#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 19 "Option Two" Recap and Review

The episode starts in space with a voiceover of Talbott. He’s talking in his sleep.

The team plans to slingshot the gravitonium into the sun. May wants to get Creel, Robin, and her mom out. Daisy’s been talking to Caine. He can take them, and she’ll deliver them. Daisy and Yo-Yo start to argue, and it turns into everyone arguing until Daddy Coulson tells them to do as he says.


May and Daisy talk. Caine found something in the Deathlok program that might help Coulson. She tells Daisy to go dark after she gets Robin, her mom, and Creel to safety. May will cover for her.

Deke and Fitz are talking about the multiverse theory. Simmons chimes in to call Deke a canary in a coal mine. If Fitzsimmons is in danger or if they change the future, Deke should blink out of existence like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.


Talbott wakes up and starts screaming for Coulson. He tells Coulson that he activated the landing assist beacon, aka the only way to get a signal out. Hale has their location.

Right on cue, a huge alien spaceship shows up.

Alarms go off in the bunker. Rick Stoner shows up again and tells them to pick their scenario. Coulson is impatient and chooses the wrong one. They are now sealed in the bunker for 15 years.


Coulson goes on the PA system and explains this.


The power shuts off, and Hale’s alien friend comes on the screen. In this lighting, it’s clear that he is not Kasius’s dad because he isn’t Kree. He wants the gravitonium. Coulson won’t give it to him. He cuts out, and the power comes back on.


Mack and Yo-Yo talk and break my heart. He’s angry with her obviously. She says that she’s doing all of this for him. When he tells her that the future has screwed her up, she accuses him of pulling away because of her arms. He says she’s pushing him away by thinking she’s invincible and killing people.

May and Yo-Yo talk. May says that this will change how people see her and she’ll have to deal with it. If she knew that Yo-Yo used her as an argument point, I doubt she would’ve been as understanding.

May tells Coulson that Daisy has gone dark. He’s ticked because he told them not to save him. Yo-Yo is freaked because she thinks that this is how they lose. She tells them what her future self-said to her. Coulson remembers the teleportation machine.


The aliens use it to get into the Lighthouse. Deke hides in a vent while they kill a few redshirts.

He manages to get to the computer room and tells everyone what they are. They’re called Marauders. Wherever the literal go darkness follows.  People in the future never defeated them, just gave them whatever they wanted and waited for them to leave.

Needless to say, they need to get out. Now. Coulson talks to Fitzsimmons in the lab about overriding the lockdown. There is an analog override on level 17, but it means that they’ll have to split up. Bad! On the Brightside, Fitz somehow had time to recalibrate Yo-Yo’s arms so that she can get Talbott.

Daisy talks to Caine. Robin drew him a picture of Sinara. Then he goes super old school. He found the centipede serum that was keeping John Garrett alive, but he had an extra healing ingredient that Caine can’t get. Daisy can. Is that ingredient her mother?

Talbott doesn’t want to go anywhere. He wants to fix this. Yo-Yo understands, but she still cuffs him and leads him out.


The Marauders find Fitz and kill the redshirt with him. Deke shoots them with a fire extinguisher and saves Fitz. The only problem is that the Marauders have already gotten to the manual override and fried it.


Our Marauder friend gives a lovely speech, and by lovely, I mean creepy.

Coulson tells Yo-Yo about the override. Fitz thinks that they have EMP’s, so any electricity won’t work, including icers. Lighting them on fire might be helpful. Simmons needs an elevator to transport the gravitonium. Deke thinks he can help with that.


Talbott and Yo-Yo burst into the lab to get away from Marauders. Yo-Yo, Piper, and Davis leave to do recon, leaving Simmons and a handcuffed Talbott alone in the lab. Simmons reassures Fitz that because Deke is fine, they are fine.


Mack is with Fitz and Deke. He shoots at the Marauders, but bullets don’t appear to do anything to them.

images (32).jpg

Talbott gets an icer, sees the fusion chamber, ices Simmons, and activates it. Talbott you idiot! With no one there to stop him, he gets the rest of the gravitonium.

Mack barricades the computer room door. Fitz made explosives and hands them out. Mack lets Coulson use the shotgun-ax. Awwwwwwww!


Coulson gives May his gun. The Marauders bang on the door for a while, but then find another way in.


Talbott bursts out of the lab and kills a Marauder.


He comes into the computer room, makes all of the Marauders float, and then crushes them.


Yo-Yo, Piper, and Davis find Simmons.

Talbott talks to Coulson like he doesn’t have three voices in his head, and then makes them both float through the ceiling. Stoner gives the all clear.

Daisy is digging up her mom’s grave!!


Talbott just became freaking Graviton, Daisy is digging up her mom’s grave, and Mack let Coulson use the shotgun-axe! I’m still in shock from the awesome! 8.5/10

P.S. If you spoil Infinity War for me, I will unleash Talbott on you.