#TheFlash S2 Ep 19 “Back to Normal” Recap, Barry Allen Is Only Human

The title is befitting the episode in every way. Barry deals with the consequence of giving up his speed to Zoom to save Wally’s life. The episode started with Barry getting ready on a regular morning with his speed, and he does everything in a flash, then they showed us what Barry’s morning is like without speed, and I can tell you that he will really appreciate having speed when it returns. I don’t know how much longer he can survive without his speed, and the crazy thing is not having his speed doesn’t prevent the bad guys from acting up. Shortly after leaving Jesse’s apartment Wells gets attacked and kidnapped by Griffin Grey, who demands Wells find a cure for his metahuman abilities . Grey has superhuman strength, which causes rapid aging when he exerts himself, so he now looks like a 65-year-old man and he is only 18 years old. Barry and Cisco realize that when Grey uses his super strength, he accelerates his aging process. Barry, Joe, and Cisco pays Grey a visit to rescue Wells, but it didn’t go as planned and Barry got hurt. Barry getting hurt gave me mixed feeling only because he got to spend time with Iris and I love #WestAllen moment. This was also a great scene because Barry uses, this time, to tell Iris that she was the first person he saved after receiving his power not fully understanding his abilities, this was a beautiful and touching scene. Cisco and Jesse upgraded Barry’s Flash suit to be able to take a solid punch without breaking his bones. Team Flash worked together to save Wells. Their plan worked, and Grey aged to death, that’s something I would never think I would say in my lifetime. After being reunited with Jesse and the team, Wells offers to rebuild the particle accelerator to give Barry back his speed back to defeat Zoom. Meanwhile, On Earth-2, Hunter/Zoom declares is love to Caitlin telling her it has the reason he took her from her friends, worst idea every. Caitlin meets her doppelganger Killer Frost, who was also captured by Zoom and the look on Caitlin's face, was priceless. Killer Frost convinces Caitlin to help her escape and in return she will help her escape #Badidea anyone; Caitlin was able to break the glass and free Frost, and Frost immediately attempts to kill her (I saw that coming #Villian). Zoom arrives in a flash “pun intended” and kills Killer Frost, I must say that I liked killer frost and I am disappointed in her death. Zoom warns Caitlin not to free the man in the iron mask (WHO DO YOU THINK IS UNDER THAT MASK?) or he will end up dead like Frost. Later, Zoom decided that now Earth 2 is destroyed he wants to conquer the other Earth in the multiverse, and first on his agenda is Earth-1. Zoom and Caitlin head back to Earth 1.