Who Is In The Grave On #Arrow? Here's What We Gathered So Far

The Arrow series is known for their flashback but this time, we have a six month flash-forwarded where we see an emotional Oliver standing in front of a grave. Barry/The Flash came to pay Oliver is condolences, but he ask to be alone after telling him he’s going to kill the man responsible for the person in the grave.  So Sueboohs Corner has decided to play detective.

Here is what we know so far: 

  • Felicity is upset by the death of this person.
  • Barry/The Flash pay respects.
  • Oliver is upset by this person death.
  •  Felicity asks Oliver to do the thing she has always encouraged him not to do, kill another human being. 
  • Oliver knows that it’s not his fault but his responsibility to get kill the responsible party,
  •  Oliver was the last person at the graveside.
  • After the funeral, Felicity seems much more hurt that Oliver was making us think it is personal for her. 
  • Felicity is upset by the death of this person meaning that she knew him/her personally plus she asked Oliver to kill the person responsible.  Which leave us thinking that it is her mother Donna or her new favorite employee Curtis who she has gotten close to and also the person that helped her walk again. 
  • Barry/The Flash was paying his respect, tells us that he also knew the person or have met the person before. Leaving us to think about people that Barry has met through Oliver such as Lyla Michaels or Tatsu Yamashiro, but then again if it were, Lyla he would have been paying his respect to Diggle and not Oliver and Tatsu and Felicity was not close enough to ask Oliver to darken his soul and kill again.
  • David Ramsey aka Diggle speculated that it might be someone from Oliver’s past, like Shadow's twin sister Mei or Oliver’s Lian Yu love interest Tatiana, or a character we haven’t met yet who will play a significant role later this season (a new character would be a good idea). However none of these people with still explain why Oliver and Felicity are so upset. 

So here is our top Candidate for who is in the grave:

Nyssa al Ghul (Is known by both Oliver and Felicity but is she worth killing over yes/no)

Roy Harper (Is loved by both Oliver and Felicity but is he worth killing over yes / no)

Alex Davis (Is known by both Oliver and Felicity but not close enough to kill over)

Curtis Holt (Is loved by both Oliver and Felicity but is he worth killing over yes / no)

Quentin Lance (Is love/like/hate/love by both Oliver and Felicity but if he worth killing over yes / no)

Samantha Clayton (Is known by both Oliver and Felicity but is she worth killing over yes / no)

William Clayton (there would be way more tears and emotions so we are going with NOT him)

With all those people being a candidate theirs only person that we think Felicity would kill over  and that is her mother, so we are going with Donna Smoak being in the grave (this would make us very sad).

Final theory Felicity and her father have gotten closer  and she is heartbroken over his death.  


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