#Arrow The Faith Of Olicity, Team Arrow, And Star City.

Damon Darkh has been throwing punches all season and has finally thrown a knockout punch that left us with a knot the size of New York City in our hearts. Darkh has found a way to destroy team arrow mentally, physically and emotionally. He has come between Oliver and Felicity, Oliver and Diggle, and killed Laurel. Now it is time for a rematch; Oliver is known to carry the burden and hurt of his love ones on his shoulders and constantly blames himself when something bad happens to them, but for the first time, I don’t think he blames himself. As we heard him tell Barry at the grave of his first love and former teammate Laurel Lance aka Black Canary that once he would have thought that it was his fault and that he brought the darkness upon them but now he knows that it not his fault but his responsibility to end it.  To end this Oliver is going to have to go to a dark place where he might now be able to come back from and with the team all heartbroken and vengeful they might not be the ones to bring him back to the light. 

As for Olicity, there may or may not be a future for them after all  “I personally want Olicity back.”  Felicity might rejoin the team at least until Darkh is dead, Oliver, although will be otherwise occupied, will always have Laurel last words in his head,  which, encouraged him to find a way to get Felicity back. Felicity is seen in the back of the Limo telling Oliver that he need to kill the son-of-a- bitch which we now know is Darkh. Normally when a tragedy like this happens people begins to look at their life and realizedthat life is too short not to be with the people you love, and we are all hoping that after Darkh is taken care of preferable killed Oliver and Felicity can talk about a future together. 

Things are not looking up for Star City as the villains seem to be winning in every category, the Darkh’s are running both days and nights. Mrs. Darkh is handling things in the public eyes by day, and Mr. Darkh is doing all the bad behind the scenes by night. Adding fuel to the fire is the vengeful Malcolm Merlyn has joined team Darkh. 

With only five episodes left anything can happen, the team is broken hearted and feeling defeated, but they will have to pull themselves together to take down Darkh and Merlyn, and they might need help. I am hoping to see  more of Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) and Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke).

What do you predict will happen in the next five 5 episodes? (Drop a line or 2 in the comment box).