#Legends of Tomorrow S1 Ep14 "River of Time" Recap: The Master of Time

This episode is a direct continuation of the previous episode "Leviathan". After capturing Savage and a reincarnated, brainwashed Carter, the team discovers that Savage found out how to travel through time and was using futuristic technology in 2166. Rip explains that the Time Council would then have to prosecute Savage for tampering with the timeline. Unfortunately, they run into problems when he Wave Rider breaks down in the time stream. Rip sends JAx to fix the time drive, but he is affected by a lethal amount of Time Radiation in the process. To save Jax, Stein puts him in the Jumpship and sends him back to 2016, which would reverse the affects of the time radiation. Savage tries to mess with the crew who visit him in his cell, while Kendra tries to get Carter to remember who he is. Savage succeeds in getting to Ray, who breaks up with Kendra, after telling her that she would always end up with Carter. Ray returns to Savage who drives him over the edge. Ray opens the cell and fights Savage but loses and is knocked out. Savage escapes and releases Carter. While Snart, Mick, Ray, and Kendra try to fight off a loose Savage and Carter, Rip, Sara, and Stein try to navigate the Wave Rider through the time stream without Gideon, who was shut down by Savage. The team members sent to fight Savage are all defeated and even Rip is downed. Savage begins to strangle Kendra, which cause Carter to remember his past lives. Carter attacks Savage, but is stabbed, while Kendra finishes subduing the Immortal. Carter is sent to the med bay to recover. The team arrives at the Vanishing point to deliver Savage. Rips goes to give Savage up to the Time Council, but the unthinkable happens. The Council releases Savage and arrests Rip. They are in league with each other. The Council sends men aboard the Wave Rider to arrest the rest of the team. Sara and Snart hide, but the rest are captured. In the final scene, Savage visits Rip in a cell and gloats, before heading out to 2166 to kill Rip's family.

This episode was a good continuation of the episode before. I enjoy legends because it is a fun show that gives multiple characters in the arrowverse exposure and storylines. This episode, though not as action packed as others in the season, explores the members of the team. Jax, Sara, Martin, and Rip all get some small flashbacks to build the characters a bit more. Vandal is visited by Ray and Sara while he is in the brig and they share some interesting dialogue there. All of this was good, but the best part of the episode was the twist at the end. When it was revealed that the Time Council was in league with Vandel Savage, I was pretty surprised. I was expecting Rip to get arrested, because the Time Masters always came off as people who would do that, but i wasn't expecting them to be with Savage, that was an unexpected twist, and with only two episodes left in the season, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen next. I am excited to both watch and recap the remaining two episodes as this season comes to a close.



-Are you glad to have Carter back?

-Do you think Snart and Sara will be able to save the team?