#Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 21 "The Force of Gravity" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Daisy hearing voices. She wakes to Daddy Kasius in the Confederacy room. He’s super creepy.

May and Coulson are locked in a cell, and the Marauder Captain is gloating. He says that he has missiles pointing at the Lighthouse if they try anything. The captain then goes to talk to Talbott. He’s not going to kill them yet.

Fitzsimmons is still freaking out. They cope with it by running more simulations. Fitz is strangely optimistic that this will work. If they save Coulson, then the loop is broken. He must have taken what Mack said to heart. Yay for Fitz!

Davis is telling Deke war stories when the power goes out. Marauders come in with Talbott and kill a redshirt, but he isn’t after them.


Mack is watching the news when Deke contacts him and tells him about Talbott.


Talbott separates the Quinjet from the Zephyr and lifts it into the air with gravitonium.

Mack can’t find the Quinjet and Yo-Yo figures out why.

Coulson and May talk about Talbott, and then he x-rays the wall. That was the perfect moment to finish THAT talk, and they didn’t do it! Grrr!

AOS 521 8.jpg

Talbott finds Creel and says that he can help with the voices. Creel notices that there is something not right with Talbott.

Kasius wants Daisy to come with him. She responds with some snark. He threatens her, and she tries to fight. She can’t. He tells that she isn’t conscious. She has a device on her forehead.

Jemma thinks it will work. Mack tells them about Talbott. Fitz and Mack are still noticeably awkward around each other.

Coulson finds a way out but doesn’t need it. It’s Deke to the rescue! They tell him about Daisy, and he tells them about Talbott.

Creel takes Talbott’s hand, and Talbott absorbs him.

Mack and Yo-Yo see the security footage. Mack tells her about Isabelle Hartley and how he came to forgive Creel. Yo-Yo thinks he’s amazing.  Yo-Yo wants to kill him. Mack volunteers instead.

Daddy Kasius messes with Daisy. She wakes up and attacks the Marauders.


Fitzsimmons talks about Centipede and Talbott. They could use the serum to transport odium into his cells.

Deke, Coulson, and May are lost. They run into Marauders and then Daisy. They aren’t leaving yet though. They need to disable the missiles first.


Mack and Yo-Yo talk about where Talbott might go. They deduce that he’ll go to his family.

He does. He tells his son that he’s a superhero and demonstrates, but his wife is nervous. S.H.I.E.L.D. called. This makes Talbott mad and he shoves her to a wall. His son is scared.


The Marauder Captain wants them all dead except Daisy. May wants Coulson and Daisy to leave. Coulson disagrees. He pulls her behind his shield and kisses her. It’s marvelous. Daisy sees it but has to beat some Marauders before she reacts. Coulson tells May the same thing she told him during THAT conversation.

Talbott’s son wants Talbott to put his mom down. He only does so when Mack and Yo-Yo show up. He lifts their cars and drops them again and makes all of their bullets shoot back at them.

Deke distracts the Marauders while May takes them out. He helps a little. They need to find the launch system and reroute the missiles.


Talbott’s son says that Talbott is not a hero. Yo-Yo can’t get close to him. Talbott flies away.

Coulson and Daisy run into Marauders on the Zephyr and take care of them. Coulson’s bleeding, but he says that it’s nothing.

The Marauder Captain catches May and Deke. May keeps him occupied while Deke keeps working.


Daisy and Coulson talk about May.


Deke’s got it. May taunts the Captain into launching the missiles, which are now aimed at the ship. Her and Deke use the teleporter to get to the Lighthouse.

Coulson passes out.

Fitzsimmons tell the rest of the team about their plans. Daisy tells them that there is no more Centipede Serum. They can either save Coulson or save the world.


Now for the dun dun dun. Talbott is on the Quinjet with Robin and her mom. He wants to know where he rips the Earth apart.


I’m still super nervous, but this show doesn’t disappoint. Don’t kill Coulson and renew the show! 8/10