#AgentsOfS.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 Recap

How did they end up in space? Well, here’s a refresher course.

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The Ghost: Quake meets Ghost Rider while following the watchdogs. She also gets pills from Yo-Yo to keep her bones from breaking. Coulson and Mack are looking for Daisy, even though they were forbidden by Director Mace. Simmons is now in a senior level position. Fitz finds out that Radcliffe is building AIDA and offers to help. May gets infected by the Lucy Bauer.

Meet the Boss: May is infected by Lucy Bauer. Mace subdues her with Inhuman powers. Daisy decides to work with Robby instead of S.H.I.E.L.D. Everyone starts to look into Momentum labs, where Lucy frees more members of the boo crew. Mack finds out that Yo-Yo has been helping Daisy.

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Uprising: The Watchdogs set off an EMP and cause a blackout. They try to blame Inhumans for it. They are backed by Senator Ellen Nadeer, whose brother is in a cocoon. Mace announces the return of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Gabe tells Daisy to leave his brother alone. Radcliffe and Simmons cure May by killing her and then using AIDA’s battery to revive her.

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire: Daisy gets Simmons help to find out where the Watchdogs got a list of Inhumans from. This leads them to Hellfire, who is working with the Watchdogs, but Robby saves them. This was the first introduction of the Darkhold. Robby and Daisy taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons realize that AIDA is a life model decoy.

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Lockup: Simmons has to take a lie detector test, which she gets out of by blackmailing Mace. Lucy infects the staff of the prison Coulson, May, Daisy, Mack, and Robbie are at. Lucy kidnaps Morrow when Robby goes after the gangster that shot him. Mace reveals that he’s an Inhuman, but he’s also secretly working with Nadeer.

The Good Samaritan: Mace sends Simmons on a secret assignment. Robby tells Gabe the story of how he became the Ghost Rider. They tracked Lucy to and abandoned Roxxon plant, where she reveals that Eli Morrow is a bad guy too, and the hit on his car was revenge. Robby kills her. Coulson gives the Darkhold to May. Eli uses the machine to create matter. Coulson, Fitz, and Robby are transported to another dimension.

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Deals with Our Devils: The Ghost Rider leaves Robby and goes into Mack. Simmons saves Nadeer’s brother from his cocoon. May gives Radcliffe the Darkhold, and he gets AIDA to read it, revealing her as an LMD. She creates a portal to bring Coulson, Fitz, and Robby back. Robby makes a deal with the Ghost Rider to get him out of Mack and then disappears into a portal. AIDA begins experimenting with her Darkhold knowledge.


The Laws of Inferno Dynamics: Coulson tells Mace about AIDA and Mace agrees to use her against Eli. He sends May to get her. He also approves a team of Yo-Yo, Robby, and Daisy, as long as the latter stays out of sight. Simmons recalls everyone except Robby, who has already made it inside, and explains that Eli has a plutonium core and can detonate it if anyone tries to stop him. Eli is causing earthquakes by taking the matter from another dimension and Daisy realizes she can control seismic waves. Mace reveals to Coulson why he’s working with Nadeer. Aida makes a portal to get rid of the device. Robby goes down with his uncle. Daisy reveals herself to the public accidentally, and Mace clears her name. May has been replaced by an LMD. Mack and Yo-Yo officially become a couple.


Broken Promises: Fitz and Radcliffe are supposed to wipe AIDA’s memory, but AIDA attacks them. She wants the Darkhold. She uses LMD May to find it, but Mack chops her head off. Fitz keeps the head to study. Radcliffe has another AIDA and organized all of it. Senator Nadeer shoots her brother. First reference to the Superior.

The Patriot: Mace holds a press conference for Daisy, where someone tries to assassinate him. Mace’s plane is attacked in midair and his PR agent is flung from it along with a briefcase. Mace isn’t an Inhuman. He’s been injecting a version of Calvin Zabo’s formula. Real May tries to escape. LMD May finds out she’s not human. Coulson and Mace agree that Mace will stay the figurehead of S.H.I.E.L.D while Coulson runs it.

Wake Up: Daisy and Mace are at a Senate hearing while Coulson and Yo-Yo try to plant surveillance equipment in Nadeer’s office. They get caught and it gives her an excuse to investigate them. May confronts Radcliffe, who tells her that her programming won’t allow her to tell anyone else. Fitz finds out about Radcliffe and takes him into custody, though he’s only and LMD of Radcliffe. The real one is with Nadeer. Him and Aida have real May with them, who is reliving a version of Bahrain where she saved the girl. Mack tells Yo-Yo that he once had a daughter.

Hot Potato Soup: Billy Koenig gets abducted because Coulson gave him the Darkhold, which he hid in the Labyrinth.  Radcliffe steals it and gives it to the Superior, who wants the Darkhold to kill Inhumans and Coulson. Coulson and May kiss before he finds out she’s an LMD. Radcliffe LMD tells Fitz that he knows his father.


BOOM: Coulson and Mack find the woman that Radcliffe based AIDA on and convince her to talk to him. She betrays them and goes with him. When she dies from cancer, Radcliffe uploads her to the Framework with May. The Watchdog bad guy becomes an Inhuman by trying to expose Nadeer. He kills her and kidnaps Mace. Fitz installs an LMD detector.

