#Supernatural "All in the Family" Recap and Review

So if you missed tonight's airing of season 11 episode 21, here's what you missed:

Chuck takes the Winchesters back to the bunker and lets them absorb the big news of his identity as he kicks back and eats takeout while watching curling. Sam and Dean try to locate Amara, and find that another town has been taken over by the fog, with much more grim results this time around. They go to talk to the only survivor, Donatello, a professor that they believe to be the next  prophet and bring him back to the bunker as well. Metatron contacts the boys and reveals that Chuck isn't planning on fighting Amara; he plans to sacrifice himself for his creation. 

Metatron joins the gang at the bunker and discusses what to do next with Sam, Dean, and Donatello. Donatello explains that he may be able to locate Amara's hiding spot, so Dean reaches out to her. While she is distracted, the other three find her hide out and come to Lucifer's rescue. Lucifer agrees to work with Chuck to defeat Amara, although Chuck has repeatedly voiced  his objections to the plan. 

Amara discovers that Dean has been talking to Chuck and heads back to her lair. Sam and Donatello escape with Lucifer, leaving Metatron behind to face her. His efforts are futile, as expected, and he is sucked away on a black fog. Amara stops the escaping group in the middle of the road and suddenly they find themselves (and the Impala) back at the bunker, thanks to Chuck.

This episode was pretty slow: lots of dialogue, not a lot of action, but it was good for clarification. I think we all can appreciate the adorable fan-boy episode that Sam had when meeting Chuck as god. I for one was pretty interested by the comment that Chuck made to Dean telling him that he was the "firewall" between light and darkness. We all know that Dean has been through hell (literally and figuratively) and all he wants to rest and for the world just to go back to the way it was. But now it can't. Our hearts all break for our well-loved big brother Dean. It's this tiredness that we can see that lends doubt to his answer to Amara's invitation to join her eternally. While I personally don't think that he will accept, I can see how it might be a tempting offer. After all, who can resist numbness in the light of so much pain?


Next episode of Supernatural airs Wednesday the 15th at 9/8c.