Arrow Season 7 Premiere Review Inmate 4587

Can I say wow what a cool episode that was for the first season? This episode was fast pasted including the fight scenes for the characters. Here are my five moments from the episode:

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1) Oliver is in prison. Yes, people, this is what we were waiting for to see and how Oliver spends his time in prison. Well, we knew it was going to be hell which it is. The choices Oliver wants to make to see his family again. He wants to keep his head down, and Diaz literally won because, to be honest, that is like the first time to me because he feels defeated.

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2) Felicity and William in witness protection. Felicity and William are not in a good spot in their lives because they are both miserable. Felicity does not have her husband, and William does not have his father. I mean the only thing that confuses me is why William cannot call Felicity mom. Okay, I get that his birth mother died but come on! I feel as though after everything that has to happen he would at least call her mom. Anyway, moving on from that little steam blower that I had to put out there. I am happy we were able to see a dynamic with them being in the protection program because when your husband does, I don’t know something drastic. His wife and children are forced into witness protection.

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3) New vigilante in Starling City. So, Is it just me or is Roy from the future or present day is under the mask. I feel as though it is Roy underneath the hood. If it is not then I don’t know who it is. If it is someone else, the CW will hear from me because it would not make any sense. I love that whoever it gives us that season one feels that we have not had in a long time. Let’s talk about his voice this dude sounds like he smoked a lot of drugs to sound like that. In other words, the modulator sounds ugly it makes my voice hurt. (Funny right!!)

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4) Oliver Finally Fights back. What I did not like about Oliver’s character was that he doesn’t want to fight anymore. I would tell Oliver, “Hey look man you better get your coward but up or I slap the animal out of you!!!” It was sad that he let that poor man get beat up and that man is as innocent as Oliver. I was happy towards the end because he was like good screw behavior I am mad. He is mad about his wife almost being killed, her not going back into witness protection, and mad the Diaz still wants to mess with him while he is in prison. So, I was happy that he finally snapped because keeping your head down is not going to last.

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5) William and Roy in the Future. Okay let’s talk about the ending, I mean it was mind-blowing to see William and Roy on Lian Yu. The way William’s sentence was phrased pointed out that Oliver Queen is dead in the future. It is sad that the Original Green Arrow is dead. I think they are either telling two stories, one for the past and present. If not then someone really did travel from the future to keep the legacy alive I have no idea. Like I said these are just theories. Well, I hope you enjoyed my review and thoughts.

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By the way, I would rate this episode a 10 out of 10

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Question of the episode

Who do you think is under the Green Hood and are you impressed?