Why We Love NBC’s #Blindspot And You Should, Too! Read The Recap Before Tonight's All New Episode

NBC’s newest hit drama Blindspot is one of my favorite new shows this season. With Sullivan Stapleton playing FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller, and Jaimie Alexander as mysterious Jane Doe: the undeniable chemistry they have with each other has left me wanting more. It feels like forever since we left these two with a heated kiss back on November 23rd. There were 10 episodes in the first half of the season, leading up to that highly anticipated kiss. Then NBC went and put the show on hiatus for 3 long months. Fans have certainly been salivating for more Kurt and Jane, and the show is set to return February 29th.  If you are anything like me 3 months is a very long time, and perhaps you have forgotten the low down on Jane Doe’s mysterious origins. Maybe you have heard of this highly acclaimed new show and want to watch for the first time. If you are a new or returning watcher, you should read on, for I am here to give you a crash course on the first 10 episodes of Blindspot.

The story so far:
    In the pilot episode called “Who is Jane Doe,” we see a large duffle bag in the middle of time square. The Police call in the NYPD bomb squad to check it out. A heavily suited tech approaches the bag, and it begins to move. This was a very creepy scene, as the bag starts to unzip, and a tattooed arm reaches out. You can hear the tech whisper “you have to see this.” There is this completely naked, highly tattooed woman that has emerged from this duffle bag cocoon. This mystery woman has no memory of who she is or how she wound up naked in Time Square. The plot thickens as the police soon realize there is one tattoo that stands out among the rest. There is a single name on her back; Kurt Weller FBI. This woman is covered in fresh tattoos, has a memory erasing drug in her system, and her only hope lies with the FBI. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that Jane’s tattoos are elaborate puzzles, riddles, and ciphers. The first clue unlocks a terrorist plot that leads to them realizing Jane is more than just a beautiful face. This woman has had some serious training and can kick major butt. She helps solve this first case and demands to be involved in solving the mysteries that the rest of her tattoos could unlock. Agent Weller is somehow personally involved in this and convinces FBI Assistant Director Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) that having Jane around would be for the best. This doesn’t go over too well considering Mayfair also hides a secret, that one of Jane’s tattoos matches an old case file of hers that she has long been trying to keep buried. 

Jane Doe is obviously distraught over her loss of identity. They discovered that one of her covered up tattoos is that of the Navy Seals, but she is not in any military database. She needs to figure out who she is and who did this to her. During an FBI ordered Rorschach test she only has that one memory, of target practice out in the field

In the meantime, Kurt has made a discovery on his own that has triggered a flashback to a childhood memory. Jane has a scar on her neck that is identical to that of a little girl he once knew, that went missing 25 years ago. He is starting to think this is the reason his name is on this woman, and why he is so personally involved. She is really Taylor Shaw, the little girl his father was arrested for kidnapping and killing all those years ago. Weller asks Patterson (Ashley Johnson) who is the head of the FBI forensics department to run Jane’s DNA against that of the missing girl Taylor Shaw. Weller needs to know one way or another if she is this missing girl from his childhood. The last thing we see is Jane in her safe house, but she is not alone. A mystery man is there with a cryptic warning about not trusting the FBI, and right as he is about to tell her more, he is shot dead by a sniper.

When interviewed by the FBI Jane does admit that he was the man from her memories, but her distrust of the FBI leads her to leave out any of the details from their brief conversation. Weller wants to tell Jane that he suspects who she might be, but Mayfair insists they wait till they have the results of her DNA test later than day. Meanwhile, during a violent bank robbery, a man name Casey Robek is shot and left behind for the cops. The FBI is called in because he has the same Navy Seal tattoo as their Jane Doe. Jane is invested in this case and is determined that this will be the lead she has been waiting for. Robek dies in the hospital but not before whispering another cryptic, one-word message to Jane, “Orion.” Kurt opens up to Jane about his theory on whom she might be; this missing girl names Taylor Shaw. The DNA results come in, and it’s conclusive that Jane Doe and Taylor Shaw are one in the same. Weller and Mayfair decide that Jane is fully capable in the field and should be allowed to carry a weapon and be an official member of the team. We end this third episode with a mysterious meeting between the FBI Assistant Director Mayfair and Tom Carter, Deputy Director of the CIA. Carter is very unsettled by the arrival of Doe and the secrets that her tattoos could reveal. Including a secret that he is more than willing to kill to protect, a project codenamed “Daylight.”

