Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 10 "Past Life" Recap and Review #AgenetsOfSHIELD

The episode starts with the Zephyr docking at the Lighthouse. Kasius and his men instantly enter and find Sinara’s body.

The team enters through a container.

A Kree in a lab detects no life forms. Enoch apparently doesn’t count. He tells the team that the Kree are still searching the ship. He will have the machine done by the time Flint builds the monolith.

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Deke still doesn’t understand how this works. Fitzsimmons give him a scientific explanation, and Daisy tries to clarify. He wants to know when they’ll kill Kasius.

Tess tells Mack, Yo-Yo, Flint that there was someone else with her when she was revived. She wants to go back for them. Yo-Yo says that she’ll go instead. Tess is needed at the Trawler. She talks to Flint before she leaves. Yo-Yo tells him to take care of Mack.

Kasius wants his doctor to fix Sinara. He can’t. Kree biology is far more complicated than Terran biology. Kasius shoots him. Then he starts talking to Sinara. When he’s done, he tells one of his men to get the inhuman trainer. He has Robin’s drawings, and he now understands that they want to go back. He wants to kill them before they get back so that his father can have the full Earth like he always wanted. When the trainer gets there, he tells him that he wants the remaining inhumans to form his army. When the trainer protests that most of them haven’t been trained much, Kasius tells a story about his family. They have this death vial they use to die well. He shoves the contents of it into the trainer’s mouth. His mouth and eyes bleed black, and the effects described are a lot like the ones in the second Thor movie.

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Mack talks to Flint about motorcycles and offers to let Flint go with them. Then they find Fitzsimmons, who show Flint the monolith.

Coulson and May rescue Kasius’s inhuman army. The trainer attacks Daisy and Coulson. After a while, Daisy kills him

Tess finds Deke at the Trawler, and they awkwardly talk about her being dead. Coulson then talks to her about shared life experiences, which must be nice for him. She then leaves to get the inhumans to the human levels.


Kasius is told about the inhumans, but he’s gone completely nutty. He only talks to Sinara. He takes a vial but doesn’t open it. He tells the other Kree that they are going to use the seer as an example. The seer is a she, by the way.

Yo-Yo finds the other inhuman, who is also the seer, who is also herself. I KNEW IT! Kasius’s reaction when he met Yo-Yo was just too weird! Old Yo-Yo confirms Fitz’s worst fear: they are in a time loop, and she doesn’t believe they can change it. Kasius kills her and then revives her when needed. She tells now Yo-Yo that they make it back and cause this future, like Oedipus but without the incest. She also confirms that Mack died, apparently in a fire. That’s all she remembers about it.


Enoch has been found. He calculates that he has 12 minutes before they break in. Deke says that he’ll go and save Enoch. Daisy wants to go with him. He won’t let her and even gives her a pep talk. Their relationship has grown so much. I’m going to miss it.


Simmons has become the default inhuman therapist/trainer as she’s helping Flint with the monolith piece. He confirms that it’s mostly limestone. Three Kree catch them, but Fitz kills them with a trip wire he’s been set up.


Old Yo-Yo tells now Yo-Yo that she remembers feeling helpless that she couldn’t change people’s choices, “his” choices.

Daisy hacks into the lighthouse but tells Coulson that she isn’t coming with them.


Old Yo-Yo says that the more they fought, the closer the future came. One choice sets them down this path, the choice to save a male someone.


Coulson ices Daisy.

It was Coulson. Coulson is dying. Old Yo-Yo says that they have to let him. Now Yo-Yo tries to get Old Yo-Yo to come with her.


Old Yo-Yo says no and shows now Yo-Yo that her hands are gone, a la comics Yo-Yo. Now Yo-Yo leaves.


Flint is in one of Deke’s masks in space.

The Kree have gotten to Enoch.

Kasius goes to see Old Yo-Yo.

Flint is bringing rocks together. Mack moves a servant back from a window. Flint throws the rocks he’s been collecting through the window and all the Kree collected there die.


Deke kills the Kree before he kills Enoch. Enoch wants him to repair the machine, which was damaged in the fight, instead of him.

Mack and Fitz talk. Fitz tells Mack he’s engaged, kind of. Simmons takes out the servant’s device. May and Coulson, holding Daisy, get there and ask about Yo-Yo. May meets Flint and her awesomeness is what he needed to rebuild the monolith.


Mack finds Old Yo-Yo and Kasius. He has a knife to her throat. She begs Mack to go. He doesn’t. Kasius takes the death vial and slits her throat. Then he attacks Mack.

The machine is too damaged to power the monolith. Enoch can do it, but it will kill him, and the succeeding explosion will kill Deke. He and Coulson talk. Deke doesn’t tell him.


Flint isn’t coming with them. He leaves with the servant. Mack and Yo-Yo aren’t back yet.

Kasius is beating the crap out of Mack until Simmons get there. She puts the silencer into his ear. This disorients him enough for Mack to axe him. Yo-Yo runs in and kind of explains.


Enoch has less time than he thought and not everyone is there yet. Fitz asks him to hold on. We see the rest of the team running there.


Tess talks to Flint about second chances on the Trawler.


This got hecka dark. We know from promoland that everyone got back, but oh boy. I needed some tea to calm down from this one. Wow. 9/10.