#Arrow Episode “Taken” Recap, What happen The Last Time We Saw Team Arrow

OMG, the last we saw an episode of Arrow was on February 24 four weeks ago today, so I know the anticipation is real. Here is what you need to remember from the last episode and scroll down for a quick video recap after reading the bullet points. 

•    Darhk reveals to Felicity that Oliver has a son indirectly when he told Oliver that he has William and will only return him if Oliver drops out of the mayoral race and endorse his wife, Ruvé Adams. 

•    Oliver reveals to rest of the team that he has a son, and he was taken by Darhk to force him to drops out of the mayoral race “the room quiet.” 

•    Felicity found out that William identity known to a few other people “Barry, Malcolm and Thea,” which causes a rift between him and Felicity

•    Oliver asks a Detroit-based superhero Vixen for help, as her powers are derived from magic. 

•    Vixen tracks William's location, and the team goes in to rescue him, but when they got the location, Darkh already had William moved.

•    The attack causes Darhk to move his demand up and tell Oliver he needs to resign immediately, and he did with unconditional support for Ruvé Adams. 

•    After, the team discovers the root of Darhk's powers and sets a plan to destroy his mystical idol. The plan works; Darhk is left powerless, and William is saved.

•    They also discover that Malcolm was the one who kidnapped William. Later, Oliver sends William and his mother away for safety. 

•    Felicity broke up with Oliver and, with a biomechanical implant from Curtis, she is able to walk again. 

•    Meanwhile, on the island, a passage is discovered that leads to Reiter's "ultimate power" and the spell on Oliver's stomach allow him to pass unharmed.