#LegendsofTomorrow 2x08 "The Chicago Way" Recap & Review

In the mid-season finale of Legends, the team travels to Chicago, 1927 to investigate a time aberration. This is the time period where Al Capone and his gang were in control of much of the city. The Legends attempt to assist Eliot Ness, in busting Capone for insurance fraud, hence fixing the timeline. When Ness is injured, Nate and Ray have to take his place. Mick begins to suffer form hallucinations of his old partner Leonard Snart, who taunts Mick about staying with the Legends. The mission goes sideways when the team discovers that Damian Darhk and Reverse Flash are the ones responsible for the aberration and only created it to draw the Legends to them. 

Stein and Sara are taken by Reverse Flash and the rest of the team must rely on Mick to come up with a plan. At the villain's hideout, Sara and Stein are visited by Malcolm Merlyn, who tells them that the Legion of Doom wants the amulet that the team took in a previous episode. When the two refuse, Malcolm leaves and Darhk arrives, taking Stein to be tortured. The Reverse Flash uses the same device that he used on Earth 1's Harrison Wells to steal Stein's identity and infiltrate the Waverider. The team finds out that Stein is really the Speedster and try to stop him. With his speed, the Reverse Flash proves more than a match for the Legends. On top of That, Malcolm Merlyn leads Capone's gang into the Waverider.

Merlyn makes his way to the bridge looking for something and confronts Sara. The two fight and Sara comes out on top. Merlyn makes a deal with Sara, to give up Stein if she gives him the amulet. The Reverse Flash fails to find the amulet in the rest of the ship and retreats. The team finds Stein, about to be executed by Capone, and saves him. Ray and Nate deliver incriminating evidence the Ness, correcting the timeline. Back on board the ship the team recuperates after succeeding in correcting the timeline.

The Legion also regroups and Reverse Flash, shows Darhk and Merlyn a holographic map that leads to a relic called the Spear of Destiny. He claims that they can use it to rewrite reality. They plan to track down Rip Hunter, who is revealed to be in Los Angeles 1967. He also appears to be a film director, showing no signs of being, or at least knowing that he is, Rip Hunter.

The Legion of Doom (1927)

The Legion of Doom (1927)

This was a fun episode and it had an all-star cast form across the Arrowverse. Having a team of Super villains in the place of one, adds a more realistic difficulty for the Legends in this season. One of the big reveals of the episode was Malcolm Merlyn's recruitment into the Legion of Doom. Acting as a schemer and all around thorn in the side, Merlyn adds another level of familiarity to the Legion, for fans who may watch Arrow and not Flash.

Another big reveal was the return of Leonard Snart. Though he only appears as a hallucination, it teases his actual return, which is suppose to happen in the second half of the season. Having Snart back with the same mentality he had on the Flash, shows the audience who much Mick has grown as a character and even how much Snart grew up to his death in S1 of Legends. It will be interesting to have them meet face-to-face again.

The last big reveal is the discovery that Rip Hunter is alive. Though this reveal comes with a whole slew of questions. How is he alive? Why does he appear to be a completely different Rip? Is it hiding or memory lose? Will he return to the team? All of these questions are things that we will ponder over the break. In conclusion, this episode was fun and was a small step up from the previous episodes this season. Hopefully, the show runners will be able to continue to up the stakes and give the fans a truly exciting season.