Arrow Episode Beacon of Hope Recap The Bug-Eyed Bandit “Lay Down Beeitch”

The Bug-Eyed Bandit Brie Larvan, who was arrested in Central City by The Flash with the assistant of Felicity, orchestrates her release from prison and heads to Star City in search of the bio-mechanical chip that is being used to allow Felicity to walk again. Brie attacked Palmer Tech and held the board members hostage until Felicity turns herself over. In an attempt to help Felicity Curtis tracks Oliver phones only to discover the Arrow’s dungeon and discovering his secret in the process. Curtis was in shock, but his expertise came in handy to help the team to save Felicity, Mama Smoak, and Thea. The team arrives at Palmer Tech, but their plans came to a halt when Oliver is stung by one of Brie's robotic bees. Oliver is brought back to the dungeon and is in a lot of pain; Curtis realizes the sting actually implanted a bee inside Oliver, and it is replicating itself. Curtis create a device that enhanced Laurel Canary Cry to disrupt the frequency controlling the bees to save Oliver. Felicity is able to evacuate the board members and her Mama Smoak to a bunker. Brie reveals to Felicity and Thea that she is after the chip because she has a tumor that is going to leave her paralyzed. Curtis develops a virus to shut down the bees, which works and uses them to stop Brie. In flashbacks, Oliver goes after Reiter, who reveals that the idol has already started to grant him mystical powers. As his powers dwindle, Reiter escapes into the tunnels.

Felicity mentions to Brie that she could have to ask nicely how do you think that conversation would have gone (In the comment give your dialogue.)