#Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5 Episode 17 "The Honeymoon" Recap and Review

The episode starts in England. It the first stop of Fitzsimmons and Yo-Yo on their wild goose chase to find the particle fusion chamber. Fitzsimmons talks about coming to England on their honeymoon, and Yo-Yo doesn’t want to be a third wheel. They all jump out of the Zephyr since they can’t properly land it.


Coulson and Talbott are as we left them. Talbott’s tired and asks for a rest. Coulson reminds him that they might have been followed. Talbott asks why they didn’t find him sooner. Coulson tells him. Talbott wants to quit. He didn’t sign up for this, and he’s ashamed of himself. Coulson tries to make him feel better, but Talbott is sure that they are going to die.

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Ruby figures out how they got away and follows them.

Daisy, Deke, and May haven’t found Coulson yet and it’s a bit stressful. Daisy wants to go in on foot.

Ruby’s found Talbott and Coulson. Playing the girl in a horror movie, Talbott falls. Thankfully, Daisy is there to save them. She tells May to get them back and tells Deke to watch their backs. Ruby fangirls a little and they fight, while Deke watches. Daisy eventually Quakes her unconscious. Deke gets shot by Hale while trying to retrieve Ruby’s weapon.


Coulson and Daisy give him a temporary fix. They need Simmons, but nobody at the Lighthouse is answering.

Piper sets Mack free, but he doesn’t give her any answers.

There are fake radiations signs outside of the Hydra facility. Yo-Yo unlocks the gate with her super-hands, Fitz is his adorably awkward self, and they make their way to the facility.


Daisy and Deke argue until he starts coughing up blood.

When they get to the Lighthouse, Mack gives them a very brief summary of what’s happened. Since Simmons is AWOL, Piper is going to talk Mack through surgery. Yay for side characters!

Hale and Ruby talk. It's turned into a fight and Ruby is locked in her room, which has been stripped.

Ivanov and the bots are at the facility too, which means that Fitzsimmons and Yo-Yo are in the right place. It also means they’ve lost their hypothetical advantage. He’s as invincible as they think they are.

While Piper helps Mack perform surgery, Coulson tells Talbott what he knows about Deke and the future. May interrupts them.

She’s furious with Coulson. She thinks Daisy needs more time and that he’s reckless. Oh, and SHE LOVES HIM! AND THE WAY SHE SAID IT IS PERFECT AND I LOVE IT!!!


Von Strucker hacks his way into Ruby’s room. He figured out the plans and wants Ruby to kill her mother.

Ivanov found the chamber and he wants to use it. Talk about yikes.

Fitzsimmons and Yo-Yo use an explosion as a decoy. Simmons finds a secret door that of course closes behind them, and they find the chamber.

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Hale sees that Ruby’s door is open. She’s still there and they talk. It’s a nice mother daughter let it out kind of talk until Ruby attacks her and locks her in. I’m surprised Ruby didn’t kill her.

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Von Strucker kills people, and then Ruby shows up.

Daisy and Talbott talk. It’s super awkward. She brought him clothes and wants to know all about Hale. He wants to talk to his wife and son. As an expert in daddy issues, she’ll try to help.

Fitz is smashing things. Yo-Yo tells them what her future self-said, that Coulson has to die. They don’t have much time to discuss this, because they are about to be under attack. Yo-Yo tries to do her thing and ends up in extreme pain.

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Mack and Piper talk during surgery until Deke starts bleeding again. Mack gets the bullet out and then has to clamp the artery. He goes into shock until they sedate him.

Yo-Yo’s arms weren’t made to go that fast. They need to be recalibrated, but not here and not now. Fitzsimmons fight and kiss and are awesome until Simmons’ gun jams.


Yo-Yo runs into Ivanov and they fight. She pushes him out a window and it depowers all the bots. There’s a plane coming in.

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Deke is alive and on a lot of painkillers. It’s adorable. Mack sedates him more before Daisy comes in. She has a lead on Hale.


Ruby and Von Strucker hold Fitzsimmons at gunpoint and order them to fix the chamber.

Daisy tells Talbott that they have a lead on Hale and gives him a secure phone. His wife has been co-opted by Hydra.


This show makes me all kinds of nervous, and not just because I waited 20 extra minutes for it. 8/10.