#Reign Returns Tonight at 8/7c Here Is A Must See Video of Episode "Bruises That Lie" Recap

Mary and Gideon partners to fool Elizabeth spied by putting on a performance of a lifetime to convince Elizabeth spies that Gideon has successful seduced Mary. However the chemistry between the two is more than what they expected, but they haven’t acted on it yet. Claude is forced to married Duke Boinel by Narcisse, who seems to have Charles under his thumb. After arriving at her new home Claude was hit by Duke Boinel, but she fought back and ran away, it was later revealed that it was all a part of Catherine plan. Angered by what happened to Claude, Charles forces the Privy Council to remove Narcisse as regent and give the job to Catherine. Claude's marriage is annulled, and Leith promises to rise in ranks until he is worthy of marrying her. Greer makes preparation for her unborn child, but things are not going as smoothly as she would expect with the return of  Martin, who came back after learning that Greer is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile in England Lola arrives at and learns that Elizabeth has no intention of releasing her family. Elizabeth is poisoned and miscarries her baby.