The Man Behind the Shield: Flashback May and Coulson recover an 084 from a Russian outpost, besting Ivanof’s team, who were later killed. The team eventually finds Mace and fight Ivanof. Daisy buries him under a pile of rubble. Fitzsimmons realize that AIDA is at the base and split up. Communications are briefly cut. Simmons finds out that AIDA left in a submarine and they all leave. Fitzsimmons realize that there are four LMD’s in the base. LMD Coulson reactivates LMD May. Aida retrieves the Superior.

Self Control: The LMD’s are Coulson, Mack, Mace, and Fitz. Coulson decides to bring all of the Inhumans to the base for “protection,” in reality to kill them. Simmons kills the Fitz LMD. Thinking of that scene still wrecks me. Daisy realizes that there is a fleet of Daisy LMDs and is able to hide among them and knock the Mack LMD unconscious. Simmons and Daisy prove to each that they’re human. Mace has told everyone else that they’re LMDs. Simmons and Daisy use sleeping gas to neutralize all the humans and fight the LMD’s.  They wake up some help and tell them that they plan to hack into the Framework. May lets them go because of memories of real Coulson and then blows up the base. They connect to the Framework: May is part of Hydra, Coulson is a teacher, Fitz is rich, Daisy is with Ward, Mack has his daughter back, and Simmons is dead. AIDA builds the Superior a body and kills Radcliffe, putting him into the framework.

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What If: Daisy finds out that her Ward work at Hydra, under May and Fitz. Because May didn’t kill the girl, she came to the U.S. and killed a lot of people, giving Hydra a chance to take over. Simmons wakes up in a mass grave of S.H.I.E.L.D agents. She finds Coulson and tries to convince him that the Framework isn’t real, but he doesn’t believe her and calls Hydra. Daisy tries to find Simmons and Ward reveals himself to be a mole in Hydra, because betrayal is in his blood. Daisy and Simmons try to exit the Framework using their backdoor, but it’s been closed by AIDA, who is Madame Hydra in this world and with Fitz. That still grosses me out. Daisy is able to get Coulson to remember her.

Identity and Change: Daisy returns to Hydra to find Radcliffe, but May brings her to arrest Mack. May then convinces Mack to trick Daisy into revealing her true allegiance. Ward takes Coulson and Simmons to the Resistance, that’s led by an actually Inhuman Mace. They find Radcliffe with Agnes. Fitz kills her and captures and tortures Radcliffe and Daisy. I can still hear Simmons scream. Ouch. Mack joins the Resistance.


No Regrets: Fitz’s one regret was not knowing his father, who is the definition of toxic masculinity. AIDA interrogates Daisy. Radcliffe tells her about a back door. Simmons tells Mace that the Framework isn’t real. Mace and Coulson sneak into an “Enlightenment” Camp to free Tripp. May, who is using a super serum, fights Mace. Coulson attempts to save one of his students, and Mace follows him into the building. May orders a strike on the building. Mace dies saving a kid. May has a change of heart and gives Daisy a terrigen crystal.

All the Madame’s Men: Daisy and May bust their way out of Hydra, breaking AIDA’s back in the process. AIDA tells Fitz to continue working on Project Lookinglass. Coulson broadcasts body cam footage from May to counteract Hydra propaganda. Simmons and Tripp investigate a Russian oil platform that he believes is the location of Project Lookinglass. It is, just not in the Framework. AIDA’s going to use the Darkhold to make herself a real girl. In the Real World, Ivanov realizes that he can’t kill anyone. He also tells Aida that his men are closing in on the Zephyr.

Farewell, Cruel World!: Keeping Daisy and Simmons in the Framework is using all of the Zephyr’s power, so they have to decloak, allowing Ivanov’s men to find them. Simmons kills Fitz’s father in self-defense while trying to help Fitz and he begins to hunt her. He promises that Radcliffe can through the machine and live again, so Radcliffe helps him.  AIDA starts synthesizing her new body. They find the backdoor in a steel mill. Mack is angry because he wasn’t told about the Framework not being real. Daisy can reveal the door, but Hydra agents get there before anyone can go through. Coulson is shot several times and goes through. May follows him. In the real world, they destroy AIDA’s android body. The Doctor and Radcliffe find Simmons. Radcliffe redeems himself by throwing Fitz into the portal. Then Simmons jumps through. Mack refuses to go through, so Daisy goes through alone. While May and Coulson try to calm down Fitz, AIDA, in her new human form, teleports him away.


The Return: Coulson and May fight all the Ivanov’s while everyone else rushes to their rescue. Yo-Yo blames Daisy for Mack not coming back. Fitz convinces AIDA to do good now that she’s human and she teleports Mack and the equipment onto the plane. Simmons ices Fitz and AIDA. In the containment module, Fitz says he still loves Simmons and AIDA goes full Fatal Attraction. Talbot shows up, and Coulson explains the situation. Yo-Yo plugs herself into the Framework and arrives strapped to a chair. Ivanov and AIDA plan to rebuild the Framework in the real world. Ghost Rider returns.

World’s End: Robby attacks AIDA, which can be hurt by him. Daisy finds out that AIDA is shutting down the Framework. Radcliffe saved yo-yo and taken to see Mack. Talbot and Coulson go to an Intelligence Committee meeting where an LMD of Daisy shoots him in the head. AIDA threatens Fitz by threatening to kill AIDA. Fitz complies, but she kills Simmons anyway, who is actually an LMD. Real Simmons shoots her several times. Coulson has borrowed Ghost Rider and murdered AIDA. Only when Hope disappears does Mack come back with Yo-Yo. Robby takes the Darkhold and leaves. The team go to a diner and have pie. Men in black confront them. The last shot is of Coulson looking out of the window into space.

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