Free Your Minds Suit Up & Dive In #Stitchers Returns to #FreeForm Tuesday Night’s

Stitchers return to Tuesday night’s on Freeform at 10 pm Central; season 2 premieres tomorrow March 22 with new brains to dive into. This is what you need to know about Stitchers if you have not seen it then you are missing out its time to catch up on the series. Here’s your 2 minutes recap. 

Stitchers follow Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) a Caltech student with temporal dysplasia which causes her not to have any perception of time, she has been recruited by a secret government agency to become a Stitcher. Kristen job description stitching into the consciousnesses memories of recently deceased people to gather information about their last encounters which helps in solving cases that would otherwise go unsolved. Cameron (Kyle Harris), a brilliant neuroscientist and also Kristen possible lover interest “I am team Cameron”, assists Kirsten in the secret program headed by Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) Kristen recruiter and a skilled covert operator. The program also includes Linus (Ritesh Rajan,) a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician who also have a not so secret on and off fling with Camille. Camille (Allison Scagliotti) Kirsten's roommate and a computer science grad student who was recruited to spy on Kristen as a part of the program and later promoted to assist Kirsten as a "Stitcher". Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub) an LAPD officer who is later recruited into the Stitchers program.