GRIMM S5 Ep19 "The Taming of the Wu" or Can We Say "Oh Snap!"

Well, if you were complaining last week of the the many plot lines not being touched upon, well, I think this week makes up for some of that!

All that wanting this kid back.....she is kind of EVIL....

All that wanting this kid back.....she is kind of EVIL....

Amazing episode which also seemed to flow better than last weeks.  I was right about a couple of things and then there were a few things that made me say "Holy Crap!" and moan.  I am just hoping my instincts are fairly accurate in what is actually going on, but we will have to wait and see.  I know, patience in a virtue.  Not sure I have a lot of that going on when the shows get the stress levels up.  *grin*


This episode picks up really where it left off last week.  Wu was taken to the hospital due to a head injury when he went all werewolf and his head met a bench.  We find him awake now and the doctor is checking his eyes when Nick and Hank come in. He’s fine, but they want to keep him for observation one more night.  The conversation between Wu and the guys that follows made me laugh.

“Thanks for coming.”

“We couldn’t think of how to get out of it.”

“That is why we brought chocolates and flowers.”

“Where are they?”

“Oh, we didn’t bring them for you.  It was our reward for coming here.”

“I ate the chocolate, he kept the flowers.”


Nick and Hank leave the room and as they pass a desk we see our first peek of Mr. Weirdo.  He watches them leave, then he peeks in Wu’s room and makes a phone call that says, “Yes, he’s here at the hospital.”  Wait….WHAT?  Someone is watching Wu.  Does it have to do with Black Claw?

Two of our other favorite people came back this week!  Meisner shows up at a house at dark and security lights come on.  He checks around the inside of the house and finds a couple of people dead and signs of a struggle.  He goes into a child’s room and looks around and finds a Black Claw mark on the wall.  Love the Brothers Grimm storybook on the bed by the way!

 He hears a noise and goes back into the main area of the house and there is a big man who asks if he found what he was looking for.  Meisner asks “Where is she?” and that by telling him it could save a lot of unnecessary bloodshed.  The guy smirks and says “Not Yours!” and Woges and comes at Meisner.  They fight.  I am sure many a woman loved this scene for one special reason.  Meisner’s shirt comes off in the fight.  How convenient!  *grin* He is lying on the floor and the Wesen is about to clobber him when he is attacked from the behind and his hand is cut off.  He looks surprised, turns around and is stabbed by none other than Trubel!  I admit, I was so thrilled to see these two again!  

Meisner tells Trubel that Black Claw took Diana.  She tells him there WERE three of these guys.  Meisner says they will need the fingerprints from all of them and with that Trubel bends down, picks up the Wesens hand and says “I will get the other two.” and walks out.  Meisner looks at a picture of Diana and he just knows it is going to get real ugly before it gets better.  Makes me wonder if he still has a special bond with Diana like when she was born.

Meanwhile, back with Adalind and Diana, Diana wants her mommy to come with her.   Adalind tells her she is trying.  Diana doesn’t like that answer and demands it be now.  Her eyes start to glow that odd purple color and sheet metal starts to rattle on the wall.  Renard tries to talk some sense into her, but Diana won’t listen.  He pleads with Adalind to do something.  Adalind tells Diana to look at her and that she just needs some more time.  A piece of metal flies off and is embedded into a column.  Diana looks at her mother and says “Okay” and smiles.  No, this child is NOT creepy at all.

Insert short scene here of Hank helping Zuri to clean up after dinner and they kiss.  Like I said last week, I DO NOT TRUST her.  Something is up.

Adalind is woken by Diana’s voice calling her and asking where she is? Adalind cries out to her and then comes down from the bedroom to find Nick with Kelly.  They talk and she shows him by telekinesis, that she is a Hexenbiest again.  She looks at him and can tell that he already knew.  She assures him that she has tried many times to tell him, but would freeze and that she would NEVER hurt him.  She wonders when the world will leave them alone.  Not for a time yet my dearie, I’m afraid.  Wouldn’t make for great show if all was calm in Grimm world!

