#Blindspot Season 1 Recap & Season 2 Spoilers

We're just less than 48 hours away to the season premiere of last season's best new drama and then #1 New Drama as well. I'm talking about Blindspot. If you haven't seen Blindspot, where the hell have you been? Well, if you haven't seen it, I'm going to recap the first season here. 

So let me start from the beginning that had us all glued to our TV set. A mysterious black bag was found in the middle of Time Square, and an officer sees a tag that says call FBI. Soon the bag is open as the bomb squad comes near it and soon a mysterious woman, that's known as Jane Doe, coming out naked!

Now Jane Doe doesn't remember who she is and why she was in the bag, to begin with, but comes with all of these mysterious tattoos that make Adam Levine's tattoos look childish. How every there was a name is tatted on her back "Kurt Weller." Weller is a special Agent in the FBI and also the alpha of the pack. At first, he has no clue who she is or why his name is on her back. The two partner up together to solve the tattoos and take down the bad guys but don't say that there isn't anything there. Apparently, Jane Doe could be Weller's childhood friend that went missing name Taylor Shaw,  Weller's father was accused of murdering Tyler Shaw as a child. 

The weirdest and coolest thing is that these tattoos lead to crimes that are or about to happen as well as lead to who or why Jane is in this situation. As the season progressed we find Jane have hidden combat skills that only a trained person would possess. We learn who Jane Doe was before being in the bag as this whole thing becomes a plan to set things right in the country and that in fact, the whole idea was Jane Doe herself as we meet her former lover Oscar, as her boss to get things from the FBI and sabotage. 

For Weller, he's is a by the booking agent who goes head on in any situation. He believes that Jane is Taylor, and the two grows closet together, like when they had to go undercover and take down take a hit-list. We meet Weller's sister and nephew plus his dying father too, who at the end of the season confused that Taylor is dead and that he killed her, and that was after we had thought he didn't do it. 

Now before I go any further, let me talk a little about the amazing supporting characters. Special Agent Edgar Reade, who's a member of Kurt's team, had doubts about who Jane Doe is and didn't like her joining the team. Also dating Kurt's sister too until he was forced to break up due to a threat.  Special Agent Natasha Zapata is one of my favorite characters, who's interesting because she becomes the pet to the CIA Deputy Director Carter by getting information on Jane Doe or she'll face charges of her gambling habits. Also, she and Reade seem to be the best partners and maybe even more than that from what I felt when they look at each other. 

Now I think that everyone would agree that Ashley Johnson's character Special Agent Patterson, the computer brains of the FBI, is literally the best supporting character and the one that we would want to be best friends with, I think. She went through a lot in this season, figuring out the tattoos plus her boyfriend who got killed because he was helping try to solve one of Jane's Tattoos. He paid the price with his life, but it helped her and the team to become more of a family driven team. 

As for the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Beth Mayfair, a strict person and by the book but goes off the lamb for the team. She carried a lot of baggage when Jane come on the team. She was part of the FBI Operation Daylight, a program to use illegally obtained information and present it as coming from faked informants. We see her backstory of losing her girlfriend/partner to even dealing with Carter's bull of pushing her to turn Jane Doe into the CIA. Things didn't go well as she was being framed for a murder that Jane Doe planted, she was shot and killed by Oscar, Jane Doe's former lover.

Where we left the series, Patterson, Reade and Zapata found a secret that Mayfield had hidden that only Patterson could unlock, it was about the projects that she had kept. Weller deals with proving his dying father wrong about Taylor but comes to the truth that he was after digging in the woods. And Jane trying to do things right from the mess that she had created, kills Oscar, but the showdown was between Weller and Jane as he tells her that his dad died but that she's not Taylor. Weller arrest Jane 

The team takes on robbers, Russian KGB agents and more through this first season.  There's so many twists and turns that come into this season that the season finale brought a huge game-changing twist that was so good that the second season is only gonna get better. I can stress enough on the performances from Jay O. Sanders to Trieste Kelly Dunn to even Lou Diamond Phillips (who by the way deserves an Emmy nomination!!!). 


With season two, the trailers and promos look like they have really stepping up their game from season one. One (and probably the only) reason is that Archie Panjabi has gone the cast after the end of The Good Wife this past season. She's playing Nas Kamal, NSA who has been watching the Jane Doe cast from afar for the previous year. 

I do believe if you haven't seen the first season, I think that you can pick up all in the season premiere.

You can catch the season premiere of Blindspot Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 10/9c after the America's Got Talent finale on NBC.