#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 14 "The Devil Complex" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a materializing astronaut.

Fitz is welding. He’s with Simmons and a redshirt, and he wants British junk food because he can’t figure out how to compress the gravitonium. Fitzsimmons talk about wishes and their honeymoon until the astronaut comes in and starts choking Simmons. They all shoot him.


Mack and Yo-Yo are testing her new arms. She’s only at 10% feedback on her nerves, and she’s in a lot of pain. He tells that her that since it’s only a prototype, he can make it better. She doesn’t want bells and whistles; she just wants to punch people.

Fitz explains to the team minus May and Coulson that he doesn’t know how to compress the gravitonium. He asks for Deke’s help since he’s the only one that has any experience with it. Deke is still shell-shocked, and he can’t help. Fitzsimmons decide to look for Franklin Hall’s original notes. Deke is worried about them, and it’s adorable. Daisy’s found Hale.


Hale is on the phone with someone. Might she not be in charge? She’s attacked and captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.


Deke tells Fitz, but he gets no response. Then Fitz knocks him out. It’s not Fitz at all, it’s the Doctor.


Coulson is talking to Hale on the Zephyr. She apologizes for Yo-Yo but doesn’t say anything else helpful.

Fitz and Daisy can’t find any record of Franklin Hall’s notes. He hasn’t slept, and he needs to. They lose two security cameras, and she goes to check it out. He tries to relax. It doesn’t work, and then the Doctor shows up.


Simmons and Mack are moving Yo-Yo. She resents being treated like a child. They then get attacked by a Haledra bot.

Fitz and the Doctor talk. The Doctor is wielding a scalpel menacingly and saying vague villainous things like “I will finish what we started” and “I will do what you are unwilling to.” Fitz then hears Simmons scream and a gunshot. He runs.


Coulson and Hale continue to talk. She wants him to come with her. He says no. She knows they hacked her phone. Her driver is Creel, and he’s strapped with C-4. The Zephyr docks. May wants to toss Piper off because she hacked Hale’s phone. Coulson takes responsibility for not being more careful. The Superior walks on.

200w_d (47).gif

The Haledra bot shot Mack in the leg. It’s not from the fear dimension. Fitz comes in and tells them about the Doctor. The Doctor put the bot back together.

The Superior is working with Hale. He wants her back, or he’ll have Creel blow himself up.


Simmons needs Fitz to find out what the Doctor’s planning. He wanted to get rid of Inhumans and sent the Haledra bot after Yo-Yo, so they need to find Daisy.

Daisy is trying to fix the cameras, but there isn’t anything wrong with them. A Haledra bot shows up and chokes her.

Hale still wants Coulson to come with her. Coulson’s considering it. May is not. They talk and eventually she lets him go. The Haledra bots are based on the Superior.


Daisy wakes up on an operating table. She realizes that he’s the Doctor and he tells her that he’s going to restore her powers. Oh snap.

The Superior gives Coulson a hood. Hale is in charge because she has his head in a box.

Fitz finds the Doctor and Daisy. The Doctor says that restoring Daisy’s powers is the only way to compress the gravitonium and seal the rift.


Mack refuses to rest his leg. Yo-Yo tells him not to worry about her because they both know she survives. He says that since they are trying to change the future, he’s not sure of that. Simmons comes in and tells Mack to sit down. She asks if Fitz and Daisy have checked in yet. They haven’t, and she leaves.

Simmons finds Daisy, the Doctor, and Fitz. But the Doctor is all in Fitz’s head! This is way worse than the Doctor being an anomaly. I know that Fitz’s trauma from the Framework was never addressed, but that doesn’t mean he needed to go full Fight Club!


What’s worse, he doesn’t stop. Deke and a Haledra bot show up, and it points a gun at Simmons while he finishes taking out Daisy’s inhibitor. The Lighthouse begins to shake, and Daisy says that she’ll never forgive him. He suspects that she isn’t the only one.


He tells her how to compress the gravitonium, put it in the sphere, and put it into the rift. After that, he deactivates the Haledra bot and surrenders himself?


Simmons asks how long Fitz has been seeing the Doctor. Not long. She thinks that this is his brain damage acting up. After all, he used to see her. Fitz explains that this isn’t the same thing. Simmons is his conscience. He says that Doctor is part of him. She disagrees. He asks about Daisy and Mack. She says that he needs to talk to them. He says that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness because he still believes that he did the right thing. She agrees with him?


Deke talks to Simmons. She says that she feels like she’s losing Fitz. He says that she knows him better than he knows himself and then starts to list things about Fitz that he shouldn’t know from Simmons letting him win arguments to the sandwich. She asks him about it, and he explains that his mom used to talk about her parents all the time. She always talked about her father with such admiration, so he knows that they can fix this. She realizes what he’s saying, and she throws up, which is exactly the levity this episode needed.

AOS 411.gif

Hale shows up in a dark room with pixelated blue symbols on the walls. A shadowy male figure tells her that the Confederacy is not pleased with her progress. He gives her Odium, which makes me think he’s a Kree, but then he says Hail Hydra. What is the crap happening?


Can we agree that everything is Ward’s fault? Ward threw Fitzsimmons into the ocean, Fitz got brain damage, and he’s now hallucinating his Framework self. Suffice to say; I'm shaking. 8/10.