#AgentsofSHIELD. Season 5 Episode 15 k Recap & Review

The episode starts with Coulson being unhooded in the Hydra facility. Hale talks to him, tells him that she’s Hydra, and then says that they should team up. She’ll leave until morning for him to think about it.

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A flashback to 28 years ago, shows a girl is in a bedroom with a dog. It’s Hale, and she’s in the same Hydra facility. It’s filled with other children and appears to be a school. She sits down in the cafeteria next to Jasper Sitwell. They talk about a guest speaker who will be speaking about using alien DNA to reverse aging.


In class, their instructor talks about graduation, which is the next day, and their final exam, which is that night. Then Daniel Whitehall walks in. They are seriously bringing everyone possible back. The writers do believe this is the last season. Anyway, he talks about a particle infusion chamber, which sounds like what must have created Creel. He asks what they should use as a bonding material. Senior Von Strucker says that they should use the Tesseract. Hale points out that they would have to blow cover to get it out of S.H.I.E.L.D. She thinks that they should look to outer space. Whitehall praises her forward thinking.


Von Strucker takes revenge in the gym, by putting too much weight on the bar. She manages not to get crushed by it and then punches him repeatedly.

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The next morning, the dog is gone. Knowing Hydra, the dog is dead. What is it with covert spy agencies and killing dogs? Anyway, she talks to Sitwell about placement. He’s going to S.H.I.E.L.D. She’s been summoned to Whitehall. To cut a long, extraordinarily awkward story short, he wants to breed her. We aren’t sure who the other party is, but he wants to artificially inseminate her to produce the next leader of Hydra, the one who will be placed in the chamber. She’s ticked and insulted, but she hasn’t got much choice. This is Hydra after all.


In a flashback to two years ago. Ruby is in her room with a dog. There are still students there, and she’s kicking the butt of every single one of them. The Instructor is still there and only sees her flaws. He also reminds Hale that Whitehall is dead. Hale gets a text and leaves, along with the instructor.


She finds her superior, Fisher, shredding documents and freaking out. S.H.I.E.L.D. has captured Gideon Malick, and he’s talking. Fisher tells her that after the Battle of New York, Hydra made contact with an alliance of alien races known as the Confederacy. Talbott barges in with some backup before he can say more. Fisher takes a cyanide pill and Talbott never suspects that Hale is Hydra.


Hale arrives back at the facility in time to witness a fight between Ruby and the instructor. Ruby is the last student, but she refused to kill her dog. He berates for a few minutes and then Hale shoots him, making her and Ruby the last of Hydra.


Flashback to 6 months ago. Talbott is in the hospital with his kid. Hale is outside with his wife and a nurse. She wants to transfer him. His wife doesn’t think that’s necessary, but Hale insists that he’s having a good day. At that exact moment, Talbott loses his temper and has to be sedated.


He wakes up in the Hydra facility. He goes to the cafeteria and makes a joke about outranking Captain Crunch. Ruby does the same routine she did with Baby Von Strucker and it has the same effect. He follows her to the gym. He tries to take the earphones out, but she twists his arm. Hale comes in and tells him that Ruby is her daughter. Ruby almost slits his throat but doesn’t. Hale decides to show him what she’s working on.


It’s an alien transportation device that she took from Fisher. It’s how her predecessors contacted the Confederacy. They didn’t contact aliens; they made a deal for protection in the war that’s coming. Very X-Files. He realizes that she’s Hydra and he loses it. She tries to explain to him that symbols no longer matter, by which he doesn’t buy because he knows that she needs him to locate Hydra contraband, and she has him handcuffed and sent back to his room.


Flashback to 24 hours ago. Coulson wakes up and goes to the cafeteria. Ruby comes in to do the same routine, but it doesn’t work on Coulson. He mocks Ruby and grabs some cereal to eat in his room.


Hale comes in, and they talk, mostly about Ruby and then decides to show him what she’s working on. He immediately knows it’s a bad idea because of the alien writing. She wants to take him to meet the alien. He doesn’t want to go, but he doesn’t have a choice. The alien Vulcan mind-melds him and then sends them back. They will offer protection in exchange for gravitonium and inhumans. Coulson wants to fight back. Hale is pleased. That was her plan all along. That’s why she needs them to work together.


She explains to him about Whitehall’s chamber, and Coulson tells her that he shot Whitehall. Hale says that she wanted to put Ruby in there, but she doesn’t have the right temperament. Hale wants Daisy instead. She thinks Daisy could be worthy of the codename: destroyer of worlds. Coulson goes ballistic and tries to explain to Hale why that is a horrible idea. She thinks he's sexist, which proves she doesn’t know Coulson at all and has him taken back to his room.


Ruby comes in and asks him about the future. Coulson tells her that she’s not the Destroyer of Worlds. Ruby demands to know where Daisy is. When Coulson refuses, she brings in a broken Talbott. He apologizes to Coulson. He gave up and told them everything.


Present day Daisy and May are talking. They’ve figured out that Hale is Hydra, but they don’t have any idea about her motivation. May does have an idea.


She goes to see Fitz. She needs the Doctor’s help.

Simmons and Mack are performing surgery on Yo-Yo. Mack tries to explain what the Framework was like, not well, but he tries. Then he tells Simmons about how Yo-Yo thinks she’s invincible. Simmons doesn’t seem very concerned.


May and Fitz talk. He needs access to the computers and the labs for a couple of hours. Then Daisy comes in, and all hell breaks loose. She quakes and lets him have it. He lets her have it too, and she storms out.


May follows her. Daisy wants to find Robin so that they can find Coulson.

Simmons comes to see Fitz. She tells him about Deke using Fitz’s pocket knife. Fitz is not enthusiastic, but Simmons spins it optimistically. She thinks that they’re invincible.


It’s bad when people think that they are invincible and I am worried. On another note, only S.H.I.E.L.D could make an obvious filler episode so interesting. 8/10.