#The Flash S2 Ep20 "Rupture" Recap Zoom Is Here

Zoom has brought Caitlin back to Earth 1 and he is getting straight to work taking over Central City. The episode begins with the police in pursuit of a couple criminals who are trying to escape in a car. They are thwarted by the appearance of the Flash. It is quickly revealed that the Flash is actually a hologram that Cisco and Barry are projecting from star labs. Harrison Wells warns against them using the hologram, stating that it won't take long for people to wise up and realize that it is a fake. Wells tells Barry that he should focus on getting his speed back, by recreating a controlled particle accelerator explosion. The team has mixed opinions of this plan, but Wells insists that it is the only way. Barry drives out to visit his father and explains how he lost his speed and what has been going on since they last talked. Barry's father gives him a pep talk about being the good person he is with or without his powers. He then agrees to go back to Central city with Barry. Back at Central City Wells and Cisco work on a way to contain the particle accelerator explosion. Cisco and Wells get into an argument that causes Cisco to vibe. He sees his brother and leaves to check up on him, as Barry and Henry arrive. A little later Zoom attacks the CCPD and takes it over, only sparing the officers because Caitlin begged him to. The police evacuate, giving Zoom a new Base of Operations and a place to keep Caitlin. Cisco meets with his brother Dante at a bar and sees on the news that Zoom had taken over CCPD. Outside the bar, Cisco and Dante are attacked by Rupture, Dante's Earth 2 counterpart. Rupture blames Cisco for Reverb's death on Earth 2 and wants revenge. They escape and head back to star labs, where they regroup. The team gets a text from Caitlin, who found a phone in an evidence box at CCPD, warning them that Rupture will attack the CCPD's new HQ at Jitters Cafe. Barry decides that trying to get his speed back is too risky and chooses to use the Flash hologram to help the police capture Rupture as a show of strength to Zoom. Joe locks Wally and Jesse in the Reverse Flash's Time Vault to keep them safe. Cisco reveals to Dante that he is a metahuman. At Jitters, Rupture attacks and falls into the trap that was set for him. As the police arrest Rupture, Zoom arrives and kills everyone there accept Joe, Barry, Rupture, and Captain Singh. To send more of a message he also kills Rupture before running off. Back at Star Labs, Cisco reconciles with Dante and Barry decides to use the Particle Accelerator to get his speed back. As they activate the execrator Barry his hit by lightning Cisco catches with Weather Wizard's wand and the Dark Matter created by the controlled explosion. Unfortunately, instead of giving Barry his speed back, the massive flux of energy disintegrates him. A wave of energy rushes through the halls of Star Labs and hits Wally and Jesse, who have just escaped the time vault. They are knocked unconscious as the wave dissipates. Iris, Joe, Cisco, Henry, and Wells look on in horror as Zoom arrives and gloats that they killed the Flash. Zoom holds up the burnt remnants of The Flash's suit, then leaves to continue his rule over Central City.


This episode has been, by far, the darkest episode of The Flash that has aired. It is also one of the best episodes to date. Zoom moves to Earth 1 and immediately begins terrorizing Central City. The episode features two rather dark scenes. First, is when Zoom shows up at Jitters after Rupture is captured. He moves so fast through the police officers that you at first think he may be taking their weapons or unloading them. A couple shots of guys turning their heads reveals what really happened. As Zoom stands there the officers keep pointing at him, until they all simultaneously drop dead on the floor. HE BROKE ALL OF THEIR NECKS IN LIKE 2 SECONDS!! This was really dark. Its true that Reverse Flash has also taken down multiple cops in one go, but the shear terror and delay of death in this scene is almost unsettling and shows how far Zoom will go. The second is at the end of the episode. When they try to give Barry back his powers, it seems like it is working at first. But instead of lightning moving around him, Barry is actually disintegrating. He is allegedly ripped apart, screaming in pain in front of all of his loved ones. This, and the Zoom incident earlier, are very dark scenes for the often lighter hearted Flash. However, that makes it have that much more of an impact. When a show like Arrow does something really dark, it is expected because it is consistently darker (despite the promise for a "lighter tone" for season 4). For Flash this shows even more the sense of hopelessness and dread that everyone must be feeling and is a powerful tool for pushing the show toward the season finale.

What i loved about this episode was that despite all of the dark happenings and grim atmosphere, there were still genuinely bright moments. From the return of John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen to Dante's reconciliation with Cisco to Wally and Jesse's interaction in the time vault. What probably got most fans talking was Iris and the long anticipated conversation with Barry where she shared her true feelings for him. This was a powerful moment that was conducted with a natural feel.  What i loved about it is it felt genuine and didn't lead right into an embrace or make out session. Barry was surprised by it and was given time to absorb it. Im not a romance guy, especially with superhero shows. I enjoy the character interactions, the humor, and the action. But i must say this was the only romantic conversation in the arrowverse this season that didn't have me skeptical or rolling my eyes at the tv screen. The writers handled it very well.

Now lets talk about teases. There were several teases in this episode that brought me back to my super happy comic book geek state. First of all, during the conversation Barry had with his dad, at his dad's house, he mentioned that Jay Garrick was really Zoom and had been deceiving then the whole time. Henry then seemed interested with Jays name. Henry then states, "Garrick?...My mom's maiden name.". This made me immediately think of the man in the Metal Mask in Zoom's lair on Earth 2. I have been thinking for a while that the man might be the real Jay Garrick. But what if he is Henry Allen's Earth 2 counterpart or someone related to him? It would be cool to have John Wesley Shipp put on the red suit one last time during the season finale as the helmet wearing Crimson Comet. As cool as that was, the second tease is something that i am far more excited about. At the end of the episode, when Barry is apparently killed, a wave of energy strikes Jesse and Wally. I believe this is the origin of Kid Flash and Jesse Quick. They will have their speed soon enough and one or both will join the Flash in fighting crime in the Central City. I get super excited when i think about 2 or 3 speedsters fighting crime together. It would also lead to more intense villains who could stand up to multiple speedsters. 

This episode is a perfect example of what the arrowverse shows should do a few times each season. Not only did it have a great a great story and meaningful interactions between the characters, but it also teased what's to come in future episodes and the next season. 



-How did you like the episode?

-Who do you think is behind the Metal Mask?

-Are you more excited for Kid Flash or Jesse Quick?