#Reign S3, Ep11 “Succession” Recap “The Rise of King Charles, The Down Fall Of Catherine de' Medici & Mary’s New threat.”

After a three months break the series jumped a few weeks after Francis’s death, and Catherine is in a better place than the last time we saw her. The episode started with Catherine preparing for Charles Coronation ceremony and flaunting her new position as Regents in Narcisse‘s face by handing him a written speech to make to her at Charles ceremony. However, her Regency is called to question when people in the castle starts showing up dead with no initial suspect. Catherine puts Bash on the case and with the help of Christophe he was able to find the presumed killer, but after reporting the evidence to Catherine, she puts together it together that the man is custody could not be the killer. Catherine confronts Christophe after the evidence leads to him, He admits to killing the people, but blackmailed Catherine by telling her if she tells anyone, he would tell everyone about her arrangement with Duke Boinel to assault Claude on their wedding night and made it clear to her that if she tried to kill him, he has a letter ready to be posted for everyone to see. 

Mary receives news of a new threat in Scotland named John Knox. Knox is a misogynist reformed protestant who is against Catholics and women in power. Knox and his many followers have voiced their opinion that they want a male leader to rule Scotland and when as far as burning Mary's effigies after storming the Edinburgh Castle.  In spite of all the craziness going on in her life, she still took the time out to offer Charles a cloth he held in his hand at his coronation to prevent the sceptre from slipping out of his palms. Mary spent the day with Gideon and his daughter after making it clear to him that their relationship is strictly professional. Gideon opposes to Mary’s considering marrying King Eric of Sweden, a protestant, to placate her enemies, after hearing that Knox storms the Edinburgh Castle and burns Mary's effigies. Mary has decided to fight for her country no matter who gets  struck down in the process, so she is will to ask the Vatican for funds to fight for the Protestants.

Meanwhile in English court, Lola herself at odd with Elizabeth because she refuses to give her inside information on Mary and set one of her dress on fire. However after doing some digging, Lola finds a red wig in a maid's bag that looks exactly like Elizabeth's hair which reveals that Lord William, Elizabeth's advisor, has sexual fantasies about her. Lola used this information to get on Elizabeth’s good side even though I don’t think she has one of those. An angry Elizabeth confronts William who tells her that he has been in love with her for a long time but have never acted on it because he didn’t want to ruin her reputation, but Elizabeth is not buying it and put it together that he was the one who poisoned her and terminated her pregnancy. He  told her that he wanted to protect her and the crown, but she dismissed him. 

This episode has opened up the plot for much more possibilities; How will Catherine handle being blackmailed by her young lover Christophe. Can Charles handle being King of a country and manage the responsibility that comes with being King? Mary must find a suitor soon and she is getting so desperate I think she would marry anyone at this time point. My question is why can’t Mary Marry Charles; I get that she was married to his brother but they seem to have a good friendship and I think that Francis would approve. My concern is that Christophe is going to use his newfound power to take over the Castle and in the end Catherine’s secret will come out anyway; Catherine has found herself in another predicament. 

What are your thoughts on Mary marrying Charles?

How should Catherine Handle her Christophe situation?

Can Charles manage the responsibility of being King?

Here is video recap, please watch and enjoy...