GRIMM S5 Ep18 "Good to the Bone" aka Gross Sounds and Things That Stink

Hello fellow Grimmsters!  Tell me, am I the only one confused by the layout or continuity of the story in the first part of this episode?  I mean it jumped all over the place.  Any great writer, producer, director of a show will tell you not to have so much going on and that jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean in your story will only cause confusion or frustration in your viewers. That is what happened to me, but it does not mean that I hated the episode.  Just feel it could have been better.  Always strive for better.

We changed scene at least 5 times in a short amount of time!  It may be a little more, but it was hard keeping up. For example:

  1. Episode starts off good with the usual soon to be victim, in this case a drunk guy, getting in his car and driving.  Guess he should have listened to all those commercials and called a cab, because he ends up crashing headfirst into a tree and is ejected through the windshield.  We see him lying on the ground unconscious.  A guy in the van sniffs the air and opens his eyes. Does the story continue from there with this as it should?  NO.

2. Scene change again to Nick coming home to have some small talk with Adalind and then she starts talking about working on the trust in their relationship.  Okaaaay.....she MUST be talking about herself.  She kisses him and takes him to bed.  This is where I moan and say, how much longer do we have to endure this relationship?

3. Oh....we are back to the drunk guy, who somehow gets himself up and walks to some guys around a barrel fire.  He asks for help, and the one guy is going to call the cops, but his buddy convinces him otherwise and they leave and our victim collapses.  The weird guy in the van comes walking up to him.  We don't know his name yet or what he is, so I call him Big Black Boot Guy.

4. Oh look!  Another scene change!  This time it is Hank in a market and bumping into his wesen ex-girlfriend from Season 3, Zuri.  She asks him how his ankle is doing and some other small talk and then she asks him to her house for dinner.  I am starting to scratch my head at this point and I am sure I have a weird look on my face while I watch.  Why did they put Nick's scene and this one in here?  

5. Yep, back to the victim guy who is begging Big Black Boots to help him.  However, if someone doesn't have their phone out and calling the cops and takes your phone and wallet and throws them in the bushes, your chances are slim for getting help.  Sorry buddy.  The guy just looks at drunk guy and says how sorry he is for what he has to do.  He drags the guy to a place which ends up just down from the front of the van.  This is where part of that extra title I made up comes in.  He gets in his van and steps on it.  He runs the guy over who screams of course being awake for this.  But wait!  There's more!  Black Boot guy puts the van in reverse and does it again!  He gets out and comes over to the man still trying to ask for help.  This is were we get to see what kind of Wesen (Vesin) he is when he wogues (vogue) into a bird like creature. His tongue though is a tubular looking thing that goes in through the man's mouth and throat and devours something.  Yum.

Now I have a semi-strong stomach people.  However, the sounds!  Oh man the sounds of stuff squishing and bones crushing, not once but twice in that scene ( 4 times total for episode) was almost too much to handle!  I actually cringed and closed my eyes.  BTW...closing your eyes does NOT help with gross sounds!

Now, I know there were probably a couple more scene changes in there involving Wu and Rosalee with Eve, but with all the switching back and forth I admit, I was confused. At least it leveled out after the first bit.

Ewww!  What the hell is that?

Ewww!  What the hell is that?

First, lets look at Wu.  Now, we have seen him since the episode with the "werewolves" fight the changes coming on due to the scratch he got.  This first one we see for this night's episode is Wu getting up for work and brushing his teeth.  He starts to cough and choke and proceeds to reach in his mouth and pull out a chunk of fur with maybe some flesh attached. did THAT get there?  Someone blacked out and went hunting again! 

We also see Wu's hand change at the precinct, and telling  Nick and Hank he is fine, just a little dizzy since he fell on the floor. Then we see him totally wogue out later in the episode.  Time to tell your friends, Wu!  Not sure why he feels he needs to battle this alone and not tell anyone.  Maybe denial? 

Then there is Eve.  She has this un-nerving ability to just sneak up and in somewhere without you seeing or hearing her.  She is so like a robot too at times.  It is what makes her creepy to Team Grimm (and me) I suppose.  