Back at the hospital, Wu is having a fitful dream of hunting that dog.  There is a nurse in the room checking his vitals at the monitors and she looks down at him as he moans and is restless.  Of course, he changes right then and there and she screams and runs out as he wakes up.  She tries to explain to her co-workers what she saw and takes them back into the room, but the bed is empty.  “IT got out!  IT got out!” she cries and just then the bathroom door opens and out comes Wu who gives a look of surprise and confusion on his face.  He explains he just had to go to the bathroom and if everything is okay.  They all turn and look at a very confused nurse.  Great and awesome save there Wumeister!  That was a close call! 

The next morning, Nick and Hank come by the hospital to check on Wu.  We see Mr. Weirdo still there at the hospital.  Still wondering WHY he is watching Wu! The doctor tells Wu that there is a weird anomaly in his blood (Hmmmmm…wonder what the hell that could possibly be …lol) but he is in great health and has been stable so he can go home.  Wu is happy and tells the guys to get him out of there because he is starving.

Back at Wu’s apartment, he has fast food bags and devours an entire hamburger in record time.  The guys are amazed and Wu jokes he has been dreaming about red meat.  He decides then to tell them he has been having some primal, savage dreams lately.  Nick says that if they happen again or anything weird, to call Rosalee.  She may have something to help with the dreams.

Adalind is working from home when she hears Diana’s voice again.  Diana is again calling “Mommy!  Mommy!  Where are you!” over and over.  Adalind looks up at a window and sees a reflection of Diana and calls to her.  Diana starts to get angry and frustrated and causes pain in Adalind’s head.  Meanwhile, Eve, working at the computer, has the same reaction and can hear Diana also.  We see Diana standing at a window and is calling for Mommy.  She turns and points and says “YOU are NOT my Mommy!” meaning Eve.  Eve, doubled over from pain, looks at a mirror that begins to crack and proceeds to crack and form a skull design.  I am not sure about this child.  I think I trust Black Claw right now more than her.  She is reminding me of a couple of baddies they had on Supernatural and that didn’t bode well. My question is this.  If the Resistance has had her, then has anyone worked with her to learn these powers, or is supposed to come naturally? 

Eve still staring in awe at the mirror and what just happened hears a knock on the door.  It is Trubel and Meisner.  They tell Eve that Black Claw has Diana and she says she knows because she believes she just had contact with her.  The girl is extremely powerful, Eve states, and that she felt some of that power and it was like touching lightening.  I can tell you, if Eve is worried, then so am I.  Eve is more powerful than Adalind and both of them are afraid of this child.  Trubel says they need to tell Nick so she calls him and tells him to bring Hank too.

Meanwhile, Wu was wrong to hope that the rest of his afternoon would be normal.  He cuts his hand and it changes.  He closes his eyes and calms down and it disappears.  He calls Rosalee and won’t go into detail, but he wants to come over.  She says her and Monroe will wait for him.  He looks out the window and sees a truck that has been sitting there with its driver all day.  He comes outside and instead of getting into his car, walks past the truck and waits around the corner.  Of course, it is the Mr. Weirdo who we find out is Theo.  Wu threatens him when Theo won’t tell him why he has been sitting outside his apartment all day.  Theo gets defensive and Woges and attacks Wu.  Hank receives the phone call of a body when he and Nick are visiting Eve and crew at the bunker about Diana.

They find Theo’s body with its throat ripped out.  While contemplating how that happened, Nick gets a call from Rosalee wondering where Wu is and explains why.  Nick takes Hank to check in on Wu at his apartment.  They find the door part way open and Wu lying on the bed covered in blood.  He looks dead, but they manage to wake him.  He is confused and disoriented.  They try to get him to remember what happened, but he can only remember up to Theo attacking him.  They have him get cleaned up and go to the crime scene to make sure it was that person who attacked him.  Then they head over to the Spice Shop.

Poor Adalind, who wants the world to just leave her alone and to have a normal freaking life, finds out that it won’t be happening anytime soon.  Mr. Bonaparte comes to visit.  We see him in a scene after Adalind is returned home and Renard tucks in Diana.  Bonaparte is there to visit Renard and to stress that Adalind is a Hexenbiest and all the more reason she should be with them.  They also want the Grimm.  I am thinking at this point, that they may only know about ONE Grimm, meaning Nick and have no idea about Trubel yet.  That may be a good thing.  He comes to Adalind (guess he didn’t trust Renard to do it) and tells her she has until the end of the day to make her decision.  The threat he uses is creepy.  There are names for when you lose a spouse (Widow or Widower) and when a child loses a paren (Orphan), but there is no name for when you lose a child.  No threat implied there you creepazoid! Bonaparte is a.......fill in the blank here.

