#Olicity Fans the Ring is Off & Felicity Can Walk Again So Where Do They Go from Here #Arrow

Millions of hearts broke tonight when Felicity took off that ring, and that leaves us to wonder if that was just a hasty reaction to the sudden news or his she willing to walk away from the love she has had for Oliver from the day they first met. 

Stephen Amell posted a photo on his Twitter account on February 23, 2016, of Oliver and Felicity at the alter looking into each other’s eyes, so does this gives us hope that they will be a wedding in the near future, and Felicity will forgive Oliver again for keeping yet another secret from her, only time will tell. As a big Olicity fan, myself my figure are cross and hope there is a wedding before the season end. 

Is this actually a present day or is it a dream sequence or hallucination?