Dark Matter Season 1 Recap And Premiere Date

A mismatched group of amnesiacs wakes up on a damaged spaceship with a cargo bay full of weapons. With no recollection of who they are, how they got there, or where they were going, the group names themselves according to the order they wake up, numbers 1-6. They discover that the ship's hard drive was erased, but with the help of an on board android, they are able to reconstruct the ship's navigation data. With no other options immediately available, they go ahead with the trip and find themselves at a mining planet desperately trying to hold out against galactic corporations who what their planetary resources. The miners reveal that they are waiting for a support shipment of weapons to help them hold out against a terrifying invasion force known as Raza. The Raza leave no survivors, and rumors have spread far and wide, but 1 convinces the crew to stay and help anyway. But before they can return to the planet's surface to help, the android manages to recover personnel files from the ships recently erased memory. They discover that the ship's name is Raza, and all five of its crew have criminal records. Circumstances evolve and the crew of the Raze decides to stay and help the miners.

As the season progresses, the crew does everything they can to survive while on the run from the Ferris Corporation and to unlock their pasts. Five begins to have dreams and remember the past: all of their pasts. While she is left to sort out whose memories are whose, the others track down other leads--or a found by them.  1 discovers that he is not who his file says. Rather, he stole the identity of that man and assumed his face. 2 is an engineered fighter on the run from her cruel creators. 3 was a fighter who deserted his war. 4 is an exiled prince, wanted for the murder of his father. 5 was a stowaway, who was looking for a better life, and 6 is running from a deadly past in the 

The more the crew learns about their past, the threat of betrayal from within grows, but without their memories, there is no way to know who the traitor is. Tension build to the jaw-dropping season 1 finale, where the traitor is revealed to be 6. 

Season 2 is set to premier on Syfy, July 1 at 10/9c.