as they can together, after a gondola ride Mary tries to incentivize Francis to take his herbal medication by offering him a kiss and she is very happy to see him looking like his old self again “me too.” Mary received word from her mother of the dire situation in Scotland and turns to Francis for help to which he was more and happy to provide “he would do anything for Mary”. Francis is willing to send troops to secure Scotland’s supply route no matter what it takes because eventually it would be beneficial to France “I like Francis this bossy”. After Catherine’s news about the troop Mary and Francis to in place a plan that can help to protect Scotland’s supply route and it worked “quick thinking Mary”. Francis is feeling better and tries to spend time with Charles to help him understand the different obstacle and decision he will have to face and make, Charles is doubting himself and Francis told him that being a king is a performance “good brotherly advice.” Francis is collapse while he was out with Charles and was taken back to the castle where he tries to spend his final moments with Mary, and they imagine a future where they have a happy family, and then he died in her arm “this scene killed me.” Delphine was brought into the castle to use her powers to resurrect Francis and explain to them that this sacrifice will cost someone their life and Mary told her that she does not care just bring him back to life and then she died “Francis is alive thank God Almighty Francis is alive.” Lola comes face-to-face with Catherine who was one of Narcisse lover for the first time and confronts her about the rats that were put in her bathtub, to which Catherine is ignorant of because she really didn’t do it “this is a first” Narcisse overheard Lola confronting Catherine and tries to end the conversation between the ladies as quickly as he could “secrets and never good” I tried to keep her focus on leaving for their honeymoon “what has Lola gotten herself into”. Lola and Narcisse are on their honeymoon and goes for breakfast, where a lady came up to them accusing Narcisse of stealing her father’s property which made Lola uncomfortable and decided to leave early, but he explained to her that he’s doing it for her and that he didn’t technically steal the property, and she calmed down and told him that he needs to pay full price for the property, and he asked her if that would make her happy, and she replied she wasn’t sure “someone is going to change someone”. Catherine fights to become the region to Charles and will let nothing stop her from getting her last vote even if it means using our own daughter Claude as bait, but things did not go as planned because of her past indiscretion “this lady has more enemies than friends.” Catherine asked Francis why he took her out of the dungeon if he is not going to seek her counsel and told him that the ship he sent to protect Scotland supply route was sink by England and thousands are dead. Bash goes to see Greer and congratulate her on owning a tavern and also to warn her about the murders that are happening as they pertain to women “I am so optimistic about #grebash.” Greer thanks bash for his concern and pointed him over to Charles, who was sitting in the bar having a drink with a fellow not so becoming, as Bash escorts Charles from the tavern he felt a burning sensation on his chest and when he looked down he saw a scar “a scar and still sexy.” Charles ask bash why this scar was there any explained to him that he is somehow connected to Delphine and is now able to feel her pain and healing power scares people, and they react so he needs to find it before it’s too late “talk about the connection.” Bash found Delphine and is asked by Charles to bring her to the castle to bring Francis back to life; Bass refuses at first because he knows the consequences but Charles uses his credentials to command him to bring her “Charles may be tougher than we think.” Back in England Elizabeth is faced with the pressure of getting wed and she is currently meeting suitors, she has accepted a request from Don Carlos Prince of Spain who later visited England to meet with her, Don presented himself to Elizabeth and asked her if she would ever consider marrying Catholic Prince to which she replied she see no difference because there is one Christian God and the rest is bickering clerics jogging for advantage “Elizabeth sure has a way with words”. Elizabeth’s asked Don what does Spain have to offer her country, and he said all of the silver and gold of the new world and Elizabeth questioned Don on why he is choosing her, and he replied that he wants to be king, and he’s tired of waiting around for his father to die “that’s just cold” after which Elizabeth told him she would consider his offer, and he can stay in the kingdom until she makes a decision “he’s too arrogant she what my”. Robert is concerned that Elizabeth may have to marry and suggested that she married him, but he’s already married and she needs a proper suitor, she later meets with Don who told her about rumors that she’s a man and insists on her proven her womanhood to him “this dude is a real dick”. 

