Outlander S2 Ep5 "Untimely Resurrection" Preview

The poor Frasers still need to deal with the aftermath of that "awesome" dinner party and with what happened to Mary.  It has left her not only bruised, but very much the worse for wear mentally.  Though not a central figure, she reappears a few times in the books and she will be better, so rest assured and Jamie and Murtagh will plot and scheme to seek some revenge on the Comte.

We were finally blessed with an episode of Jamie and Claire making their way back to each other and then this evil, sadistic bastard shows up....Black Jack Randall. The beautiful afterglow of the last episode will fade out and a new glow, the color of blood will begin to burn as Jamie's need for revenge on the man who tortured and raped him, and the great need for closure so he can try to move on.  Then Claire's stubbornness of stopping anything that may put Frank's existence at risk that will have a dangerous impact on her marriage to Jamie.

We are never sure in the books as to why BJR comes to Paris, though his brother is there and as we saw from a previous episode he doesn't seem well.  However it is suggested that it may have to do with Sandringham.  The man very well may have summoned BJR there just to get under Jamie's skin, knowing Jamie would challenge the man to a duel, and it being highly illegal in Paris, would result in Jamie getting imprisoned.  This would be at the King's pleasure, which means, as long as he deems it to be.  This would also affect Jamie's relationships and influence with Prince Charles and King Louis.  This way the Duke would have no barriers and carry on with his plan, whatever that may be.  He does seem to be playing both sides.  I wonder if the Duke believes in Karma, because it may very well come and bite him in the ass. 

It seems that Claire, upon seeing BJR in Paris, quickly calls authorities and informs them of the threat by BJR to her husband and he is put in jail.  This will only be temporary of course and Claire is hoping that it will buy some time (because if they do it like the book, Murtagh is off on a mission and is not around).  However, a duel will happen and the question is....WHO calls authorities then and has Jamie arrested?  I am sure it is someone we know all too well.  

 Claire will say something to Jamie about him owing her a life.  The question is does he really?  Yes, she saved his life, I believe more than once.  However, Jamie has saved hers just as much.  I can understand both their perspectives.  Being married now and if I was in Claire's shoes, I might just try to prevent my first husband from becoming non-existent.  To her, it is like they have Frank's destiny and life in their hands and if she allows Jamie to kill BJR, than they have killed Frank as well.  Knowing what I know, this is where Claire can use the power of hindsight.

There is a part that happens (at least in the book) at the duel.  It begins a little before that, but Jamie's actions don't help matters.  It broke my heart in the book and I am sure it will do the same on screen.  Lots of tissues.

I have watched 4 episodes so far of this season and though everything is not exactly like it happened in the book, I have been happy.  It seems that the scenes that are changed could very well HAVE been in the books!  Also, they are touching upon many of the most important things in the order they happen in the book which, to me at least, is very important.  

Like I said in the beginning.....Hold on folks, because this is going to be a very bumpy ride!