#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 20 "The One Who Will Save Us All" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Talbott and Coulson floating towards the spaceship.

An underlying notifies the Marauder captain of their docking.  He pronounces them prisoners of the ship. Talbott tells Coulson that he’s going to show them who’s boss.


The team all talk about how they are going to stop Talbott and rescue Coulson.

Mack is making sure that all of the Marauders are dead. One of them isn’t and takes the odium. Mack fights it and is about to kill it until May butts in. They need to question it. Mack knocks it out.

The Marauder ship has left the Earth’s atmosphere. Coulson asks Talbott about Hall and Quinn. He says that they just needed a general to control them. Coulson talks to the Marauder Captain, who is not impressed. Talbott makes it worse by killing one of the underlings. He then pulls a Loki and tells him to kneel. He does.


Mack and Yo-Yo kind of talk, but he runs off before they say anything substantial.

May and Simmons have the Marauder chained up, but he hasn’t said anything helpful. He talks about the Odium and Mack gives wonderful commentary. Does anyone else think him and Steve Rogers would be good friends? Anyway, the Marauder’s heart gives out and May tell Simmons to study it.


Talbott and Coulson talk. The Marauder captain reveals that Hale is on the ship.


Coulson finds her in a cell. He apologizes for Ruby and asks for help. She doesn’t know what she has left but anger. He tells her about Talbott.

She gives them some information about the Confederacy. There are six seats, and they are all occupied by different alien races. Before she can continue, Talbott understandably freaks out. She did have her daughter torture him for six months. Coulson talks him down by pointing out that she is the only one who knows anything about the Confederacy. They ask why the Confederacy wanted Gravitonium. The captain says because it can bend space and destroy universes. Talbott insists to meet the Confederacy. The captain laughs at him, but Talbott is serious. He wants to know all the traditions and protocols.


Fitz and Deke are working on getting the Lighthouse back online. When Deke succeeds, Fitz tries to give him a high-five, but those are apparently offensive in the future. Daisy makes contact.


Yo-Yo tries to talk to her when she comes in. When that talk turns into an argument, she Yo Yo’s Daisy’s bag away, you know, the one with Daisy’s mom’s skeleton in it. Then the argument turns into a fight until May breaks it up.

Talbott now looks like he’s related to Doctor Strange. Coulson tries to convince him not to go alone, but that makes Talbott very angry. He does leave Coulson in charge while he’s gone through.


Talbott tells the Confederacy that he is Earth’s mightiest hero. Yeah right, buddy. Chill down.


Deke and Daisy talk. She tells him that her mom is in the bag and that someone put lemons on her bed as a prank. Deke blames Fitz. They both talk about feeling like they don’t belong, and when he’s about to tell her how he feels, she starts talking about how everyone who gets close to her gets dead, like Lincoln. He tells her that he’s related to Fitzsimmons instead. She handles it far more calmly than I was expecting.


Talbott wants to be part of the Confederacy. They laugh at him and say that there are no openings, especially for a human. Then he pulls a Diaz and kills one of them. He doesn’t crush this one though, Talbott absorbs him.


Mack and Fitz talk while Mack finishes the anti-gravity for the Zephyr. Fitz starts by apologizing, but when Mack doesn't have it, he changes his tune. They argue about Ruby and Yo-Yo, and about Simmons, and about Fitz. As much as I love Fitz, Mack is right.

Simmons has cut open the Marauder when Daisy walks in. She shows Simmons the centipede serum and tells Simmons about her mom. Simmons is seriously uncomfortable, but she doesn’t want Coulson to die, so she’ll swallow that part of her conscience for now.


Deke is coming with Daisy and May to the spaceship.

All of the members of the Confederacy leave except for a Kree, who is Kasius’s dad. He says that the Confederacy never planned to honor their agreement with Hydra because they could not hope to match what was coming, aka Thanos. Oh boy. If you’ve seen Infinity War, you know exactly why I’m nervous. Daddy Kasius says that there is a way.


Hale and Coulson talk about astronauts until Talbott gets back and explains the situation. He wants to drill into the Earth to get more gravitonium. Now that sounds like an idea bad enough to break the Earth apart. Talbott and Coulson argue until Talbott tells him about Daddy Kasius. Coulson freaks out, but Talbott is beyond believing him now. He tells Coulson to kneel and starts squishing him. When he stops, Coulson actually does it. That should tell you how bad this is.

giphy (1).gif

The Zephyr is going into space. It looks awesome. Deke and Daisy are holding hands. Once they get into space, they activate cloaking.

Fitzsimmons talk about how weird what they are doing with Daisy’s mom is.

The Zephyr docks on the ship, and Talbott freaks out. He thinks that they are here to take back the ship. Hale flips on Coulson and makes it worse. Talbott decides to take out the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. That doesn’t exactly work because May and Daisy make it to him. Talbott threatens to kill Coulson and starts threatening Daisy. Hale says that she trusts Daisy and tries to activate Talbott’s programming. He does let Coulson down, but then he kills Hale. Daisy Quakes him, but Tallbott absorbs it and knocks her out. May surrenders because otherwise, he’ll kill Coulson.


Now for the Dun Dun Dun. Kasius’s dad has Daisy!


Deke and Davis are still on the ship, right? Are they going to attempt a rescue? This was a great episode even though the implications of Infinity War are making me very nervous, especially if this is the last season. They won't end like that right? 9/10.