#Arrow’s Recap of Episode Eleven-Fifty-Nine “Tragedy Strikes & Mayhem Begins.”

Another heartbreaking episode from the writers and creators of the Arrow, whether you are a fan of (Katie Cassidy) Laurel Lance/Black Canary, this episode is going to break your heart. For months, we have been debating who was in the grave and despite the leaks photos that showed Katie Cassidy) Laurel Lance/Black Canary in the grave it could have prepared you for this moment. When the episode began I notice the sadness in Katie Cassidy) Laurel Lance/Black Canary eyes and face but I thought that she was just exhausted, and boy was I wrong. I am a big fan Cassidy, and she has being a big part of the series since the beginning, and I will surely miss her each week. There are talks about Cassidy being on the flash as her Earth 2 double Black Siren, so we know we will see her again soon. (#RIP LaurelLance, #BlackCanary) The episode also revealed that Andy Diggle was still working for Darkh after convincing the team that he was a changed man, and he was a double agent on team Arrow’s side. However, the sad part of him betraying the team was him allow his brother to hold a gun to his partner and best friend Oliver's head. That was another heartbreaking scene for us all. The ripple effect from this episode will be exciting to watch but it still sad to see an awesome character go.

I have prepared a video recap of episode Eleven-Fifty-Nine, please watch, cry and enjoy. (#RIP LaurelLance, #BlackCanary