We find Rosalee at the spice shop and when she turns around she is startled to find Eve standing there.  Eve wants to know a few things. How long has Adalind been a Hexenbiest?  Has Rosalee told Nick?  Has Nick told Adalind?  Has Adalind told Nick?  Geesh woman!  Eve tells Rosalee she sensed her in the tunnel the other night.  Rosalee tells her it wasn't because of her it was Adalind.  Eve says that she sensed her, but Adalind did not which means she is out of practice, but she won't be for long. I like the last line Rosalee says, but waits for Eve to leave.  Rosalee states she overheard Eve threaten Adalind if anything should happen to him.  Eve says "Yes. What would you have said?"  Rosalee says that she would have said the same thing and when Eve leaves, she finishes with a "if I were Juliette".  Yes, Juliette is probably still in there and maybe we will get to see a bit more.

After a second boneless body shows up the team gathers in the basement of the shop and discover that it is a Barbatus Ossifrage.  This is a vulture-like wesen that likes to hang around places of death and prey on those who are dying.  They smell the blood and the smell of certain death.  They crush their victim's bones then insert that tongue and liquefy their bones and drink them up.  Turns out our wesen, now we know as Charlie, saves what he gathers and takes it to his elderly parents. 

Poor Monroe.  He is so under appreciated at times.  Why does HE always have to be the bait? The team decides that Monroe will be bait in the park Charlie is frequenting. How?  Well, it can't be a dead body covered in blood, because Charlie will know it is dead and it has to smell like eminent or certain death.  Rosalee says she can make a concoction (that I won't even TRY to spell or say) that smells like this.  Yes, it is beyond stinky, but it should get his attention. It is so bad that Monroe is almost crying and asking is she done yet and there is Rosalee with a gas mask on.  At least she gives him a nose plug to wear when he has to spray it on.  

Think that stuff is stinky?  

Think that stuff is stinky?  

So, poor Monroe, who has a great line tonight of "I can FEEL how bad this stuff stinks!" is lying on the ground pretending we are dead and Charlie is approaching.  Can't be that easy, right?  Nope.  Wu hears a sound and turns around and sees a stray dog in the trash and he wogues out into a Lycanthrope!  Finally!  Word to Wu....TELL them already!  So, he runs after the dog, and crashes and hits his head really hard.  Turns him back to human but with blood gushing from his head.  Apparently the smell of fresh blood is much more appealing than Monroe's Ode de Certain Death.  Don't blame the man one bit, because that is probably true.

Nick and Hank are left trying to find Wu while Charlie beats them too it and drags Wu to the road so he can run him over.  But not while whining about his pitiful life and how he hates what he is doing and hates his parents and why don't they just die already.  Feel the love.  His van won't start and when it does, Nick and Hank are near Wu with guns drawn.  He makes a run for it out the back of his van and stops and wogues, but sees that it doesn't faze those two and turns to run again.  Here is something oozing (why not...we have squishy, crushing and smelly so far!) with Irony.....Charlie promptly gets hit by a truck and when his parents are left alone with him they proceed to liquefy his bones and drain him.  There is a moral to this last part....Parents should never let their kids go to waste.  Can you feel the love in this family? 

The episode does not end there.  Adalind was contacted by Renard to meet her totally alone in a parking garage.  Nick had told her earlier that they think Renard is working with Black Claw, so I ask this....WHY would you meet the man alone and not tell anyone?  She was asking for trouble and finds it in that she is met by Renard and then promptly put under and kidnapped.  She is brought somewhere and sees and reunites with her daughter Diana.  This can't be good.  

Overall, a good episode.  As you can see, I didn't care for the structure in the first part, and alot of the big things going on were barely touched on this one, but that is okay.  Hopefully some will be answered in the last 3 episodes.  

Questions I have:

Is Renard REALLY working with Black Claw or is he undercover?

Will we ever see Trubel or Miesen again?

Is Wu ever going to tell Team Grimm about his problem? Can the Magic Stick cure him of this (since Lycanthropy is an illness of sorts)?

As for the Wesen of the Week.  Why must it be HUMAN bones?  Why not any other animals or even from a butcher shop?  

 I know I am late for this reviewCap, but was asked to do last weeks as I was just hired to deal with all Grimm and Outlander stuff here. Hope you enjoy it and like and comments are appreciated   See you on the next round!