Patterson really takes her work seriously and home with her. She has photos of Jane’s tattoos in her apartment, against FBI regulation. She is determined to uncover more pieces to this jigsaw puzzle. She realizes the connection between Jane’s tattoo and Mayfair’s heavily redacted FBI file on Guerrero. The group ends up solving a case involving a missing vile from the CDC containing a nasty disease. Kurt tells Jane everything about Taylor’s missing person case including that his dad was arrested and spent 25 years in jail for the crime. Patterson runs another test on Jane that contradicts the DNA evidence. We are left totally unsure if Jane really is the missing Taylor Shaw. We are left unsure if Weller’s dad is truly innocent or guilty. Weller is a distracted emotional mess, wanting to believe that she really is Taylor. Agent Zapata (Audrey Esparza) gets way in over her head with her bookie.
    During a dinner at Kurt’s house with his sister, Jane has a flashback of being a little girl. This memory is very disturbing to her, and she realizes that she just can not handle being Taylor Shaw. There is much arguing over which of Jane’s tests should be believed as accurate. This time, Jane’s tattoos lead to a secret CIA black site that no one should even know exists. This makes Deputy Director Carter very uncomfortable and leads to a standoff between the CIA and FBI with the intention to take out Jane Doe permanently. The CIA ends up backing down, but Carter isn’t done with Jane. He pays off Agent Zapata’s gambling debts in exchange for her inside help. 

Jane is in the middle of a very intense dream about the man with the tree tattoo on his arm but thinks it could still be Kurt. She is afraid that she is starting to get too close with Kurt, and this makes things a little awkward. She wants to keep things professional with him and tries to put a little distance between them. This only ends up confusing poor Kurt, who is a man after all and can’t quite figure out his own feelings for Jane Doe. In this sixth episode, one of Jane’s tattoos leads the FBI to a 17-year-old hacker who has accidentally created an app that tracks government vehicles. Jane works really hard to earn Anna’s trust and the two end up bonding. The team works together to shut down this app and save thousands of lives. Meanwhile, Zapata decides to use the money from Carter to pay off her bookie and says she is through with gambling for good. Back at Weller’s apartment, his sister has invited over their father, and she insists it’s time that Kurt tells him the truth about Taylor Shaw. 
    The seventh episode called “Trust No One,” is a very integral point in the story. It starts with a flashback to 6 months prior and the man with the tree tattoo. He’s burying a mystery box in an unknown location, for reasons that are not yet clear to us. Couldn’t be vaguer, but it will all make sense. It has come to Mayfair’s attention that Patterson’s civilian boyfriend has been privy to sensitive case files. David has been translating Jane’s tattoos at her apartment, and this is not acceptable. Afraid of losing her job, Patterson breaks up with Davis and assumes that will solve the problem. Weller finally confronts his boss Mayfair about the Saúl Guerrero (Lou Diamond Philips) case and why she buried the connection it has to Jane’s tattoos. This conversation gets heated, and Mayfair still hiding the truth only gives up that he was once an informant of her. Coincidentally one of Jane’s recently translated tattoos just happens to lead the team to a rural town and right to the doorstep of none other than Saúl Guerrero. He is under the towns’ protection, including the dirty local cops. Weller, Jane, Zapata and Reade (Rob Brown) are outnumbered and outgunned by the local militia who do not want them taking in Guerrero. Once again it is Jane’s tattoos that save the day. They notice one that looks like a map and it leads them straight to where the mystery box was buried 6 months prior. It’s a complete weapons and survival cache. Someone knew that Jane would be in this exact place at this exact time and would need assistance. After capturing Guerrero and bringing him into the FBI, Weller has more questions for Mayfair. She finally confides in him about operation “daylight.”

