The Powerful Kryptonian Meets The Fastest Man Alive #Supergirl Meets #TheFlash On March 28 On CBS

Kara and Barry crosses path in a new world, how he ends up there you will have to watch to find out. However, what we do know is that Barry found himself on Kara’s Earth and needs her help to find his way back home. Kara agrees to help him on one condition, seeking the speedster’s help to take down her ultra-competitive co-worker and screeching malefactor Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Supergirl's old nemesis, Livewire, who are holding Cat Grant hostage “Cat has to stop firing these ladies, it never ends well for her.” I think this is going to be a cross over to remember, the fastest man alive meeting the powerful Kryptonian. 

Meet the heroes and the team

Meet the villains and the hostage


That's a wrap

The excitement about the epic Supergirl / The Flash crossover is real and will air on Monday, March 28 on CBS.