"In a Clearing"
After weeks of stressing over Francis dying thanks to Delphine his illness have been cured “you just made a lot of people happy.” Mary with the encouragement of Francis agrees to a new proposal of peace from Elizabeth and signs an accord to give up her claim to the English throne “happy people do a great thing.”  However, Nostradamus returns “never a good sign” to warn Catherine and Francis that he's had another vision of Francis's death. Francis agrees to take precautions but leaves the castle with Mary on a trip to Paris. Along the way, they stop to swim in a lake where they swam and had an amazing time together. After they got to relax a little Mary head back to get something to eat and was kidnapped by bandits. Francis comes to her rescue but is hurt in the brawl because he was outnumbered. Francis hit his head and was out for a few seconds, but open is eyes to see Mary be held and stood up and fought with everything he had left in him protect her. As Francis laid in Mary's arms in the woods he used his last moments to ask Mary to stay in France until Charles is king and the regency are secured and professes his wish that Mary falls in love again one day “writing this and it hurts all over again.” Francis then dies in Mary's arms, Mary, suspecting that Elizabeth was behind the bandits, confronts Nicholas in a rage and burns the accord. Later Mary learns that the bandits were Scottish Protestants hoping to assassinate her. Bash and Delphine break the spell that was binding them together, and investigate the mysterious murders, tracking them down to a man that rips out people's hearts. Meanwhile Lola marriage to Narcisse in not as glamourous as they both thought it would be.

"Fight or Flight"
Three weeks have passed since Francis's death, and Catherine has been unable to rally support from the Privy Council to be voted regent “she is still mourning the loss of the beloved King Francis.” Lord Grenier, a war profiteer, attempts to manipulate the council and become regent by bribing Charles with gifts but is blocked by Mary and Catherine. To honor Francis’s wishes and for the sake of inspiring support for Catherine, Mary dissolves the costly French-Scottish alliance in Catherine's name and prepares to return to Scotland. Charles's, however, beseeches Mary to stay in France. Mary decides to stay in France until she has made a new alliance, and was encouraged by Greer and Catherine to move on for the sake of her country. Mary was hesitant at first but in the end, she sent word to Don Carlos for a possible new marriage. Catherine seduces Narcisse, who is such a weak man, with the double goals of destroying his marriage with Lola, and getting his possibly crucial vote for the regency. Elizabeth, disappointed with Nicholas's failures, replaces him as ambassador to France with her once lover Gideon Blackburn, whom Elizabeth instructs to seduce Mary and sabotage her marriage prospects. However, that was not the only meddling Elizabeth had in mind as she summons Robert her new lover and Amy is wife back to court. Upon their return conscious of Elizabeth intentions, Amy fakes an illness so that she and Robert can move to Cornwall for her "health". Meanwhile, Claude and Leith spend more time together, despite Leith's cautiousness of their difference in status.

"The Hound and the Hare"    
Mary and Don Carlos are close to an agreement to an engagement in spite of their difference and her not being over Francis, but are stalled by Gideon Blackburn, who claims that Don Carlos has a "dark secret." Upon investigation, Mary learns that Don Carlos is a masochist who desires to be flogged “Mary is not that type of girl.” Mary is reluctant, but Catherine convinces her to do it for her country, so made a plan for a trial with r Don Carlos, which ended severely. Don Carlos falls and cracks his skull after he heard a second voice in the room, but survives and wanders out of the room after Catherine and Mary hid in shock of the event “this is going to be intriguing to see play.” Meanwhile, Catherine believes that Narcisse will help her become regent, especially when he makes her promise to leave her servant lover, Christophe, for him. However on the day of the vote, Cardinal Morel declares that Francis might have been poisoned, and Catherine might be responsible. Narcisse, quickly took advantage of the situation and with the council's support, he is declared regent “I now he was going to betrayal Catherine, but I never saw this coming.” Finally, Bash and Delphine expected the killer they're investigating to attack Greer next, but the tables turned, and the killer attacks Delphine instead. Delphine is spared when she temporarily absorbs the killer's murderous instinct and attacked Bash as he tries to console her. Delphine was unable to identify the man and tries to leave Bash because of the murderous instinct she absorbed, but he declared her love for her, and she decided to stay, and Greer is pregnant.