#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 11 "All the Comforts of Home" Recap and Review

The episode starts in a girl’s room, one with a poster of Quake. General Hale walks in, and they talk. The girl’s name is Ruby, and she’s Hale’s daughter. They talk about whether Hale is a good guy. Hale says that her orders are to capture, not kill, but she is going to put an end to S.H.I.E.L.D.


The team is back! They’re still in the Lighthouse, but they’re back. After they get reacquainted with light, a video recording pops up from the 1970’s from Kronk. Here his name is Rick Stoner, and he’s there to tell them about Project Reclamation. May and Fitz are assigned to take the tour. Simmons wants to check everyone out, but Coulson is super cagey and wants to wait for Daisy to wake up, so she settles for just checking out Mack.

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Daisy wakes up and her and Coulson talk.


May and Fitz find the monoliths in storage, which is unnerving to say the least. They also find another chronicon, this one named Noah. He explains that the Lighthouse is a secure place to store unsafe things. Enoch sent him to help them. He’s now going to show them around. He gives them the chronicon spiel as he shows them Big Brother tech.


The team assembles when May sees something bad. A light coming from the sky, just like Voss said. No ah explains that it showed up a few weeks ago and has been intermittent ever since. It’s coming from St. Louis. He also tells them about secret tunnels that lead out of the Lighthouse. One runs to a town calls River’s End. As they get ready to go, Daisy says that she isn’t going with them. She’s going to run a backup.


When they get out, they spend a moment reveling in the sunshine and the Earth. They then take an old van; which Coulson promises to return. It’s a little tight, but they go all the scenarios that could be worse.


Daisy realizes that they aren’t just wanted, they’re most wanted. Everyone will be looking for them.

The rest of the team runs into a cop. He doesn’t recognize them and asks about the van. Mack gets them out of it.

Deke is alive, and he came through! He soaks it all in, so much in fact that a bystander thinks he’s high. He certainly acts like it. He hugs a tree and takes an ice cream cone out of the trash. But he drops that when he sees the bar. He goes up to the bartender and asks for a beer, which he does not like. He asks for something else, and the bartender gives him Zima, which is apparently an insult. He gets hammered on it. He also eats a burger, fries, and onion rings, throws darts, plays arcade games and with a television remote. The problem is that he has no money.


The team leaves the van and gets into the Zephyr. Coulson’s still acting funny, and May tries talking to him. He brushes it off as a headache.

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Fitzsimmons has a location on the light. It’s not coming from outer space. It’s being sent from Earth. Here’s the kicker, it’s the beacon Hive used to call the Kree.

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Mack and Yo-Yo talk, mostly about her older self.

Daisy finds out that Deke is alive. She tries to get Noah to get him, but that would qualify as interfering. Apparently, Enoch was reckless. Daisy says she’ll get him, but she needs Noah’s clothes.


The team finds a physical firewall, and there’s someone in there. Simmons opens the door. It’s just Piper, and she’s happy to see them.

Deke is drunk in jail. Daisy shows up as his social worker, Sinara Smith.


A subordinate tells Hale that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been spotted and to keep them there.

The team talks to Piper. She looked for them and then she saw the light. Government people were working on it, and it just turned on. She doesn’t like science, so she didn’t know what to do.


While the cops are stalling, Daisy talks to Deke. He’s beyond psyched, and she has to talk him down. She also has to do paperwork.


Fitz takes out the power source. It was installed by hand, and rather sloppily. Piper apologizes for that and pulls a gun on them. A team of people in masks corners them. The beacon was meant to call S.H.I.E.L.D, not aliens. They surrender but ask Piper why. She told Hale everything and their safety was guaranteed.


That is until the orders are to kill them. Yo-Yo yo-yo’s away from their weapons and her and May attack. They aren’t human, so they all go ham. The lead lady cuts Yo-Yo’s arms off. They manage to get out of there, but Yo-Yo keeps murmuring that it’s happening just like Old Yo-Yo said.


Daisy brings Deke in and he meets Noah. May makes contact. She needs somewhere to land and fast. They can land underwater in the least discreet hole ever.

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Jemma does surgery on Yo-Yo.

Noah and Fitz put the beacon with the other unsafe objects.

Daisy hugs Mack and the rest of them find out Deke is alive.


The person that cut off Yo-Yo’s arms is Ruby. She’s ticked that Daisy wasn’t there. Hale is ticked that she didn’t do her job. Apparently, the beacon was just a backup. Her “room” is actually inside a secure military facility.


The beacon is a bomb, and Noah dies to protect Daisy and Fitz from it.

A man is running in Philadelphia. It’s Crusher Creel. Hale finds him and tells him that she’s putting together a team. He gets in the car.

We’re back!! Yes! And Deke’s alive! 8/10.