A Thank You to #SwitchedatBirth @SABTVSeries

I’ve been watching ‘Switched at Birth’ since it first aired in 2011. I remember it slowly taking over little parts of me, with each new culture it brought into my world. Until this show, I didn’t know that the Deaf community existed or the problems it faced. I didn’t realize how much the place you grew up in could affect the way you saw the world. ‘Switched at Birth’ not only opened my eyes to issues I would never have known about, but it gave me the connection I needed to truly see their importance. 

‘Switched at Birth’ is on it’s last season. They’ve had a long run, and the show has always been good, but this season truly feels like their last stand. Each episode is bringing more and more to the table, and taking bigger and bolder risks. They're addressing so many important issues that a lot of TV companies are too afraid to approach. I have never faced true discrimination in my life, but ‘Switched at Birth’ has managed to convey at least of fraction of what it’s like, and that’s all you need to start change. 

This is a show that although started out with a unique storyline, went through a pretty generic timeline. A lot of it was teenager drama, but the deeper we got into the show, the more doors they decided to open. They started to take some pretty ballsy risks and I’ve never been more proud of a show. Watching this show, I feel as if I’m watching some great unveiling of the future as these writers and producers are finally venturing into what has been forbidden territory for years in hollywood. I feel honoured to see not only these characters who I’ve been growing up with for six years now, progress and find themselves, but also see the amazing progress of our society as issues like rasism, sexism, PTSD, LGTBQ rights and so much more are finally making it way to the screen. 

‘Switched at Birth’ may be coming to a close, but this season they have not just opened doors for us- they have obliterated them. I sincerely hope that this progress was not made in vain. Thank you so so much to the writers and producers of this show, I am so looking forward to seeing how this chapter ends, and am even more excited to see how the next one continues.