An All New Episode of #Supergirl Is On Tonight Here Is What Happen Last Time "Solitude" Recap

When we last saw Kara/Supergirl on February 29 in the episode “Solitude”, she was still mad at Hank for killing her aunt Alura and decided that she will no longer work for the DEO and goes on her own when Catco and National City is faced with a new threat. Cat was asked to publish stolen information from a cheater website and when she refused the perpetrator disrupted National City and Catco’s computer system. She is later revealed to be Indigo (Laura Vandervoort), a dangerous being who can transport through the Internet, and an escapee from Fort Roz. Indigo reveals to Kara that she was the one who enabled her to escape from the Phantom Zone after disclosing her true plan to destroy National City with a nuclear missile. James escorted Supergirl to her cousin Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in hopes of learning how to defeat Indigo, but her one-woman show was an epic fail. Nonetheless, with the help of Winn and the DEO Indigo was destroyed “for now at least.” Meanwhile, James’s relationship with Lucy seems to be over, and Winn and Siobhan Smythe shared a passionate kiss which she plan to deny if he tells anyone. Finally, Alex told Supergirl/Kara that she was the one who killed her aunt and not Hank, at first, Kara was disappointed but later embrace her sister “a beautiful ending to a crazy day.”