#Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5 Episode 3 "A Life Spent" Recap & Review

The episode starts with Kasius and Jemma. It goes in and between things him talking and her not being able to hear. He is waiting to receive a guest. The guest, who is humanoid with demon eyes, is an emissary of someone named Lady Baja, who is looking forward to some kind of ceremony. This man makes Kasius nervous and after he leaves, he tells one of the servants to tell him something good about the ceremony. He then throws a bit of a fit, so he obviously doesn’t have any. Sinara manages to calm him down, which brings us to the nature of their relationship. It doesn’t appear to be purely professional. Whatever she told him has to do with Jemma. He tells her that he has a problem and hopefully she can fix it for him.

Yo-Yo, Mack, and Coulson are working in salvage. He zaps Yo-Yo and then Mack goes to give him a piece of his mind. His metric sticks magnetically to the door. Grill then mocks and zaps him.


Deke and Daisy are looking for the others while she’s insisting that she didn’t destroy the world. He slaps some multiverse theory on her and she slaps him. For whatever reason, he right now reminds of season 1 Skye. They find out about the renewal and he suggests that she go look for salvage.


Yo-Yo chides Mack for trying to help her, but Mack says that he wanted to look in his office. “Not stupid. Recon.” There’s a scroll they could use if Yo-Yo could Yo-Yo herself in there.

Tess comes in with May. Grill says it’s a good thing what she did in the Renewal but he needs a double haul from her. He says to take Coulson and Mack with her.


Sinara turns off whatever it is that keeps Simmons from being able to hear and brings her to a girl who’s shaking. If anyone else watched Red Band Society, it’s Emma. On this show, her name is Abby, and she’s inhuman, but she’s not ready for the ceremony, which we still don’t know anything about.


Yo-Yo and Daisy talk. Yo-Yo explains the situation and they formulate a plan. Yo-Yo will Yo-Yo the scroll out to Daisy, and Daisy will find Simmons.

Grill tells his sidekick that he doesn’t trust the team.

Tess kicks a kid out of the ship. I wouldn’t mention it except for he’s been in promotional photos, so he’s probably important. His name is Flint.

Coulson thinks Virgil’s notebook was recon of what’s left of Earth. He says they need to visit 616, an area that Virgil repeats and also an Easter egg to the universe that Marvel comics inhabits. Tess eventually agrees to help, just as Grill’s sidekick boards and says he’s coming with them.

Abby provides a little worldbuilding. All 18-year olds go through terrigenesis and their families are rewarded. Then they go through this ceremony and get to leave to be ambassadors, but if she doesn’t do well at the ceremony, her parents will be punished. Her power is being able to control her molecular density.

May and Coulson talk. He’s weirdly philosophical and pessimistic and she just wants to go home.


Elena tricks Grill into thinking her metric’s not working, so he removes it. In the second it takes for him to repair it, she takes the scroll and gives it to Daisy.

200w_d (26).gif

Virgil had a little Earthball that he always took with him. Tess thought it was superstitious. Coulson finds something inside it. It was the missing piece of a radio. Of course, once they put it in, the sidekick catches them. He starts to zap them and then May purposely runs into an asteroid. This gives the rest of them the opportunity to fight and Mack knocks him out. Tess is now freaking out because he still caught them and now they’ve assaulted him.


Simmons explains the science of Abby’s abilities to her using stars and she has a breakthrough. It doesn’t last long, but Kasius doesn’t care, as it’s time for the ceremony. He also accuses Sinara of setting Simmons up to fail because she’s jealous. Yikes! That is not a woman you want to make jealous, not that Simmons is in any way trying to, but still. Sinara says this only worked because Simmons has compassion.


Deke finds Daisy and confronts her. They argue, and she quakes him. He then calls her destroyer of worlds, a name she’s not too fond of.

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In the Trawler, they find a transmission. It’s reflecting off 616, but it’s coming from the surface of Earth. It’s gotta be from Fitz, right? They also debate what to do with the sidekick. Tess wants to kill him and pass it off as an accident.

Lady Baja is here. It would seem that Kasius is in exile here or something of that nature because he allows her to belittle him. They go into another room with their respective entourages. Abby comes through one door, and a huge man comes through another. Is this the crater the Kree were referring to? Whatever it is, Abby doesn’t start out too well. The big guy is beating her pretty soundly.

200w_d (25).gif

Daisy walks through a door into a kind of plant warehouse.


Abby looks at Simmons as she whispers to “remember the stars.” Abby does, and the big guy’s fist hits concrete the next time he punches her. He grabs her by the neck, and she Reverses Flashes him. He then falls dead.

Tess and Mack argue about what to do with the sidekick. Mack is against killing him. Of course, that doesn’t help when he cuts the fuel line. They have to cut this little show short.

Abby gets sold to Basha. Simmons tries to protest but to no avail.


Daisy gets trapped in an elevator with two Kree. She knocks one out and quakes the other.


Grill is going to kill all of them, starting with Mack. Tess takes the fall, and then Yo-Yo mentions that the sidekick has a gun. When Grill finds this out, he lets them go and zaps the sidekick. He says that he’ll report him himself.

Daisy quakes her way through a roof but then gets trapped by some kind of gas. Deke sold her out to Kasius. He wants to know how Quake destroyer of worlds is there, but nobody tells him that. Deke’s either an idiot or a traitor. I’m going with dirty rotten backstabber at the current moment.


Coulson wakes up and we see the scene from the finale. Then he goes to help the team with the radio. Someone is asking Virgil about the delegation, which is obviously them. Tess reiterates that this isn’t possible.


Then we see why. The sidekick has been taken to Earth and is eaten by Roaches.

Solid episode, even if we still don’t quite know what’s going on. 8/10.