    Mayfair is explaining to Weller that operation daylight was a highly illegal joint operation between the CIA, FBI and the white house. They were to make use of information that had been illegally obtained by spying on US citizens. This is where Mayfair used Guerrero; she had the illegally obtained information appear to come from him. Weller blames Mayfair and all her lies and is left not trusting his boss’s judgment when it comes to Jane. We get to see a nice scene with Jane having a girl’s night out with Patterson and Zapata. The three girls have really bonded, and it’s nice to see them tossing back a few drinks and sharing a laugh. Outside the bar lurks Deputy Director Carter, and he is waiting for Zapata. He is going to blackmail her now that she has taken his money and paid off her bookie. After spending time with Jane, Agent Zapata is reluctant to give up any info on her new friend.

David (Joe Dinicol) is back in the picture and trying to win back Patterson. He reveals that he has not given up solving the riddles of Jane’s tattoo, and they have led him to a historic building in the city. “Ruh-Roh,” this is so not good! Thanks to one of Jane’s decoded tattoos the FBI has uncovered a leak in the Witsec program. This leads to a mission that has Weller and Jane go undercover and looking mighty fine. They are all dressed up and ready to infiltrate the home of a wealthy psychopath, posing as a couple of assassins. The pair gets really close on this mission between the dancing and having each others backs. Now that he is in custody, Guerrero is a problem for Carter and Mayfair. They argue over how to deal with this problem, but it ends with Carter making the final play. He orders Guerrero to be killed in prison; problem solved. Carter isn’t done making trouble for the FBI yet, he also if forcing Agent Zapata into placing a bug inside of Jane Doe’s home. She ultimately decides she won’t do it, and consequences be damned. 
Back to Patterson’s sweet but nosey ex-boyfriend David, he just won’t leave the information he uncovered alone. This proves to be his undoing because he is stabbed and killed in an alley while following the mysterious red-headed woman. Patterson and the team are informed of David’s death, and that it has to do with Jane.

    Patterson is trying to deal with the information surrounding David’s murder but doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines. She wants to be an active part in solving this case. The information that David had uncovered leads the team to their biggest case yet; Russian sleeper agents that have been embedded in normal American families. Mayfair knows that Carter was responsible for the hit on Guerrero, and he tells her that she needs to get rid of Jane for good because she is the last remaining threat to them. Carter is full of threats and goes after Zapata next, telling her this is her very last chance to cooperate or pay the price. Instead of being blackmailed, she turns in her letter or resignation. After taking down the Russian spy, Jane decides she can no longer fight these feelings she has for Agent Weller. She waits outside Kurt’s house, just so she can plant one hell of a kiss on him; leaving Kurt smiling and stunned. While leaving his house, Jane is kidnapped and tortured by Carter and her men. She remembers knowing Carter in her former life. She is then rescued by the mysterious man with the tree tattoo. Carter is killed, and the two manage to escape. He tells her that he has information about who did this to her, and shows her a video. The video is of Jane explaining that everything was part of her plan; the tattoos, the memory wipe, Kurt Weller and the FBI. All of it is part of something bigger, and it’s all going exactly the way she planned.

    So there you have it, an extremely long winded explanation of what happened the first half of the season on NBC’s Blindspot. If you haven’t watched it yet, then this will help get you up to speed, and you can jump right in on February 29th. If you are a die hard fan, but just maybe needed a refresher after a 3-month hiatus, and then I am glad I could help you out. Either way, I am super excited to see where that steamy kiss will lead Kurt and Jane and what effect her recent revelations will have on her.