#AgentsOfSHIELD Season 5 Episode 16 "Inside Voices" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Coulson talking to a security camera. He’s mad that Hale took his Captain Crunch.


Meanwhile, Hale wants Creel to absorb the gravitonium. Ruby isn’t on board because she knows that Hale wants to make Daisy the Destroyer of Worlds instead of her.

The gravitonium attacks Creel. He has visions of Franklin hall and then it lets him go. He tells Hale that it’s aliiiive!

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Yo-Yo is working out, and Mack is worrying about her. He wants to check out her arms later, and she finds out that she can now crush metal.

Deke and Fitz talk about their relatedness. Deke reminds us that he was a snake in the future and encourages the Doctor. Bad Deke!


Simmons talks to him on the way out. She wants to know more about their future. He doesn’t know much. He just knew them as Nana and Bobo.


Daisy and May talk about Robin until Deke shows up. Simmons tries to talk to Daisy about Fitz, but Daisy is having none of it. Mack’s in charge when she leaves, and he will make sure that Fitz doesn’t go anywhere. May tells Daisy to ease up a bit. When May is telling you to ease up, there is something seriously wrong.

Simmons talks to Yo-Yo and Fitz. She tells Yo-Yo about Deke and therefore encourages this shared delusion of invincibility. They decide that they need to get Fitz out to follow one of his leads, which is a Hydra secret weapon. Did Fitz find the particle infusion chamber?


Creel is going crazy because he still has Hall in his head. Hale tries to give him a pep talk, but he’s not buying it.

Daisy found Robin and her mother. The mother tells her that Robin hasn’t spoken and hasn’t drawn for a couple of weeks.

Baby Von Strucker is working on transcribing his father’s journals when Ruby comes in. Ruby tells him that her mother is up to something, that she wants to use Daisy instead of her. He promises to work harder.

Daisy tries to talk to Robin, but Robin doesn’t respond.

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Mack is checking out Yo-Yo’s arms and she asks him to let Fitz out. He says no. He worried about her delusion of invincibility. He even posits that the only reason she’s alive in the future is because he died protecting her. That’s ominous and I don’t like it.

Creel is still having visions of Hall. He goes to see Coulson and asks why gravitonium hates him. Coulson tells him about Talbot. He lets Coulson go and agrees to check it out. He destroys Coulson’s bot guard on his way out.

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Daisy asks Robin’s mom what Robin’s last drawing was. It was her death. She talks to May, saying that she missed her.


Creel and Coulson find Talbot and decide to break him out.

Simmons wants to prove that she can’t be killed scientifically. There are four containers, three with water and one with acid. She’s going to drink three of them. Both Mack and Fitz rightly think that this is insane, but she does it anyway, with help from Yo-Yo. The third one was the acid. Fitz tells Mack that she needs alkaline phosphate to reverse the reaction. He lets Fitz out, and Yo-Yo locks Mack in. They tricked him, but Fitz didn’t know. But here’s the kicker. Simmons experimented all the way, and she’s fine. Yo-Yo even accidentally shoots a gun, and it doesn’t hit them. This is bad. This is very bad.


Robin is drawing and talking to May. She says that Coulson is going to die.


Deke and Daisy talk about Robin until May comes in with a picture of Coulson.

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Creel tries to lead them out of the facility. Talbott doesn’t have an inside voice.

Ruby tries to get Von Strucker to eat. Hale comes in and tells them about the prison break. They need Creel alive.

Fitzsimmons and Yo-Yo are on a plane without a pilot.

One of the bots hits Coulson straight in the heart. He’s dead until Creel revives him with the electricity from the bot. That was anticlimactic, and I am so here for it! Ruby shows up to finish the job.


May and Robin’s mom talk. She knows that she isn’t in any of Robin’s drawings and asks May to take care of her. Robin then motions her mom over.

Creel holds off Ruby while Coulson and Talbott get away using the alien thing.  Their fight is awesome, but Hale bursts in and tries to get them to stop. Ruby throws her blade into Creel’s chest, but he absorbs something hard enough to stop it. Hale asks what the heck is going on, and Ruby declares herself the Destroyer of Worlds. Hale sends her after Coulson and Talbot.


Coulson and Talbott are in the snow, by the mountain Robin drew. Coulson doesn’t like beaches anymore.

The episode ends with a flashback to four years ago. Quinn and Raina are in the back of a truck. Quinn thanks Raina for giving him the gravitonium, but that isn’t what she’s doing. She’s giving him to the gravitonium.


There was a balance in this episode. Simmons and Yo-Yo have lost their minds, but we saw Raina and Quinn! I never thought we were going to see Raina again!! 8/10