#TheWalkingDead Season 10 Episode 3 ‘Ghosts’ In-Depth Recap

“Ghosts" was a very intense and exciting episode for the plain and simple fact that both Negan and Alpha showed that even though they are feared at their most dangerous, they are also humans underneath their toughened exteriors. Episode 3 of The Walking Dead was terrifyingly amazing.



The episode started with a high action intensity. It started with the title “Hour One” and went into the Hour 50 with non-stop walker waves and killings. All of Alexandria was hard at work killing waves after waves. After the nonstop mayhem, they were working on cleanup when Gamma appeared, telling them that Alpha wants to talk and to meet at the southern border. They want them to call off the walkers but she says they aren’t theirs. A meeting is called. Siddiq is still having a hard time with flashbacks. During the meeting, Daryl asks Lydia if this is her mom and she says it’s not. If it were, she’d have sent the whole herd, she wouldn’t just send a few waves at a time. The Highway Men speaker speaks up and says she wants justice. Michonne asks Daryl how many walkers Alpha had in her horde and he said tens of thousands. Michonne asks her what her plan is and she admits she doesn’t have one. They then decide to meet with Alpha because she just wants to talk. Reinforcements head out to the North and South to weed out some of the walkers. Negan was on walker body cleanup when Gabriel offers him to Aaron. Negan wants to stay behind but Gabriel knows that Aaron needs fighters. Despite the argument, Aaron takes Negan.


Aaron gears up with his spikey arm attachment, and he and Negan disperse. They kill quite a few walkers. On his last walker, Negan finds a crowbar. Aaron orders him to put it down. Negan says that it was put there for a reason, but Aaron makes him put it back. Negan, disgusted, puts it down and kills a few more walkers with his sharpened broom handle. As night fell, Michonne and the others got to the border where they marked the territory with the spikes. No one had made their way there yet. Michonne, Daryl, Carol, and a few others waited patiently. Then, they came. The Whisperers approached from the north wast, and the survivors laid down their weapons. But, Carol had a hidden snub nose revolver in her waistband. As Alpha approached, she says, “There’s one rule between our people, one law…we are always watching.” Michonne tells her that the fire would’ve destroyed their land. Alpha tells her it’s fires nature to burn. She tells Alpha that it would’ve wiped out one of their communities and that that could be understood. Alpha says that she does, but they crossed into their land three times, and that offense has to be punished. But, because it's a first-time occurrence, she'll let it slide with the agreeance of one thing; more land. Angry, Carol says, “we don’t have to listen to this” but is interrupted by Michonne. Alpha wants her to finish, and she does. “This bullshit,” Carol says. Alpha smiles and tells Carol that she can be forgiven if she looks at her feet. Alpha tells Carol that she should fear her and that ‘the blonde boy’ screamed her name. Carol says she feels nothing and takes a shot at her, but Daryl knocks the gun down. Alpha thinks she can understand and apologies ‘mother to mother’. Then, she tells them the creak is their new southern border and that they should run. After the meeting, they prep a camp area, and Carol tells Michonne, “the bitch has to die.” She goes on a walk and sees three whisperers lingering in the forest. She chases after them but comes up empty. They decide to find a building to camp out inside. While on her watch shift, Carol has a visit from Daryl, and he tells her that his dad used to take ‘caffeine’ pills as a truck driver, and it would make him hallucinate. But her alarm goes off, and she tells Daryl about how she was confused with his dad’s story, and he tells her that his dad never drove trucks. She was confused again. After, she explores the building and ‘sees’ a whisperer and steps into a trap. It pulls her up, and she has to kill walkers that approached. Then, she cuts herself loose and gets a shard of glass stuck in her forearm. Daryl and the others come.


As night falls, Aaron and Negan still fight swarm after swarm. Negan tackles a walker and has to use the crowbar. Aaron gets angry and says that he’s taking him back. Negan’s happy about that and says that’s the best news he’s heard all day. Well, Aaron wants him to tie up, but Negan won't do it. Aaron pulls his knife, and Negan laughs. He tells Aaron he’s just pretending, and as Aaron walks by him, he trips Negan. Negan asks Aaron what his problem is, and Aaron says his problem is that he doesn’t care about them, and he would be better off just leaving. Negan smirks. He tells Aaron that he has to protect what is his, and Aaron takes it the way that Negan is blaming him for all that happened, so Aaron turns around and says that Lucille’s death was on him, and he will never right that wrong because sh ’s dead. Negan warns him to be careful. Aaron taunts him and asks him if he wants to say something, and Negan says, “yeah, behind you."

Soon, a couple of walkers came and tackled him to the ground. Aaron fought, and Negan disappeared. Aaron went blind, trying to find Negan. After a minute, Aaron got his footing and found his way to a building close by and went inside, where Negan was sitting there waiting silently. Aaron tried to find his way around while yelling for Negan. A few walkers found their way inside and attacked Aaron. Aaron blinded, he fought half-heartedly. Negan picked up the crowbar and killed the walkers. Dripping with blood, Negan smiled. Negan smiled again. He told him that the walker that got ahold of him was covered in hogweed, and it caused things, including blindness. Negan helped him to his feet and sat him down. He decided to keep watch if Aaron was okay with that. He was. When morning came, Aaron could see Negan. He was watching from the window with the crowbar draped over his shoulder like his precious Lucille. Negan asked if he could see. Aaron says he could, and Negan nodded, meaning “good.”


Back at Alexandria, Carol was sleeping deeply after Danté removed a shard of glass. Michonne asked Siddiq how she did, and he stammered, Danté saying she did great, and Siddiq removed the glass with no problem (even though Danté was the one who transferred it). Afterward, Siddiq was sitting at a table by himself when Danté came with a glass of Alexandria brew. Siddiq said that he was about to sleep. He said that’s why he came. Then, he told him about a man who saw time in Iraq and had the thousand-mile stare and had a lot going on. Siddiq asked what happened to him, and Danté told him that he was looking at him. Michonne went back upstairs to see Judith and RJ. He was sleeping, and Judith asked if it was safe to sleep. Michonne said it was. As the city of Alexandria began to relax, trouble rose, and the episode ended with a walker inside of a whisperer suit…

“Ghosts” was a well-done episode both in action and thrilling settings. What did you think?

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