#Arrow’s Episode Broken Hearts Recap “It’s Cupid Stupid.” A Must See Video

“Love it a bullet to the brain” a broken-hearted Cupid return to Star City after losing Deadshot in season 3 with a vengeance, seeking out prominent couples on their wedding day to foil their vows because she no longer believes that true love exists. Which puts Oliver and Felicity "Olicity" on her radar. Broken Hearts literally broke our hearts. As Arrow, Speedy, Spartan and Overwatch take on the Cupid Lauren and Lance dive’s head first into an impossible legal battle with Damien Dahrk. There was a wedding, but not the one we expected which was beautiful and heartbreaking to watch at the same time. This was an episode befitting its name, making this video was hard, and I am still crying, but I know this is not the end “it can’t be.” 

Oliver's vows
“Felicity before I met you, I had a plan. A way that I was going to be. Then you walked into my life, or I showed up to your cubicle. You changed everything. I was in the darkness… with your kindness… your trust… you brought me into the light. You let me know I deserved it. You were that light, and I don’t know if I still deserve that trust, if I deserve you. I probably don’t, but whatever has happened, whatever will happen, the way you make me feel is the best part of my life. You can ask me to say that I don’t love you, but I will never lie to you again. You are my always, and I just want the chance to be yours.”