Oh, let’s not forget about Zuri!  When Nick calls Trubel to find out if Theo is in their database, Hank calls Zuri.  He tells her he will make it tonight for their time together.  We see Zuri and low and behold, there is Bonaparte in the background!  I WAS right about her!  She gets off the phone and smiles at Bonaparte and tells him Hank will be there.  The bitch is working with Black Claw!  Knew it!

Adalind cries as she holds Kelly and tries to figure out what to do.  Here is an idea! You should have TOLD NICK what was going on!  But no, that isn’t Adalind’s style is it? She always does things without telling anyone else and she and others pay the price. Her phone rings and it is Renard telling her she has run out of time.  Well, it ISN’T really Renard!  It is your creepy ass daughter Adalind!  Diana is standing looking in a mirror with her eyes glowing and speaking in Renard’s voice.  Oh yea….yet another thing this child can do that can be detrimental to our Grimm gang if she is used for evil!

Back at the Spice Shop, Wu is telling the gang about his dreams.  He says when it came to Theo, he only remembers when he was attacked, but then it was like he blacked out.  Monroe suggests something and Rosalee agrees.  A concoction, whose name I will not try to spell out here, but translates to “Recall the Darkness”.  With a name like that, it has to be awesome, right?   This concoction is supposed to stimulate the hippocampus in the brain and open up the little vault we all have to store our most deep and darkest secrets and memories.  So, they whip up a batch of this blue stuff and Wu has to drink it all at once and then lay down.  He hopes it won’t go back too far in his memories, because he did some things in high school…..LOL.  He falls asleep, but has the ability to sleep talk.  He remembers out loud what happened that day and as he gets to the part where he changed and dug his claws into Theo’s throat, he changes for real.  Rosalee jumps up and runs over to Monroe and the others and says she has never seen anything like that before.  Monroe records Wu’s transformation on his tablet.  They are all stumped, but Rosalee says she thinks he may have been bitten.  It reminds her of what happens with the Lycanthrope virus.  Monroe says that it is a virus reserved only for Blutbaden.  Rosalee says not enough research has been done, but it may be possible to transmit the virus that causes Lycanthropy to a human. Monroe shows Wu the video and Wu is stunned.  However, iIt does NOT mean he is Wesen he is told, but that it seems to be caused by emotional response.  They think Wu should stay with them for a bit to make sure he is fine and can find a way to control it.  Wu says it is HIS responsibility to learn to control it so he doesn’t hurt anyone else. 

Wu tells it like it happened and then shows some!

Wu tells it like it happened and then shows some!

Nick receives a phone call from Trubel, saying that yes, Theo was in their database and that it would be easier to send him the list of his known associates.  I wonder if Zuri is on that list.  She notes that Theo is dead and Eve comes in and takes the phone. She tells Nick that there is something going on with Adalind and he needs to get home.  Nick leaves and Hank looks at everyone and says they all need to start watching their backs.  Maybe Hank should heed his own advice as he shows up at Zuri’s house!

Nick comes home to find Adalind and Kelly gone.  The crib is empty.  He finds a note on the table from Adalind.  She says she is doing something she has to do and doing it to protect her children.  She doesn’t expect him to understand this or the fact she does love him.  She is sorry.  This is where I say S.O.B.!!

A very full hour of Grimm!  A lot going on!  You are messing with Nick’s family and I have a feeling it is going to get ugly!  Meisner was right!  Here are my hopes!  Renard is undercover within Black Claw and he will get to Adalind and tell her.  Together they will get Diana to work with them (or someone hurts one of them and ticks Diana off).  Not sure if Kelly will ever have any powers early on to help out in matters, but we will have to see.  Adalind or Diana will be able to communicate to Eve and along with whatever that secret stick does (I am sure it is more than just a healing stick) they will bring down Black Claw.  I doubt all this will come to fruition within the last two episodes of the season, but one can hope. 

Thanks for reading and see you next week!